[Promo] Treasure Chest Event - 05.12.2018-16.01.2019

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    • Senpai wrote:

      A 100% chance on a tradable key would be way too OP. If the chances are too low in your opinion people can keep on writing that here (not the same person spamming it ofcourse). Constructive feedback is always welcome and is the reason why these threads exist.
      Make aion shop keys tradable, make instance drop keys 100% non tradable.

      too low % ... if it stays like this, more ppl will call the game p2w because of the obvious reasons..events where the good rewards are only avaiable if u buy keys from the shop is p2w.

      Esoterrace takes 10-20min(Counting the time to go to the dungeon/)
      Fire temple 10-20min(Counting the time to go to the dungeon/)
      Talocs Hollow 10-20min(Counting the time to go to the dungeon)
      Beshumndir Temple 10-20min
      Rentus base 10-20min
      Tiamat Fortress 10-20min

      This are the low lvl dungeons that doesnt give us anything besides the keys. if they're not 100% droprate whats the point of wasting 1h-2h (some of those are daily instances) per day doing this dungeons?..
    • Yeah I'm sure getting those 5 old HP potions is extremely OP.

      Sorry, but there is no way conceivable that 100% drop rate on keys is in any way, shape, or form way too OP.

      In case you haven't noticed we haven't had a good event in a VERY long while, I will not even look at the bread crumbs thrown by GF let alone work for them.

      Have you even seen the drops from the chest? I have, you have less than 1% chance to get something good from the entire chest, and that "good" item will not help you advance in your character progression.

      Oh btw no one said low level dungeons can even drop keys to begin with for level 80 characters, because the mobs themselves do not drop any items due to level difference (of course GameForge could have stated either in 2 seconds but working is really hard for them I can tell by how the events have been managed for what, 3 months now?).
    • Hello folks, what do we have here?

      The posts are written by mods but I read:
      1 post that says it's a bit too early to conclude the %'s of this event
      1 post saying 100% drop chance would be way too op demanding constructive feedback
      1 post threatening 5 points (whatever that is) and potential bans

      I advice to treat the playerbase as you would like to be treated, is ok to say you don´t like how people are complaining but always respecting the players who are here to have fun and to forward suggestions to the publisher.

      If there is constructive criticism, it may be forwarded to GF staff but then surely be ignored like every other event since 6.0 launch.

      Stay civil, thanks

      Seriously though, let's asume you get an average of 10 coins from one chest (1-25 possible) and you run Nara, HT, GoK and Mirash so you have 16 ID's which can drop keys.
      You need 150 coins for 1 A-Minion contract. Adding the experience of multiple people at this forum and ingame, the droprate after a total of 100+ runs seems to be less than 10%, leaving you with a total of 2 keys weekly if you are lucky. That is 20 coins so you only need 8 weeks to get that contract.
      If it was 50% on the other hand, you get an average 8 keys every week -> 80 coins per week -> 2 weeks for 1 A-minion contract.
      BTW, a contract is only one of many things you can and maybe want to buy, so being able to afford more than 1 item should be given (or taken?) for granted.

      However it surely IS not 50% or above currently, there is no way you get less than 10 keys at 100 runs with that drop rate (which is what people got when you add their "event experience").

      I am sure posting in @Leo 's style is ok and i am not intending to be trolling. If you copyrighted your post, feel free to censor mine.
      I care about that as much as GF seems to care about their costumers (serious note).


      Edit: with the lack of enchantment stones, a 100% droprate on keys would be more than fair. You buy your contract/mount/whatever and then you could actually buy PvE enchantment stones to enchant your PvE gear (2 stones each week yay!). I don't know how someone can say the droprate would be OP at 100% considering the community feedback for enchanting the past months.
    • Lol I heared someone just drop that key from low lvl instance ( It was fire temple , dunno but he was low lvl).

      Sadly, we must wait for Galeas's response in this case xd

      I have already 5 of these chests xd ( killed 80 mobs in lacrum ).

      This costume (Night Owl) looks so bad imo. Waste of tokens lmao
      Thank U, next.

