Pinned 6.0 Feedback/ Collection Thread

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    • Galeas wrote:

      Thanks everyone for respecting the rules, looking good so far. I have a dream that all threads could be like that :slove:

      The idea is to also use this for topics for the Tavern in the future ;)
      Aion its a great game i don't want Aion to die, i think the best way to do that its listening to community, and improve the game, i think you guys are in the right track to do that but pls less RNG :p
    • 1. Enchanting: Legendary PVP enchantment stone availability has to be ramped up, alot. The game is not working the way it should with people with trade gear +15 legendary or ultimate and new players cant get 1 single legendary part at +15 with 3 months of gameplay.

      2. Transformations: Either we need alot more places to get them, or the shop prices have to be at least halved. It's unreal how you can spend 100€ or 1000€ and still not have 1 legendary transform. This would make ancient transforms for players who dont invest much possible aswell, since they are very necesary to play the game fluidly, like before 6.0, where we had alot more attack and movement speed.

      3. Kinah, the kinah "event" saved the game, it should be a standard on the game and never removed, and still, we should be able to make more kinah from 1 single character without having to use multiple characters.

      4. I don't even like asking for stuff, but these events are bad, and the promos are even worse, I cannot see anything good from it. I think it would be best to remove them enterly if its to be done like it has been. I don't mind no events as long as the first 3 points are dealt with.
    • The enchantment rates are messed up indeed. Today I tried enchanting my ANCIENT pvp dagger to +15 and after 200 ancient stones and 20 legendary I decided to give up on enchanting until 6.5.

      In the daeva tavern they said that getting good equipment should take long, I can agree with that but for the love of god, at least enchanting ancient should be possible short term after a couple of months. Enchanting +15 legendary taking longer is fine, but the very least is being able to get decent pvp equipment to at least not be a potato in any pvp environment.
    • Sorry if the first point might sound harsh, but it’s pretty serious.

      1. Make cash shop more safe. I know you need to get players attention to check shop and it’s fine giving free stuff, when people “pay” by visiting shop. But I fear every time I open shop to get my free contracts or event card/dices. You can easily miss click on other, not free item there is no warning, that you are going to spend money. What is worse, that sometimes, the “buy” button bugs (changes from prices, to words “buy” and not change back when your mouse goes away) and it’s rather similar to a “free” button. I accidentally clicked that button 1 time, so naturally I contacted support for a refund. Didn’t get one, because it was RNG box. I understand why they can’t refund RNG stuff, but no warning really :?: ? Put warnings where players can spend REAL money.
      2. The most important point for me: Less RNG for long term goals, let dedicated players that play the game feel, like they are constantly progressing with small steps, to the ultimate goal. Now everything is centered around RNG – random transformation contracts, random chances of upgrading gear, random daevanion skill drops (when opening chest), random rewards from events, random cash shop. It looks like some gambling game, if player has the worst luck ever, he can’t progress no matter how much time and money he spends on the game.
        • Near existing RNG systems put something tangible – guaranteed transformation fusion (put a high number of transformations needed).
        • Put more ways to get legendary/ultimate stones. Not RNG, but something like kill certain dungeon boss X times quests. Win a dredg/runa/nevi canyon X times.
        • I don’t know what situation will be in next patch, but I can’t get all daevanion skills by just playing my main char. I must make a tons of alts and run solo narakkalli, to at least get a chance to gather all of them. As they said in Daeva’s Tavern, people should be able to play as they like, be it 1 char, or full 3 accounts.
      3. Let players earn permanent mount in-game. Now more than ever, we need someway to get perma mount. For new accounts especially, as they have no running speed boots, no titles with +speed, no running scrolls, only white transformations. Legion horse was amazing incentive to do more stuff with legion, now it's gone after 7 days...
      4. Some item prices in this patch are so out of touch with game’s economy. Almost all gold sand bar shop is 10 or even more times overpriced. Some stuff you can buy with luna is awful, for example that luna crafting, where it gives you an option to buy more stones. Shugo/vowa coins - kinah and transformation contract has a normal prices, but that first page prices are nonsense.
      5. Stigma situation is bad for new/returning players. As I returned from 4.x patch, I had only a few stigmas from bundles and no money to buy gold pack + needed ones (no benevolence as a healer is pretty hard with garden/lakrum gear).
      6. More events where you could do something and get a reward, based on how you did – flower event was superb. Back in 3.x-4.x patch there was some kind of shugo dungeon event, where you had to defeat waves of monsters. Long time ago an event where various bosses spawned in elten and asmodian equivalent map.
      7. More constant communication with your community, make ask me anything, tweet, post weekly progress in forums, make more in game surveys, take that feedback and make community love you. It will pay back in the long run.

