Introduction: BlackVelvet

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    • Introduction: BlackVelvet

      As I promised Vian to spam this section regularly so he doesn't get bored and I have slightly more space to write something between forum, bug report filing, marketing stuff and mails, here is my introduction.
      I am horrible if it comes to introductions so uhm, where to start?

      My AION experience is small compared to all the old players around here.
      I was interested in playing the game years ago when I saw announcements for it. I was sadly stuck with other games (and a huge guild as well).
      I started playing last year in October and got a lot of help from the legion I was in and friends who also play the game for years now. I still play AION with my cleric (lvl 53) and my little pocket ranger (lvl 31), just have limited time to actually play, run Dreds, Arena and Crucibles. Squeezing the game between work and private life so to say.
      I have the basic knowledge but I am still learning.

      Speaking of my private life...

      Well I am old, I am 28. Just before you ask.
      I play FPS and other RPGs in my freetime if I want to see something else. Or annoy the nyerk out of my friends.
      I've studied Japanese Science for 1 1/2 years before I started at Gameforge years ago.

      And now that I mentioned my job (boring part ahead, you may skip this one):
      I am Community Manager for 4 years now. I accidently stumbled upon the job as I just wanted a small job to be able to fund my studies (back then, you had to pay 500-600€ university fees per semester to be able to study).
      I've stayed with a fulltime job however.

      My tasks changed in the past few years. When I started, I was more of a support manager, managing GMs, Moderators, support tickets and mainly bug reports and of course the feedback. I helped the QA and I was my own Gamedesigner and Tech person sometimes as well.
      Nowadays, my focus is on player feedback, marketing, brand management, a bit of PR, Social Media management (yeh, the person writing on Facebook and Twitter is the CM), content management and the CMs still report bugs/request features in some ways. A small change in tasks kind of.
      And of course, leading my minions errr.... my moderators.

      You might be able to meet me on servers randomly when I drop by occassionally to check servers and the game.
      I am online either with {CM} BlackVelvet, Velvetia or Velvetino.
      Hurrrrrrm, what else? Ah! Just ask, I will try to reply as much as I can.

      So long,

      (and really, I am less boring than this wall of text)
    • Oh, so Velvetino is still alive!
      If you ever pop around on Spatalos, do come as Velvetino, cause I need some 'HOT STUFF'...

      If not, I will use my blackmail picture!

      But wow, what a lucky change of fortune to get when just looking for study funding :D
    • Velvetino is there again yes :P.
      Atleast the basic of the character. All of them need some equipment and tags so people know this is a special character.
      I remember the day when the Beta servers went down and I quickly logged in on Velvetino to take a lovely screenshot of him haha.
      Eoghan says, he looks like a Latin Lover :S...
    • Yea, where has the mookie avatar gone to?

      Speaking of Velvetino...
      Piccies with your 'latin lover' look...*spams pics*

      I left out my blackmail pics! >XD Will use it at a more...appropriate time ;D

      Being watched by Velvet!

      Latin lover goes...I dunno...Kinda gay dance!

      Or he just wants to be nice with the ladies :o
      Trying out the sexy dance

      BUM SHOT!!!! IN PINK! :D

      Shake shake shake

      Om nom nom, CHEST!

      But quickly the latin lover turned gay once more....

      Ah well, chill time

      THE END!!!

      In memory of the latin lovah!
    • @Shankz
      The new avatar is basically one of my GM characters (I have 3 on each server). Or more like the avatar is one Elyos version on one server, the signature is the Asmo version on another server.
      The mookie one needs to take a break until I've created a proper one plus one for Eoghan :P ("Veeeeeeeeeelveeeeeeeeeeeeet, I waaaaaant a puuuuuuuuuuuunk moooooooookieeeeeeee!!!!1111")

      I am curious about the screens you keep safe :o.
      I fear that's the one when I err...stripped in the tavern randomly *cough*. I still got some shots haha. I need to sort them out in the next few days.

