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      Event Overview for 5/12/2018 to 9/1/2019

      The whole of Atreia is joyous in anticipation of the holidays. There's a bustle of activity in the towns and the air is filled with the scent of fir trees and freshly baked cookies. Santa Shugo and his helpers are packing the final presents and have even started loading the sleigh. We have been hard at work too and have some treats for you in celebration of the Solorius Festival. All this awaits you in the coming weeks:

      Solorius Decorations

      Sparkling Solorius trees, candy canes and mince pies – from 5th December to 9th January the capitals will be decorated festively to raise your anticipation for the coming holidays.

      Solorius Lottery

      Gather playing cards in various combinations between 5/12 and 2/1 to win some valuable prizes. Fingers crossed!

      Treasure Chest Event

      Head out on your monster hunt from 5th December to 16th January! Defeated monsters all over Atreia will drop treasure chests at random. All you need now are the keys to get to the juicy rewards.

      Lucky Dice

      Play a few rounds on the game board from 12/12 to 9/1 to secure valuable items. We'll give you the dice so that you can take part.

      Hungry Magpie

      Evil scholars in Atreia are letting little magpies starve. This can’t be allowed to continue! Show these evil scholar leaders that they aren’t to mess with Daeva and earn some great prizes from 12th December to 9th January.

      Snow in Atreia

      From 12/12 to 9/1, you will get free snowflakes from event NPC Snorinerk. Improve them and be rewarded!

      Solorius Contest

      There’s also plenty of excitement to be had in the fan art competition from 17th December to 7th January, where you can win some highly-prized AION goodies.

      More information on the individual events can be found in the news, which will appear on our website at the start of the event.

      Wishing you a happy Solorius Festival!