Damage comparisons

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    • The tooltip says 50% though. In 6.2, and they are doublingthe damage in 6.5.
      5% for that damage would be too absurdly low, lethal venom has 20% ad would be just superior in every way imaginable. In korea they are running dagger oath if I recall correctly in 6.5, so it should have a bit of merit.
    • Swift Edge chain, main dps source ; Rune Carve and Fang Strike as the other 2. Surprise attack also but while being behind the target ofc.

      I checked the dps of Apply Lethal Venom and Dagger Oath while doing narakalli a couple of times and the dmg was a lot less than what dash and slash does with Devotion. But this was only on my personal tests :) I suggest you testing a couple of builds and play however u like the most.
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    • Does dash n slash deal more damage in its one hit than apply lethal venom or dagger oath along their entire duration? Thats 30 seconds of boosting damage.
      Devotion boosts averything, so it shouldnt be a factor in the comparison, more than likely because weaves also help apply lethal venom and dagger oath damage as long as you do them while using dps chains.

      Ty for the details, I'll go to the test dummies for a while later this week when i got time and test dps there. Will come back with results :)
    • i wouldn't recommend testing on dummy :)
      Please share the results on the real boss fights if u can. I played a very short duration of time in this patch on assassin with fallusha +15 armor compensation (ancient +10 daeva etc). Maybe this is irrelevant, but from the dmg on cursed ovel the dagger oath and lethal venom did around 50k in total while with dash and slash i did like 30k per hit, using it 3 or 4 times in the boss fight. Gonna try doing 2 naras today when i get home and i'll post the dps here :)

      I have to say that u are right, dagger oath and lethal venom are worth :) Did 2 ht runs with lfg.
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      easy mode - casual PvE hero

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    • I'll be quite busy for some days, when I get to doing Nara runs I'll come back with the damage for different skill trees. Although at first sight it seems that dagger oath + apply lethal venom is the way to go for PvE damage, and for PvP maybe swap apply lethal venom for break away once 6.5 hits. Especially at 6.5 i think dagger oath will be pretty much mandatory, all koreans run that and the damage is doubled compared to 6.2.
    • Vichel1 wrote:

      Okay, I did some tests and indeed dagger oath + lethal venom outdamages other build very hard.
      I wouldn't say very hard, in my tests above u can see that dagger oath and apply lethal venom did a total of 121.855 out of 2.825.680 dmg :) that's roughly 4.31% which is nice but can't say it outdamages VERY HARD other builds.

      iSTAN wrote:

      [...] Please share the results on the real boss fights if u can. [...]
      Please again :) thx
      easy mode - casual PvE hero
    • Sorayami wrote:

      dont you lose dmg with lightning slash because it shares the cooldown with rune slash so you lose basically rune slash and soul splitter? Didnt test it yet
      I noticed this, and yeah you lose dmg with it just forgot to mention it. Ty.

      Wassermelone wrote:

      are you testing them in prometuns and makarna? because for all the other instances it doesnt matter if you take dagger oath or quickening doom
      dagger oath is useless in makarna too. Maybe you can say it's useful in the first stage but u might keep aggro there and won't be able to make use of it much. Since my sin is so undergeared and i have no plans gearing it right now, i'm still waiting for some1 to post some numbers :)
      easy mode - casual PvE hero
    • lightning slash reduces physical defense too, and it stays for a decent time, and you can do like 2 or 3 normal chains (or maybe more?) after before it comes back up on cd, so I don't think you loose a lot cause it doesn't come back up fast to loose the normal chain each time you start swift edge, and you will deal more dmg while the debuff is active with other stuff. It has 24s cd and swift edge is 5s, so maybe instead of doing 5 normal chains from swift edge without lightning slash you'll only do 4 out of 5 with it while having physical defense debuff for 15s.
    • yes but i run out of skill when i use swift heavy attack and then 6 skills safe crits in a row, when i use lightning slash i would have a problem sometimes. But its just a thought, didnt test it yet.

      Maybe i will try it in prometun xD
    • For some numbers, on my last Narakali runs I've dealt about 2.5kk damage. Last run in particular I dealt 2.455.820 damage and out of that 190.475 came from lethal venom + dagger oath. That gives me a number closer to 7.8% damage increase, which is very respectable. And I'm pretty sure once I get more attack speed and get better ping to weave better that number will increase.

      Running dash n slash/dagger oath/lethal venom btw