GoK texture/object BUG

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    • GoK texture/object BUG

      As title say we have GoK object bug. Near the two fighting Jotuns the barrier is missing and can't be targeted to be destroyed. You can't pass to the stream … can target the mobs behind the barrier but not the barrier.
      This evening I will provide screens also.
    • Might be a client bug. Found something similar while doing narakalli; 1 prison cage door was bugged for me and i was not able to see it but i was able to attack it with aoes attacks. My group members were able to target it though -> client bug.
      easy mode - casual PvE hero
    • As i said, CLIENT bug, if u find it like this again, open another client and relog on the 2nd client :) you will see the wall on the 2nd client most likely. Test it and and come with proofs that it's not a client bug ;) Or even easier invite an alt or a friend and ask if they can see it ;) Stop assuming it's server bug when it's actually not.
      easy mode - casual PvE hero