AionKR (Default) VS AionEU (Edit)

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    • AionKR (Default) VS AionEU (Edit)

      Currently AionEU is under a system that gives pretty much the same ingame suply as AionKR (same quest rewards, same drop rates, pretty much the same on all this stuff)
      AionEU has few less ''free'' suply that really doents make a big difference at the end, (less additional stuff given for free to the players via survey/web/etc) but the gear progression its pretty much the same regarding ingame suply only, ''the free stuff''

      Here it comes the big deal, Cash Shop suply.
      Currently AionEU is under a system that gives nothing compared to AionKR (dont get me wrong, this is good for everyone, it means less P2W no matter how u look at it)
      AionEU has nothing but Transformation Contracts / Stigma Enchant Stone the same as AionKR, what i mean is that there is almost no Kinah, Legendary/Ultimate Enchant Stones (the main stuff needed for gear progression) - Transformations / Stigmas appart.

      The truth is that AionKR total suply of Kinah and Legendary/Ultimate Enchant Stones is about 20% ingame 80% Cash Shop, if not more, while in AionEU its the opposite or maybe even less, 90% ingame 10% Cash Shop.

      The main point to make this clear is that because of this, the overall gear progresion of all the players is way slower due to the obviously decreased total suply, (mainly Legendary/Ultimate Enchant Stones because personaly i consider that Kinah suply now its good and should stay like this)
      Because of the lack of Legendary/Ultimate Enchant Stones, the players are not able to progress as fast as AionKR did, thats a fact.

      AionKR is now runing 7.0 with a rush due to the need of new gear progression, AionKR players needed something else to do, something else to farm, they had full sets +15 and had nothing to spend the money on, thats why there was a rush for the 7.0

      Since AionEU is somewhat following the path and delays close to what AionKR did with their updates, we gonna most likely get the updates in a similar delay in between, with the huge difference that AionEU players (based on the current suply) will not be in the gear progression level as AionKR players where.

      This means, AionEU players will not be ready for the 7.0 update, this also means, that if you guys players of AionEU, are spending your Legendary/Ultimate Enchant Stones on the current gear, if nothing changes, you will need to start to enchant a new set whitout even reach half of the way to finish the current one, in other words, you all wasting your Legendary/Ultimate Enchant Stones on the current set.

      Have the AionTeam @Galeas think about this ? are you guys taking in consideration the repercusion of slowing down the gearing progress ?

    • From what I saw so far I don't event want to think about 7.0 and what it's going to mean for us, as an EU/NA players (mostly the same).

      As you said the slower progression trough equip due to a cash-shop differences we won't have as many enchanted equip as they do. At the end you have to look at differences between players on EU servers as well. You have these players that can play 8+ hours a day and then you have some that will play 2 hours every other day if so, due to a real life stuff. For someone who invest 2-5 hours a day on average to the game I would like to have maybe 2-3 characters that I could play fully - guess not.

      I think that more customized game experience is needed for EU/NA servers. From top of my head I would appreciate mor entries to PvE instances as I'm not much of a PvP guy. On the other hand maybe more rewards for the arenas if you actually do them.

      Now you can say that this would mean less money for GF, but on the other hand could mean more players (up to you to decide).

      Hope we will see some improvements in the future that are targeted for us as an EU/NA players.
    • i think this is interesting because in the past it was all about "westernizing" the content for the western market. that meant making it less grindy and overall easier/less time consuming because korean mmos are known grind fests. that was a reason why updates took so long etc. i have a feeling that for a while now, that westernizing has shifted to the complete opposite. its harder for us to get anything done and we are more limited. "yeah well thats why we care so much that we make something like hero trials". sorry hero trials dont mean nyerk when they become available 3 month too late. gf could have been way more generous with events. i mean you have to keep in mind that even getting 20 legendary stones per event could mean your item still is +10 or you dont even get it to +10. and with generous i dont mean ways for players to increase their outcome via shop.
    • From a benefit point of view GameForge maximizes their benefit while players waste all of their Legendary and Ultimate stones on current tier 1 gear.

      Because guess who will pull out their credit cards when tier 2 comes around after they realize they used everything on tier 1?

      From a marketing point of view this is a solid 10/10 move that guarantees profit in 6.x and in 7.0.

      After reading the previous 2 posts, you have to understand that Korea could not care less about westernizing Aion for EU or whether EU gets shut down or not.

      EU is a simple, rather minimal bonus to KR, like an extra that you get with your salary but that you could well do without.

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    • We cant know if lower prices on shop, like in korea, would make people who dont pay to start paying.... the only thing it would cause is prices of legendary stones to go down and other items going up.
      Personally I don't care about prices on shop, I don't pay money for something that doesn't give you 100% reward. In a game where you use X amount of material to level your gear up I wouldn't mind spending some euro to get the materials faster. But in this game these contracts and enchant stones can end you up with nothing no matter if they are expensive or cheap. So i hope either proc rates get raised or we get events for f2p players.(I hope the snowflakes will be like in the past 2/char instead of 2 or 3 per account) I wont be leaving the game completely, but when someone I know grinds a lot and only has 3 ultimate parts, it doesnt give much motivation for people who dont grind a lot and i can imagine that some people do leave.
    • Lowering prices will definitely increase the sales cuz the shop was and is pretty overpriced. I’m certain there’s a lot of players that would spend money on ingame shop if the prices were fair, not a rip off, which would lead to an increased sale and more income for gameforge than they have right now.