        So many points, much criticism, but it's because I love aion and I don't want to see it dead. :cookieshugo:

      RNG is cancer
    • Galeas wrote:

      Thanks everyone for respecting the rules, looking good so far. I have a dream that all threads could be like that :slove:

      The idea is to also use this for topics for the Tavern in the future ;)
      yes please consider telling who ever makes decisions there that adding a quest to turn in 100 transformations for 1 of higher grade would give players 100 % sure long term goal insted of gambling and who ever makes these decisions also looks at the money so 100 seems like a good numbers for your company.
      100 white contracts for 1 green
      100 greens for 1 gold
      100 golds for 1 legendary
      100 legendarys for 1 red( the only red) or dont add this quest and keep kaisiniel a rng chance.
      i dont mind because kaisiniel atm is not end game long term goal is just delusional goal.
      to get 100 white contracts 1 must spend alot of kinah in gold sand shop or alot of aion coins in cash shop so gameforge ends up winning too.
      to get 100 greens we have to use cash shop so both gameforge and the player would come out whith something positive u take the money we take the reward because right now you take the money and we might get something... maybe... sometimes... or never. feels like a scam alot of the times the money i spend on cash shop on contracts and then i combine 6 greens and got 1 green out of it feels like i just got scamed out of 49 x6 coins 294 coins thats 20 euros scamed in just 1 combine(fuse) for 0 return but you still took the money. and last i checked you claim that this is not a casino but dam sure feels like one.
      so please add something that is not rng based im tired of gambling.
    • Razor wrote:

      Galeas wrote:

      Thanks everyone for respecting the rules, looking good so far. I have a dream that all threads could be like that :slove:

      The idea is to also use this for topics for the Tavern in the future ;)
      yes please consider telling who ever makes decisions there that adding a quest to turn in 100 transformations for 1 of higher grade would give players 100 % sure long term goal insted of gambling and who ever makes these decisions also looks at the money so 100 seems like a good numbers for your company.100 white contracts for 1 green
      100 greens for 1 gold
      100 golds for 1 legendary
      100 legendarys for 1 red( the only red) or dont add this quest and keep kaisiniel a rng chance.
      i dont mind because kaisiniel atm is not end game long term goal is just delusional goal.
      to get 100 white contracts 1 must spend alot of kinah in gold sand shop or alot of aion coins in cash shop so gameforge ends up winning too.
      to get 100 greens we have to use cash shop so both gameforge and the player would come out whith something positive u take the money we take the reward because right now you take the money and we might get something... maybe... sometimes... or never. feels like a scam alot of the times the money i spend on cash shop on contracts and then i combine 6 greens and got 1 green out of it feels like i just got scamed out of 49 x6 coins 294 coins thats 20 euros scamed in just 1 combine(fuse) for 0 return but you still took the money. and last i checked you claim that this is not a casino but dam sure feels like one.
      so please add something that is not rng based im tired of gambling.
      100 white for one green sounds a little bit too low for me. Well.. I got my ancient and legendary transformation but in case from white to green not 100/1 would be good, rather 10/1 or 5/1.
      Because tell me who would be this clever to trade 100 whites for one green when he can just easily combine 16x6 whites for more than one green probably.
    • so what i think is that visual has always been a cool part of aion and as skins are still existing the tranaformation system takes away the creativity and the difference in looks, forcing you to be a fluff if you want to be relevant. Also i have a question about veteran rewards, since i played a while back and had a bunch of elyos i decided to make asmo this time, to explore but i felt bad deleting my old characters will it be possible to have my veteran reward and old item reward on my recent account, since i have already committed to it and a reward on my old one would just mean wasted time. Lastly i just now hear there is veteran rewards it might have been my bad for not paying attention but maybe you can make it more vocal out there, easier to find out about. Thank you and keep up the good work.
    • Transformation : so few people manage to reach ancient Transformation ,,rest of player on server are with large/white .. we need an event to get ancient Transformation selection contract for ur class as soon as possible
      Shugo : Need to Remove the possibility for it to be empty ... it is already very rare to get one in dungeon , not to mention u still need to roll for it and it might u get same skill that u already have .
      Minions :make away to combine C minionts to B then A ..
      pvp/pve ench Stone : we have 17 item to work with .. from anicent to legendary then to Ulti .. this require Alot of ench stone .. what we can have per week is not enough ..
      content : we need more stuff to do in game .. we are lacking content for now ..4 GOK/4mirage 4workshop 2 makarna 4 narakalli .. is something u can do in 1 day .. please add more stuff to do in game

