Maintenance: 28.11.2018

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    • Maintenance: 28.11.2018

      This Wednesday, November 28th, we will perform our regular maintenance. Webservices and servers will not be reachable starting from 8:00 am CET.

      • [Event ]Kinah Drop - stays active until further notice.
      • [Event] The Moon Festival - still active (until 12.12.2018).
      • [Event] Welcome, new Daeva! - still active (until 12.12.2018).
      • [Event] Best Friends- still active (until 19.12.2018)
      • [Promo] The luna dice game - will be activated (until 09.01.2018)
      [Additional information]

      • Halloween Items will be removed: Magic Pumpkin and Candy Bomb
      • Holy upgrade serums that can't be traded to the NPC in the game will be exchanged again for a correct version.