Pinned Character Transfer/Server Ereskighal

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    • Character Transfer/Server Ereskighal

      As the server has a very low population right now and a merge would take quite some time, we decided to offer a free character transfer for Ereshkigal characters. You will be able to register for a character transfer starting tomorrow.

      The actual transfer will take place on the 9th of January. We will block character creation for accounts that did not have a character on the server already on 12.12.2018.

      We would like to thank you for your patience, therefore Ereshkigal will have specific boosts until the transfers are done.

      12.12.2018 – 23.01.2018

      XP Boost: 200%

      AP Boost: 200%

      Crafting 100%

      Kinah 100%

      Drop 100%
    • Conditions to be able to apply for a transfer:

      -You must leave your legion.If you are the last member, the Legion needs to be disbanded then.
      -You must sell your house (if it's not a studio).

      In case of a Faction conflict (if you have already a character from the opposite faction on the server you want to join):
      -You will have to join another server.

      In case a Character on your Destination server has the same name:
      -You will have to chose a different name for your character.

      Please make sure to empty your mailbox, warehouse and auction house before the transfer starts.
    • Houses:

      • There will be a solution for people stuck with a house so that they can apply for transfers (in case they paid the fee in advance)
      • You can also stop paying the rent in order to get rid of your house and apply for the transfer.
      • There will be a compensation for lost houses (details to be shared later)
    • For now and due to a bug, the accounts that have more than 8 characters can't register for a transfer. We are working on it and will try to fix it as soon as possible. In case it is not ready for the 09.01 be aware that there will be other opportunities for transfers in the upcoming weeks. We will let you know when this is fixed.

    • If you couldn’t register for a transfer because you still have a house: we have closed the auctions and will then remove the houses with the upcoming maintenance so that you can actually register for a transfer after this maintenance takes place. You will get compensated and get back the kinah you paid for your house. Your permanent furnitures will be moved along with your character transfer.