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      1. Cash shop policy
        The constant RNG lootboxes (no matter the content), the "oopsie" with the kaisinel pots (that should have been corrected like with cellatus instead of "oh well they're out there now so we can't do anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" kind of response we got), the lack of skins and the like which people would like to buy... It feels very insulting.
        1.a Events
        For a while now events have had really bad rewards on all tiers and run for too long. For events where effort is involved the prizes are often not worth the time, and recently even cash shop promotions or cash shop centered events have bad rewards.

        In general I really struggle to understand why GF are making the cash shop and the events (somewhat cash shop related too) so unattractive. Do you not want our money, or...?

      2. Transformations
        As already mentioned by many, the RNG factor is too high and creates too big a gap between players. There should be a way to obtain at least ancient forms within a reasonable timeframe without having to spit 100s of € in the cash shop.

      3. Broker/trade
        A MMO without trade feels very little like a MMO at all. The broker taxes are also atrocious. I understand wanting to thwart gold sellers but this is not the way.

      4. Legendary enchantment stones
        Too hard to acquire atm considering how many are needed to get anywhere. Either up enchant rates or drop more stones in game.

      5. Content (this is not something GF can do anything about, but it's still frustrating)
        I am someone who mainly played for group pvp and did some pve on the side. When things were done on main, I might log a 2nd or 3rd character to try again. This is no longer an option, for several reasons, but the game content is simply not engaging anymore. There are no proper pvp dungeons (only hope is attempting to arrange to apply to dredgion at the same time as another group), and you can finish all weekly pve in 1 day without too much effort. I realise everyone plays the game differently, but for me and my friends, the game no longer makes me want to stay logged in all evening (atm at all).
    • Hey deava's from Aion!

      For starters I would like to adress the daily boring grind of things:
      Instances like Solo GoK, Mirash, Hell pass/ cube factory are extremly boring to me, and doenst add anything fun or refreshing, tbh it makes me feel like a zombie playing those, and mostly go afk doing so (like for writing this thread) I think tbh that GF cant do much about this, since they are limited what NCsoft developed in korea. Maybe they can just remove this instances, choose 1 smaller one and combine all the rewards in 1. Saves alot of time and boringness. (I must say I hate PvEing so maybe some biased) But than again I dont think anyone enjoys this instaces. Nara/HT/Shop are ok, but to few, and after doing them for 10-15 times you have seen them I guess.. Dredgion used to be the best pvp instance and I was looking forward to playing those again, but now its just a bag rush and leave kinda instaces..mega sad to make it like this.

