Additional "Loot" condition

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    • Additional "Loot" condition

      Would the addition of a new "Loot" condition help out? 46
        YES (25) 54%
        NO (18) 39%
        MAYBE (3) 7%
      If possible, i would like the addition of a new "Loot" condition for Group, Alliance and League.

      Under this condition, when a certain grade 'gear' (only) is looted, that gear piece can only be 'Rolled' on by a Class which can use the said gear.

      This would help out when we hunt World Boss like "Anomos" or instances like "Narakkalli" or "Makarna of Bitterness", etc when doing it with random people. As it would stop players of different class from rolling on gears they don't need or could use.
    • It would need a "complex" system put in place, to first detect the classes that are grouped, and give them an option to choose whether they need or not, if they need, the roll is gonna start between them only so that no one "steals it", if some of them that are present don't need they can't roll, if there is no need from all of them, it can be rolled FFA then for everyone including them. And if no class for that drop is present is gonna be automatically FFA roll. So gonna need a new UI window and system on top of the current one, but still there's room for stealing chances as the one that doesn't need the item can still click on NEED, and he gets it or a chance to roll if another class is present that needs too, so the system needs to check if he already have the item, and then have a vote from the others or something, to allow him to have it, for exemple for weapons you might need another one for fuse.
    • Just sometime ago, on Hellion Server. The Asmo's managed to pull "Anomos" to their side and killed it.

      The boss dropped the Extend "Ultimate Sword", but guess what, their General Cleric got it.

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    • They seem to have abandonned the chest system that drops for everyone and you try your luck on it, they've gone back to the aion "we always wanted" :D .

      It's only present in Mirash and Garden, would have been nice if it was on everything but they want you to spend way more time to gear up, and with the chest even if you don't get the part you want you'll get something to sell. I prefer the way it was with chests on instances, Katalamize, Rune Shield Tower, Runadium.

      Since there was also Eternal loot in them that means you still spend a lot of time, so if they were to put chests they would need to mix Ancient gear in it with the Legendary. But all we say here will never happen we just discuss.