      What, in my opinion, Gameforge does wrong, is handling AION as one of their Browser Games with probably 100x the player base of AION where they gain a lot of money from microtransactions for fast benefits and progress. it doesn’t and won’t work, you can clearly see it by the constantly shrinking player base.

      Furthermore I think that Aion isn’t close to be one of their main money incomes, our population is way too low to be comparable with Ikarim or some other game they have.

      Gear progression was always the same in Aion, when you’ve finally finished something you had maybe 2-3 months until a new patch hit and your gear was replaced with something better, that you had to farm again, up until now. Korea currently rushes patches cuz they have almost no players left and try to keep the game alive. However, rushed content in an MMO is deadly, i doubt we’ll see any 8.x anymore. With the delayed patches players in EU can enjoy aion a bit longer than those in KR, tho :D

      Overall I like the content of the EU cash shop, it gives rich whales a low chance on gaining any advantage over casuals or no spenders. Just look at the current Lottery, which was supposed to be the biggest p2w promo of the year. This year only <10 IQ people would spend any money on it cuz the rewards are ... laughable. This was approved by @Behold who i know won the jackpot for 2 or 3 years of this event.

      Imagine we had Ultimate stones in shop, rip PvP balance.
    • Click wrote:

      Lowering prices will definitely increase the sales cuz the shop was and is pretty overpriced. I’m certain there’s a lot of players that would spend money on ingame shop if the prices were fair, not a rip off, which would lead to an increased sale and more income for gameforge than they have right now.
      This x100. This doesn't even have to be on p2w items or anything. Just literally flood the shop with skins and motion cards that don't cost my kidney while lowering the price of transparent scrolls from 1 AC = 1 transparent scroll to something like 20 AC = 50 transparent scrolls. Instantly people would spam buy skins and those scrolls because they would be able to see their character. It's not that hard.

      Personally speaking i want to buy skins but the ones in the shop lately have been ugly. And when you buy AC to buy skins or whatever and have some left over, you end up buying the 20% pots etc. But since there are no skins that i want, i don't even bother buying AC even though i want the 6.2 consumables.
    • Im just gonna say this, i was watching a korean streamer the other day (6.5) he used 350 stones to put 5 pieces legendary +15
      here in eu we get with luck 5 stones per week or none if unlucky. you have 18 items to enchant. yeah....we have korean rates alright, except they flood the items with tons of stones while we barely have any, except for people that are boting in broker (wich i reported and nothing was done). anyways......
    • The true problem here is not that our progres is slow due to lack of enchant stones, thats not the problem by itself, i mean the progres could be even lower with less enchants and still be okay, since everyone is under the same restrictions and suply.

      The problem here is that our delay between updates are pretty much the same as AionKR, this means that with our gear progression model, the overall level of gear is way too far behind to be in the same situation as AionKR had when the servers hit the new gear, this is the true issue, because if nothing changes, we gonna have the update with the new gear and the players will be still not even reaching half way of the current gear.

      The players will be in a situation where if they didnt save literaly every single enchant stone to progress on the new gear instead of the current one, they will be with outdated set half way with the need to start over on the new one because is not worth to keep going with that one in order to progress to the new one, it will be way more easy to just start over with the new one.

      This is just because of how the set is enchanged and what that means, basicaly is like you downgrade the progress.
      Current +15 ultimate can be enchanged for the new +0 ultimate, and the same for the legendary and ancient, this means that if you have +14 ultimate or lower then you go down to nothing, because you can get the new legendary +0 with just ancient enchantment stones enchanting directly the new ancient to +15, in other words, if you dont have the current +15 ultimate and you want the new gear, you start from nothing.

      This is the problem here, this is the purpose of this thread, to make this a know issue so not only the AionTeam @Galeas know about this, but also you all the players, so in the case that you want to keep playing this game and be geared with the new set, dont waste your enchant stones into making multiple genesis pieces half way and go for +15 a single ultimate instead if you can or just craft everything and save the enchant stones for the new set.
    • Brudiletten wrote:

      lol don't you need the current pvp gear +15 to upgrade it to the new one? Why the fk would it be a waste then when u have to do it anyways....
      No, you dont ''need'' the current pvp ultimate gear +15 to uptade it to the new one, ill make it clear for you.

      This is the enchange:
      -Current ultimate +15 ---- New ultimate +0
      -Current legendary +15 --- New legendary +0
      -Current ancient +15 --- New ancient +0

      So, the actual enchange result if you start from nothing would be:
      -New ultimate +0 --- Means you have to buy and upgrade the new ancient +15 with ancient enchant stone, then upgrade to legendary and enchant it to+15 with legendary enchant stones then upgrade to ultimate.
      -New legendary +0 --- Means you have to make the new ancient +15 with ancient enchant stone, then upgrade to legendary - NO LEGENDARY ENCHANTMENT STONES NEEDED

      So, because of that, if you dont have the CURRENT ultimate +15 means you will be left on the same level as ''no legendary enchant stones spend'' if you start from nothing, going directly to the new one, because you can, you are not forced to enchange the old (current) in order to have the new one, you can just directly have the new one without any legendary enchant stone spend, so if you dont have the current ultimate +15, all your legendary enchant stones that you used on the old (current) are wasted.

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