      Enchantment :
      O boy enchantment.. I had my fair share of bad enchantments..and reading this forum doenst make me the only one. I have been told that GF cant change the enchanement rate and that is fine imo. but they need to change the amount of legendary pvp stones..they sell for 6,5 kk @ broker (Nergal), and for a F2P player is kinda hard to get enough money around for buying these..and later have enough kinda to get fighting spirits. Make all pvp enchanment stones tradable via broker maybe that will drop prices.. or sell them via aion coin shop, give more in instances so that failing them doenst hurt so much. Stories of plp losing a months worth of stones is kinda sad (been there done that).

      I play this game mostly for PvP, which can be mega fun, but dont have time since gotta farm pvp stones, or do other boring instances, with dredgion being slaughters options are limited, Open world pvp is great imo. aswell as Runat. the arena's are not bad either but, playing vs ultimate geared players..meh. I would like to PvP more but its not that rewarding (open world wise) make better quests, like kill 6 ely/asmo and get 1 pvp stone. (2 birds 1 stone)

      So I kinda liked the Idea of having a aion-shop and a kinah shop, for F2P players and P2W players. But what is offerd in those shop..shocked me especially the prices.for example..a CHANCE for 2 pvp stone = 250 coins..thats around 75 kk worth of kinah why would anyone buy that..and probaly get 20x ancients nyerk..sell (with maybe a limit) enchanment stones BOTH in aion shop en kinah shop, for reasonable prices). If you look @ clothing its kinda trash, Tin-man suite...rly ?? Games like fortnite..League of legends are make HUGH amounts of money just by selling skins..but we have tin-man suite please update this to awesome skins.

      Transform Contracts:
      Another issue for me (and hopefully other players) is the tranformation contracts, I have spend alot of kinah/aion-coins in getting ancient or higher transform, but being stuck in green forever..and kinda frustrating, maybe the mechanic is fine but adding this to the rest of the problems, its getting a bit to much. Also the skins are meh, people take alot of time in creating there chars and run around as a sheep or pinguin, and make a paying item to look "normal" shouldnt it be the other way around??? The Idea of contracts can be oke, maybe make it even so plp can assemble there contracts to there class.

    • because i have the same ideas as Nukes, ill post the same but ill do a little changes!

      (On the Enchantment Stones and Gear Enchanting I agree totally with Nuke but I want to add that the Enchanting rates must also be buffed cause having only 48% rate with Legendary stone on Ancient item is kinda low, and yes i know that the rates will be buffed on 6.5 i think we are kinda far from 6.5 My ancient weapon failed x5 times from +14 to +15 with legendary stones and because of that I'm waiting for 6.5 but they are still people out that have already ultimate gear and I cannot deal with that till 6.5)

      (On Transformations Also will be good a better rate at fusion since we all get a lot of white and green ones, is frustrating having all the white and green transformations and to fuse like 3-4 times and get nothing better, Also i do not thing that this change can be made by Gameforge but beside the ultimate transformation there is no other transformation useful for the new classes like Aethertech, Gunner, Bard so i think will be better in the future to make a new transform for those classes? cause at the moment those 3 classes must choose attack speed or magical dps!)

      (On Events ill say that will be better to have more events that are useful and give kinda good rewards to the veteran ones same as the casual players too because it's a game guys, they are lot of people that are playing and they are still in school atm, they doesn't have a work so they can't spend real money to achieve the same "level" (items - buffs etc.) as a veteran - p2w player! Also I like the events that are not wasting our time like the pumpkin one that you could do it by doing your daily things like instances... ofcourse the pumpkin event's rewards was very bad... i mean i got more than 15 skins and only 2-3 times got some pots... no one contract... I am not a player who uses skins, I do not like to waste my time or money for skins because they are not helpful on terms of PvPvE.)

