Maintenance: 12.12.2018

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    • Maintenance: 12.12.2018

      This Wednesday, December 12th, we will perform our regular maintenance. Webservices and servers will not be reachable starting from 8:00 am CET.

      • [Event ]Kinah Drop - stays active until further notice.
      • [Event] The Moon Festival - Will be deactivated
      • [Event] Welcome, new Daeva! -Will be deactivated.
      • [Event] Best Friends - still active until 19.12.2018
      • [Promo] The luna dice game - still active until 09.01.2019.
      • [Promo] Christmas Lottery - still active until 02.01.2019.
      • [Promo Treasure chest - still active until 16.01.2019.
      • [Event] The Lucky Dice - will be activated until 09.01.2019.
      • [Event] Hungry Magpie - will be activated until 09.01.2019.
      • [Event] Snow in Atréia - will be activated until 09.01.2019.
      [Additional information]

      • Fix: The manastone Box in the gold sand shop is now using the correct currency again.

      • Fix: Kinah box in the Treasure chests events has now the correct description with the amout you can obtain.

      • Arena ranking seasons: Will be deactivated until we get a fix for the system.

      • "Welcome Daeva" event Items will be removed.

      • During the maintenance we will proceed to remove all scrolls, potions and serums from 5.8 that you could get from Crucible insignias and Infinity insignias. Those items can’t be obtained by players who joined or came back after 6.2. For the sake of fairness, it will be deleted as it was supposed to be during the 6.2 maintenance.
      • Server Ereskighal: As the server has a very low population right now and a merge would take quite some time, we decided to offer a free character transfer for all Ereshkighal characters. You will be able to register for a character Transfer starting tomorrow. (More info will be added soon).