      So Velvetino will be back :). Hotter than ever!
    • Post a close up screenshot on here if Velvetino is back pleaaaaaaase. So I can do something with it! ;D ;D

      Ty for those other screenies. That last one is funny. That was when we were doing some hot dances on the floor for you...It does seem so innaproriate...At least its not the most dirty pose of that dance at any rate, so, phew!

      Velvetino is such a pimp!

      And no worries, it is indeed related to your, uhm, bootylicious stuff but, you will see soon...VERY SOON!

      Should La Velvet not be sleeping? :p
    • 1am Velvet, you should have been asleep.

      I will take note of this and report it to the higher ups. Poor performance at work due to no sleep is no excuse.

      For a little more introduction on Velvet; she is a very strict boss, she just took a weekend to come over to England and beat me since I misspelt something in one of my posts.

      She has the image of being all loving and helpful, but do anything to upset her and she'll eat you alive!
    • @shankz:
      No I don't. Except for the occassional check I don't have to spend any time ingame. Not even play it if I don't want to.
      I do it anyways. :P
      Just need to decide wether to actually play the game or scout the servers and talk with people ingame :S.

      Velvetino 2

      I think there are more on my home computer, way more. ^^

      I am only strict to you, babe. <3

      The Miss A dances (and the Wondergirl ones + outfits) are Beta only for now. It is a license process as we need to ask for licenses to even publish them in EU. The labels who manage those girl bands are the main issues. But we want them so the possibility to receive them sooner or later is pretty high :).
      I would love to have one on my private character :S
    • Will you PVP when the things settle down and you will able to afford more time to play? Is there any chance, that some day on spatalos I will be pwnd by BlackVelvet itself? :D
    • It might be possible yes :).
      I still need to setup my GMs, they are not completely finished. Should be enough to chat and scout for the moment.

      And nocti, I know you like Velvetino's butt :P
    • BlackVelvet wrote:

      ..Well I am old, I am 28. Just before you ask. ...

      old? bwahahahahaha get my age and talk again (its +11) :P (where did I leave my walking stick???)

      seriously, good to read from you aswell, good that you are back (though I can imagine your vacation was badly needed) - slap the boys, they seem to crave for it, though I think they do a good work, some answers remind too much of the NC"soon"TM but I guess that's part of the game :D

      btw if its a license thingy with the Miss A emotes.... we do have them on our old mains for quite a while now, are we even allowed to use them anymore???

      Nocti + Evi
    • Well, those are of Wondergirls right?

      Miss A are those other dancies from Beta. :o

      Still sucks. Do love that video! I forgotten ALL about it :D Seems i have that stupid PvE set for ages now! Need...NEW

      And Velvet, who says I like Velvetino's butt...Wait, nvm...I do! ~
    • Yea, well, not sure how the licensing is for them, and between Aion - GF - and the respectful parties

      But thing with licensing is that you need it from copyrighted music. It's for all the artsts / writers uhm, compensation I suppose. Anyway!
      When you copyright a song you have to set certain rights. It depends how they set it. It is much a pain in the bum and often goes wrong.
      IF you take music like that you can pay bills worth millions I suppose.

      I shouldn't knwo these things but its self-managing I suppose! Hence why I want a manager! It breaks the brain!

      Lets say it like this, I composed and recorded songs for a documentary.
      I set my copyrights so that they could use it in the movie, and that I had the rights to use it outside the movie.
      If a third party uses the music they get fined for it.

      Actually, besides that, I set all my music to my copyrights so noone is actually allowed to use it unless I give the 'license' or 'permission'.
      But then if you have a crappy company, people can get away with it...Like the Belgian one sucks! :p
    • You're still allowed to use the emotes, no worries! It is just us who are not permitted to either sell or give them out yet.
      But I went to my Producer with big puppy eyes. And a whip.
      And yes, he wants the emotes as well so we are still dealing with it.

      And heck, I want to have a sexy Velvetino sync dance again. We seriously need to repeat this night. With even more people :)
    • Yea, we deffo should repeat it, with like a bazillion dancers :D

      And!!! Thanks to your pictures I been able to make...


      (I seriously need practice again, haven't been activally drawing for a few years now ='(
      Also should have given some background stuff cause now one side of his face shows way to light in scan ><)


      It's our Latin Lovah!