      (About the Shop I have nothing to say because I honestly don't use it... from Shop i bought like only 2-3 times GoldPack when I had no kinahs... anything else from Shop is too expensive and not useful, the shop to me looks more like a gambling thing that just eats your real life money so since I have no money to waste I just don't use it, but ofc i like the fact that we are taking x2 transformation contracts per account each week, that's very good and also the only reason that I'm opening the shop!)
      • Enchantment stones and gear enchanting: can be done only with great amounts of stones. We need more enchantment stones, both legendary and ultimate. All in all, it is a factor of frustration among both normal/casual players and veterans. I don't know how to make it acceptable for anyone that you have to use 50-100 stones for a single item, if you are lucky. So provide more stones in game, what will we do once the Legendary Bundles are gone ?
      • Transformations: I am one of the few players owning a legendary transformation. It took me a lot of investment to get it, a single fusion attempt that I was lucky to achieve. Meanwhile my friends are using green forms, but 3 months into the patch I'd expect a good portion of players to have the yellow transformation. This system is too expensive and some players may never see a single yellow transformation. I would keep the free contracts in the shop and add more in the upcoming hero trials, reduce the weekly white contract price in the gold sand shop to 3kk so that players could farm that by using alts, offer discounts on special transformation contracts in the aion shop, introduce a "pack" for discounted price with special bonuses, you can be creative.
      • Events, shop: it is reasonable not to give out the best items, but some events have been terrible. I think there are no excuses since you are aware of what kind of items are the most needed. I like both the snowflake and dice event atm, but they came after a series of pathetic events, such as the minced meat one. Generally speaking I do not think that the shop has a fine tuned price level, some items are way too expensive (random enchant stone for 200+ aion coins?), and everyone despises random loot boxes.

      Lastly a general feedback. The best long term goals work through steps
      of smaller achievements, both in game and in real life. Otherwise we
      call them dreams or frustration.

      As i said before, because i have the same ideas as Nuke i just copy paste hes Post and i added some more ideas/changes in ().
      Winners train, Losers complain

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    • 1. Much more Legendary enchantment stones (not from aion shop).
      2. Some normal way to get an ancient form since you cant play without one. (not from aion shop).
      3. Add some Fragments of the Fighting Spirit as a reward for pvp instances and events. We were never forced to craft before and it should stay that way.
      4. This game is doo doo.
    • 1. Transformation
      It's for many players really hard to receive an ancient transformation. Ancient transformation is the basic of playing your class. Everyone should at least have the chance to receive one ancient transformation for his/her class. It can be frustration after saving up a lot of white/green transformation and the final result is an ancient not even for your class. Legendary/Ultimate transformation should stay rare as how they are. Those are an extra you can work for. (Check Suggestion below).

      2. Daevanion Skills
      Basicly each class does have some Deavanion Skills which will make a difference. If you concider running for 3 months 16 Narakkalli's a week and 16 Holy Towers, it will become really frustrating if you still didn't find that one good skill for your class. Skills are the basic also for a class. It shouldn't be that one person have a better skill then the other player which does can make a difference in playing Aion. (Check Suggestion below)

      3. Enchanting/Enchantment Stones
      Enchanting is pretty hard and a lot of RNG luck. I can live with that fact as long as we have the stones to keep trying. Right now, you farm a week Dredgion/Runatorium/Siege/Neviwind, believe me, you don't even have enough legendary stones to make a decent try. I'm not even talking about Ultimate stones which are so rare I haven't seen one so far. Either you keep the RNG of enchanting but you provide us more enchantment stones or either you remove the RNG and we can work with a little amount of those stones. It have to be one or another or we can't finish anything. Knowing some players, playing for months and having maybe 2 items managed to get ultimate due being RNG unlucky.
      (I can't speak myself out fully since I wont know what the Hero Trials/Platinerk System will bring but for now, it's a problem to collect and upgrade gear.)

