[Discussion Thread] Lucky Dice 12.12.2018-09.01.2019

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    • Griver83 wrote:

      I have an idea for some new events- unlucky dices. Some "rewards":
      1) Game delete all your kinah,
      2) game delete 1 ultimate armor (you can choose which one ),
      3) You are banned for 3 days,
      4) Your GP time is eliminated.
      Those rewards might be a bit good especially based on the mince-meat one
      ... Namaste Bishes...

      If you can fix it - don't worry about it.

      If you can't fix it - WHY worry about it?
    • Len_La wrote:

      Ydri, it should be automatically added to your luna cube , check your luna points.
      if little luna bandle give x1 luna I could not see that. But better check it
      ps: when we use GP we getting luna at the same time or free luna only from shop after 30 days?

      With that lunas only problems, cant control amount