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    I know I am shooting at the dark now, but can you help me? I play Aion since before Gameforge tookover, I quit recently (last year ) and came back and enjoyed the first few days of 6.0, then I decided to top of Aion Coins to buy some transformation scrolls and as soon as I click " top up aion Coins" it forwards me to a page that I am banned!!. It is too freaking weird but the worst part of it, I sent more than 20+ tickets to support, 80% the tickets ends with " they cant find me in their database" , and the 20% of them " we have solved your issue" but obviously nothing has been solved.

    Now I went and bought Coin cards from external website , and I thought the reedem code option in the option was for that card, ends up finding out the link to input your code is within " top up Aion Coins" window so I cant even do that. now I have coins codes setting with me with no solution at the horizon.

    Then I thought, to download steam and see if I can use steam wallet as a workaround method, and again the issue still exist.

    Finally, I sent a ticket to support yet again asking them can they input the aion coin cards manually, and they just ignored my ticket completely.

    I have given up on support. and beginning to give up on Aion, but last hope relies with you to do something about it. Cheers.