      4. Progression
      Looking at the total progression in the game, it does demotivate to play. I talked above about 3 points but you aren't even finished. We do not have enough manastones and it's really hard to collect 'fragments of the fighting spirit', which is also a must to upgrade your gear. We going to a point that kinah we gain weekly doesn't catch up with what to spent. Because we have our weekly costs which are shards, potions, food, payment of house... . Basicly if you want to make want gear part and you do have the stones you will lack the kinah and the fragments. For one part from Legendary to Ultimate, a lot of fragments are you need, once at ultimate a lot of kinah is need. It cost much to reroll stats and upgrade such an item.

      We will get stuck at a certain point. If it isn't with stones, it might be with fragments or with kinah. While Legendary/Ultimate Lydium, those are been giving out enough. The balance doesn't really match.
      Mayber an idea to also reward those fragment of the fighting spirit in pvp instances like Dredgion/Runatorium etc. Those have pure to do with pvp upgrades, same as the Lydium. It would been a better balance. Crafting is so costly and hard to catch up with the weekly kinah we farm. What also a solutation can be is to reduce the amount need for an upgrade.

      5. Shop
      Give less RNG in the shop. Right now players who want to buy something from the shop always have to deal with "RNG" boxes. Placing an item on a reasonable price without having to buy a box might help that situation. Right now, if we can see the events we got in the past and running right now, those wont catch up for all what we miss at this point. If you do spent euro's, you want to know what you are buying and not having to gamble at that point.


      My one suggestion, related to point 1 and 2 is to implement something we farm. It can be a daily, it can be an item from instances. But you collect x-amount which you can exchange for either Ancient Transformation Contract or Daevanion Skill Chest. Both of them will be chosable. So at least at that point each player can have the basic for his/her character.

      All of this above have to do with farm. I want to repeat it once more "Farming is good, as long as you see light on the end of the tunnel"! Nothing should be finished instantly but progression is a must to keep players enjoying the game! ;)
      "Faith is a bird that sings while the dawn is still dark"

      Xenomorph Twitch
    • I think everyone before me said pretty much what we all know
      enchantment is bad
      events are bad
      transformation is bad
      overall the progression is too depressing, and on top of it all we have problems like bugs, bots, ping etc
      edit: i just would like to had about rng shop, put yourself in peoples shoes, just be honest and ask yourself the question, (yes you Tom, Galeas, who ever is responsible.) "if that would happen to me how would i feel?" Wanting a specific item and not getting it despite the fact that im spending money to get it!!!

      having said that

      that's not really what i want to focus has i would be just 1 more person that would repeat what has been said, if gameforge didnt made the obvious conclusion this need to change than idk, besides i think i shown already in several topics how i feel about this.


      i would like to focus on another thing and i know gameforge cannot do anything here but maybe they could talk with nckorea.

      Aion right now feels souless, and the direction its taking it seems it keeps going further in further adrift from any logical direction.

      I will adress it from a asmo point of view, but im sure elyos is the same.

      When i started playing in 1.9 i remember discovering aion villages like for example basfelt village and having these feeling of actually being in a living breathing world. "People" (npcs) are living here" i thought. Npc were warriors, but also you had comon people, fellow asmos that had story's to share. Now all new npcs are warriors or guards. there is no backstory to any of them. Also there is no more villages currently, just outposts, with some warriors for instance entrance. they are pretty much a ripoff from Tera aswell

      Going to beluslan i had the feeling that this place actually is part of Atreia.
      I remember hanging in morhein fortress and looking in the sky and thinking, "the elyos are living up there".
      Yes obviously i know this is not the fact, due to cryengine limitations, but in term of immersion and fantasy the game was well done in this regard.

      I remember going in pandaemonium library and reading the books wanting to know more of what happened in this world.

      Aion used to be a place where, you could feel you are part of this living world. Pandaemonium was our home, and we would leave it to far away great adventures in the bakarma barraks, or into unknown territory's(heiron eltnen).

      we would find npc's in these land and they 2 had a story behind them.

      Overall you could feel the effects of the millenium war.