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    • 1 coin so I need to get 150 key+box to get a minion is this a fun event in the eyes of gameforge or what do they think I can get myself a minion with this kind of low rates for keys not even sure if the boxes has bad rates or not I got lucky dropped it on my 4th mobs kill just to test the drop ? not to mention I got lucky with a transformation scroll ofc a white one tho but this is really not fun to do

    • Alright, now after doing ft, besh, eso, 12x tiamat fort (premi scrolls cus they been useless so far) 4x mirash, 4x gok and 4x ht with 0x keys... Its pretty clear how good this event will be. The rewards are good, even somewhat promising, tho i had hoped for at least 1x ancient transform that could even be behind bit harder grind but nah. The keys need to be increased to make this event passable as event for free people while otherwise the event itself is a nice idea, it succumbs to too low probability and RNG. Lets just be wishful you have heard your community and make the upcoming 12th events nice and rewarding (obviously not 100% economy breaking) but still very nice for everyone (which can easily be done by limiting trade options of rewards so people use them instead of make kinah with them)
    • it seems criticise in here falls under upsetting the forum environment

      so you want us to be treated wrong and say we are happy about it is that what you guys want just tell us ?

      since 6.2 we didn't have something to call good event like for real all of events are like super hard to get like this current one

      or make it easy like the moon festival but make the prices of rewards highly insane 1500 for an enchant stone while we need hundreds if not at least a thousand to make our gear at good state
      • Moderators are players as well. The low % you experience we experience too, but we can't allow any off-topic spam nor any insults towards us, if you've noticed, if your post doesn't break the community guidelines, it doesn't get censored.
      • We ask for constructive feedback so that we can send that forward to actual employees of Gameforge. We don't want you to say that you are happy when you are not. Posts like what Alucinor and borobeast said on page 5 is going to be more effective than "lol aion team doesn't even play the game give higher %".
      • Now we'll stay on topic and focus on the purpose of the thread which is to discuss the treasure chest event.
      NEW FORUM HERE: forum.aion.gameforge.com/
    • from 24 legion members 5 keys dropped in all group dungeons combined. (HT- Narakalli - Promotun -Makarna)
      (edit: lower level dungeons drop nothing for anyone level 80, they are pointless to do with the current state of the event)

      that is a extreme low drop rate even by the minced meat standards.

      considering that some of those 24 people still need basic things like a A Rank minion. it will be a impossible item to get in the current state of this event.

      events are suppose to be fun and rewarding to do for putting in the work
      something added to a game from the normal experience the game offers.
      these events of late have been everything but fun and rewarding.
      please considering adjusting this event.

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    • 4 GOK 4 Mirage 4 holy tower 4 narakalli 4 prom ... all done .. 0 key .. low lvl dungon .. all done .. 0 key .. now i will wait for next week to try my luck again hoping next week i can get 1 key ..to open one box and get hp potion .. cant wait for it so excited
    • skyfear wrote:

      4 GOK 4 Mirage 4 holy tower 4 narakalli 4 prom ... all done .. 0 key .. low lvl dungon .. all done .. 0 key .. now i will wait for next week to try my luck again hoping next week i can get 1 key ..to open one box and get hp potion .. cant wait for it so excited
      You are the sound of players now! I opened the topic for writing the same thing as you are :)
    • @Galeas I know you read the comments here so one question for you please answer

      Do you guys really think that players will have the chance to get 1 A minion contract from this event with like 0 keys in 1 week or even lets say I get lucky and drop 5 keys a week do you think we can get our hands on 1 A minion contract ?

      Now I don't want to ask you guys to do your calculation but events are not meant to be this hard it's like you are daring us to get something out of this event does that sounds fun for players base ? I know no it doesn't
    • Lahire wrote:

      To gameforge:

      Make keys 100% drop on dungeons and untreatable.

      This way people will reset their entries providing more money to gameforge, every one will get something put of it, win win situation
      it should of been like this since the start of this event some people did their runs this week and left out with 0 keys and waiting for next week to be nyerked up again by low rates and another week with 0 keys

      not sure if this is what an event meant to be
    • This event make a beautiful Christmas only for GF. The chests fall from mobs and the keys to them can be bought only in the shop for real money? You can also buy cards and get great prizes. Just need to invest 5000 - 100 000 euros.Its Ok- The GF will have money for gifts - and you super items for game.
      GF says this game is it's Free to Play. Yes everybody can free join to game and everybody can "Free" to Pay in cash shop.., this is very nice bussines model.-) ..but everybody can not spend alot money and therefore everybody can not effectively play..

      This is no event for the player but only a generous event for the GF treasurer.-)
      Blessed time for GF..

      I understand that the company has to pay servers and people, but do not give for players a chance other than buying for real money and say it is Event. This is not correct