Why feedback is important

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  • Why feedback is important

    Small reminder that feedback takes an important part on the success of a product.

    This topic is just to call out @Gameforge that even if a product is not finished, early feedback should be taken into consideration.

    Please, use this topic as a constructive criticism based on the "leaks".

    I will go first:

    -don't limit group quest to "a group of 3 players". You are basically telling me with who I can or cannot play. A group is up to 6, so just say in a group, then is up to the player to play in a group of 2,3,4,etc
  • Galeas wrote:

    The hero trials are not released yet. We are still testing it. Yes, some people can see it apparently (probably manipulating some stuff in order to do so). Let's discuss about it when it is actually implemented. There will be a thread for it, as always.

    And yes the other thread turned to blind hate in a matter of minutes, that is why it was closed. We don't choose what you can discuss or not (or in some cases when it breaks the rules we do) but we decide if a thread is going nowhere to close it.

    You can't discuss it properly until you have a full vision of how it will be. What kind of healthy discussion could be based on preview of some screenhots? Let's wait for the full picture please. Then you will have all the space you want to criticize what you don't like, to mention what you like as usual.

    I would also remind you that discussing moderation on the forum is forbidden. If you want to do so, please contact the forum Team ;)