      Aion back then had a very specific style aswell, now we are completly overun with skins/classes/skills that don't fit this world. You had beautifull sets like Fenrins/miragent or dark poeta, that would fit the world but were beautifull.

      the maps were well thought out, they would fit the lore, asmos in the shadows, a more harsh environment, elyos in the light, a more welcoming place. It was distinct. Currently its like a big salad of 3d assets all mixed together with no flavor, except for some specific areas, wich shine a bit of creativity.

      i guess what im trying to say is that aion lost its soul, it doesnt feel like atreia anymore
      Its like the artist at ncsoft are only concerned in creating a new map where people have to do certain and specific things.

      its a very sad state honestly, and it kinda makes me sad that the devs dont focus more on the world itself.

      Yes the lore keeps getting pushed foward, but its only has an excuse for new patches, and it is very transparent that this is the case, after the excuse is presented they only work on ways to create new mechanism like new contracts etc.

      I believe im not the only one that feels like this, i think most people that still play, are playing not because of these new mechanism, but because of the magical place that was once aion.

      anyways thats how i feel about it

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    • We have made countless suggestions since 6.2 hit the servers on how to improve your game. Why are you asking us now? Did you ignore all our feedback before,
      or do you want to give us false hope once again? Nevertheless i will try to point out your mistakes with 6.2.

      The biggest thing that you have to change is your attitude towards f2p Players: you have to give them the feeling of being rewarded.
      People need to say "I can do it!" instead of "Why should i bother?".
      So far only 2 events accomplished that imo. The flower Event where they could farm a good pve weapon and up to 180 ancient potions of their choice.
      And the snowflakes one where you can give your main character stacks of shop potions.

      So first thing you have to improve on is your events.
      You have to drasticly increase all the rewards of your events to improve the fun of your players.
      Making ppl farm event mobs for 30 minutes so they can get 3 lame potions isn't even worth the teleportation to sanctum/pandae.

      Second thing: stop it with the promo madness!
      There should never be more than one promo event active at the same time. You are only telling your players, that without investin you money in this game you won't have
      any fun at all.

      Third thing: enchantment rates!
      Since 6.2 enchanting has never been more fustrating in aion ever. I get that you can't just change the rates as you please but you have the option to give out more enchantment stones
      to the players, for example hero quest. And don't be greedy with them, give out at least 5 legendary enchantment stones per quest and one ultimate enchantment stone
      per month. This won't hurt anyone but will keep your players motivatet. Increase (or include) the amount of enchantment stones in your events immensely.
      For example: instead of 3 farmable legendary ench stones per event, change it to 20+. Don't be shy.
      And AT THE SAME TIME AS YOU ARE DOING THESE CHANGES, and not after 6 months of analysing and comming up with some bs that doesn't make sense, let the blue pvp boundles
      drop 1 Legendary enchantment stone SAFE in addition to the 3 ancient ones! This way it won't take 10 years to finish your gear, and even if ppl finish it in a short time: so what?
      They re not gonna stop playing.... They will try to gear up their twinks.
      With these drastic changes you will have at least double the players you have now.

      Last thing i would like to mention: transformations!
      In your latest Daeva Tavern video you have mentioned, that you want to keep this system as a long time goal/motivation as well as the enchantment system.
      I agree with you, BUT your "long time"(10+ years) doesn't fit with our "long time". This game shoudn't be some kind of second life.
      So imo there are 2 things you could do here that would satisfy your playerbase: give out WAY more contracts through ingame means.
      OR give out one choosable ancient Transformation contract for every account! This is long overdue! Even if everyone has one ancient transformation, that doesn't mean
      that nobody will buy your scrolls in shop. P2W Players/Whales will still dump half of their earnings to get their finger on a legendary one to stand out from the others.
      This way your f2p Players won't feel entierly defenseless as they would feel with a green one cause you know, this goes without saying, f2p players are the ones keeping a game alive.

