Hot December

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    • Hot December

      It’s the hottest month of the year: exciting events and premium rewards!

      To mark the end of the year we’re presenting more fantastic events that you can use to clean up on rewards.

      Lucky Dice

      Running: 12/12 to 9/1

      The Shugos are already in a festive mood and are feeling generous: roll the dice for valuable items – what you get depends on the field you land on! Throw the dice and play a few rounds on the game board. There’s rewards such as the Snowflake, the [Rune] Special Form Contract, the Solorius Costume, the Solorius Beret and the Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone to be won.

      You can open the game using the corresponding icon (golden die). To take part, you will need dice. We will be giving you one every week in-game, provided you have a character on your account who is level 65 or higher.

      Additionally, you will be able to collect three free tokens daily in the AION Shop. To get the tokens from the shop, you will need to have at least one character who is level 30 or higher. In total you will receive a wonderful 22 free dice per week.

      Each die lets you move between 1 and 6 fields. You then receive the correspondent prize and the field will be marked with a green cross. If you’ve travelled the length of the game board and land on a field that you already visited, you will skip it and continue to the adjacent field.

      Note: The game board will be reset every Wednesday, no matter if maintenance is taking place or not. You then start again at the beginning and the green crosses on visited spaces will be removed.
      In total there are four boards, of which one will be selected for you at random.

      Hungry Magpie

      Running: 12/12 to 9/1. Location: Lakrum

      Evil scholars in Atreia are letting little magpies starve. This can’t be allowed to continue! Show these evil scholar leaders that they aren’t to mess with Daeva and earn some great prizes, including examples such as the
      New Year Wings, the [Event] Arch Kerubiel Minion Contract, the [Event] Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone and the [Event] Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone.

      The little magpies have lost their parents and if that wasn’t bad enough, the evil scholars are now stealing their favourite food! It’s up to you to help the little magpies and get back their much-loved [Event] Cocoa Fragment. Complete the quests, gather 10 fragments and receive XP as well as the [Event] Bundle of Sweet Chocolate which will include some valuable rewards for you.

      The evil scholars will appear in set locations every 5 to 10 minutes. If you defeat them, there is a chance they will leave the [Event] Cocoa Fragment behind.

      The evil scholar leader always appears at 8 PM in set locations. If you beat him, he will also leave you a reward. As the evil scholar leader always has a busy schedule, he will only be available in Atreia on the following days:
      14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 25th, 26th, 28th, 29th December and also on 4th and 5th January.


      Get dressed up and you can look like a scholar too (without doing the little magpies any harm): the AION Shop has the elegant Hanbok available for free!

      Snow in Atreia

      Running: 12/12 to 9/1

      The landscape and cities are draped in white and silver. Fittingly, this year you can once again take part in the event Snow in Atreia and upgrade Snowflakes. Join in and let the Snowflakes enchant you! These aren't merely frozen water – they're true gifts from the heavens and grant you precious items, including the [Jakunerk] Lucky Dice, the [Motion Card] Ice Skate, the Classy Solorius Cloak, the Solorius Festival Floral Crown, the [Rune] Special Transformation Contract and the Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone.

      Where do I get the Snowflakes?

      Visit Snorinerk by the Solorius tree in the capitals. She'll give you two Snowflakes per day.

      Double-click the Snowflake in your inventory. They will either increase by one to three levels, or they will be destroyed. If the latter happens, you will receive a Crystal of Chance.

      If your Snowflake reaches the maximum level 10, clicking the Snowflake one last time will transform it into a Snow Crystal and an Aura Fragment. There is also a chance of receiving a Snow Crystal from level 2 – either when the Snowflake is destroyed, or as a by-product when levelling up (the matching Aura Fragment can be found in the AION Shop).

      Combine the Snow Crystal and Aura Fragment together and you'll receive a Prisma – an extraordinary bundle that conceals a particularly valuable item.

      Crystals of Chance which you receive from destroyed Snowflakes can be brought to Snorunerk. For every 10 crystals you'll get a further Snowflake.

      Alternatively you can acquire Snowflakes in the AION Shop or loot them from the bosses in the following instances: Mirash Refuge, Garden of Knowledge, Holy Tower, Makarna of Bitterness, Narakkalli and Prometun's Workshop.

      Enjoy the event!
      The AION Team
    • The list of possible rewards was missing for the Snow In Atreia event.

      Bundle from +6 Snowflake and +7 Snowflake
      Possible ItemsAmount
      [Rune] Mysterious Recovery Serum10
      [Rune] Mysterious Healing Potion5
      Slot Stone1
      [Jakunerk] Crystal of Chance1
      Bundle from +8 Snowflake
      Possible ItemsAmount
      [Rune] Mysterious Recovery Serum15
      [Rune] Mysterious Regenerator 15
      [Rune] Mysterious Healing Potion7
      Fragment of the Fighting Spirit1
      Revival Stone5
      Major Ancient Crown3
      [Jakunerk] Crystal of Chance1
      Bundle from +9 Snowflake
      Possible ItemsAmount
      [Rune] Mysterious Food10
      [Rune] Mysterious Beverage 10
      [Jakunerk] Lucky Dice1
      Lodas' Silver Star 1
      [Motion Card] Ice Skate1
      Gold Ingots Bundle1
      [Emote Card] Snowman1
      Bundle of Ancient Malleability Stones 2
      Bundle of Legendary Malleability Stones1
      Keberium Bundle 2
      [Event] Ancient PvE Enchantment Stone5
      Box containing Manastones1
      Major Ancient Crown10
      Ancient PvP Enchantment Stone5
      Transformation Contract 1
      Large Luna Bundle 1
      [Jakunerk] Crystal of Chance1
      Bundle from +10 Snowflake
      Possible ItemsAmount
      Classy Solorius Cloak1
      Solorius Festival Floral Crown1
      Stigma Enchantment Stone1
      [Event] Selection Box of Legendary Transformation Potions (3)3
      Genesis Crystal60
      Glass Wings1
      Stigma Bundle1
      Box of Level 80 Manastones1
      Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone 2
      [Rune] Special Transformation Contract1
      Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone1
      [Rune] Box of Kinah1
      Transformation Contract 1
      Ultimate PvE Enchantment Stone 1
    • Please be aware that the chests that you get with the Magpies Event“[Event] Selection Bundle of Ancient Transformation Potions for New Year's 2018” and [Event] Selection Bundle of Legendary Transformation Potions for New Year's 2018 event will be deleted on 09.01. You will have to open it if you wish to keep the potions after the event is over.