Royal Demands

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    • Royal Demands

      Howdy plebs, your Queen is here.
      I know i'm surrounded by traitors, Stark`s and Targaryen`s followers or, how i prefer to call you, animalists, dogs and dragons lovers.
      I'm here to remember you that a Lannister pays his debts and this is the reason why the cash of the kingdom is really low at the moment (can barely afford to pay the taxes on my Royal Mansion).

      That's why today, after reading about this cards event, i'm here to ask you to put your left hand on your big heart <3 and your right hand on your mouse in the moment you will find all the 24 cards and will get that wonderful white horse and then move to the mail box, click it, write Cersei as recipient, move the mount box to the mail's item space and send it.

      I want to point out that i'm not willing to get this beautiful horse for my personal business but to increase Lannister's lovers among animalists (white horse > dogs + dragons).

      Kind regards, your Queen Cersei (Deyla - Elyos).