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    • LFG for Dungeons and Camps

      Hey Hellion Elyos community!

      I'm playing Aion now for 3 months. I've noticed that when I go random wide-search I get a lot of Ninja's in team and get discouraged.

      To get more satisfaction in this game, I am looking to team up to socialize and do dungeons/camps. If you feel the same, please contact me through in-game mail and we can team up :ashy:

      Thank you!

      Regards Xuai from Helli
    • Hello!
      I'm an Elyos assassin (yes we still exist...) and would love to get to know more of my server.
      If you want to team up to do instances/pvp or pve/roam around and kill asmos/whatever, feel free to add me in game and shoot me a message. It would be fun and entertaining.
      My username is Vichel. Feel free to add me and shoot me a message once you see me around. I'm a mediocre assassin though, just as a heads up (I'm not bad dps and can stand my ground in pvp, but I still suck).