      The last thing i want to mention is that i hope you guys will change your attitudes as fast as possible and that you stop throwing our suggestions in the trash can as you allways did.
      Good day
    • The issues that are clouding this patch has been discussed many times over and most of the people seem to give the same feedback.

      1-Enchanting rates: this has been mentioned many times over. From the people that are still stuck in ancient weapons because of the bad rates to people that are having some parts red gear while still stuck with yellow boots. The rng on the enchanting is very random and bad when your yellow gear sometimes takes more than 84 legendary to try and get it from +qq to +15 and it still fails. You know that the rng is way too low. While funny enough having a red great sword that took less legendary stones than the yellow boots to reach. I speak from my experience as someone who plays the game a lot as a both pvp and pve. The enchants on pve doesn’t worry me as pve is pretty easy to handle but the rates on pvp to remain competitive is beyond annoying. The rates are one of the reason i went to max crafting instead. The rates should be increased at least on yellow gear while providing more chances at getting a legendary enchant stones as currently it is pretty limited. I am not talking about granting every player red stones but giving a chance for new players and the old ones to remain competitive without rng turning all of their stones to nothing.

      2-Events: this is a very varied opinion based issue as sometimes the events are nice and sometimes you can barely even feel their existance. To give some examples on good and bad. The moon palace event is almost non existant and i doubt anyone is getting anything exciting from it save for that one guy. event is useless and provides no excitment to the game or rewards that one was bad. The good event like the flower event for nara weapon and xforms was pretty good and harmless and helped pve people to find a reason to pvp for rewards which opened to them the fun aion pvp. Also it helped players in general that have bad xforms to have their share of fun with the ancient xforms. The nara weapon and armor granted the chance for new players to have a good taste of legendary gear it was not needed but that was a nice sugar on top of the cake from you guys, the event was nice over all and for me the good event is the one that can open opportunities for the players to either catch up to the rest or progress them.

      3-Transformations: one of the most repeated feedbacks arguably more than the enchant rates is the transformation complaint. It is pretty easy to see why this is one of the biggest problems. It is beyond essential for both pve and pvp and for your class in general because in many ways this is what enables the game for you and show you the fun of being fast and strong and without it people might even mistake the game for being too slow and clumsy which it is not once you get your hand on or see a player with at least ancient xform. Without xforms you can’t even learn some fun things about the game like weaving and such. I am one of the players who got an ancient xform (tarha) after spending more than 250kk on contracts and count in the free weekly ones and you get the number needed. So i felt the difference of having the ancient xform. Now many people would say just give them ancient xforms but i think that will pretty much makes the rest of common and large xforms irrelevant, so i think the best way is either put the player’s time to good use or his kinah to good use by either making the ancient xform farmable or droppable in end game instances. Also have the option exclusive to ancient and legendary xform that if the player has two xforms ancient for example he can combine them to pick the ancient xform he wants in case he didn’t get the one that benefits his class.

      4-Rng of drops: this is a very important issue in the game. The problem of entering instances that can take hours of your time to cd all of them and the entire week passing and still come out empty handed. The drop Rng in this game is bad and it is beyond random. For example i have done over 50 prometun and in all of those runs i have gotten 0 ultimate drops and 3 legendary drops, 16 makarna and only 2 legendary drops. This is not the worst case as some people are still walking around with many yellow gears simply because of rng not giving them the parts they need. Which leads to the frustration or quittingg the game entirely. Now the solution to this is obviously not just hand out ultimate gears to everyone but make all instances worth their time. And never let them come out empty handed. A simple solution to this is making the instance drop a chest for each player when the final boss dies. Now this can be worked in many ways. Either the chest drops the usual instance gear like legendary for nara and ultimate for makarna but i think that will make it Too easy for everyone to top off with ultimate gears so what i think is a good solution is to make makarna and prometun drop a guranteed legendary chest for each one in the group while having 1 ulti drop for them to roll on. This way even if they dont get the ultimate drop they still get their time worth by either using the legendary or selling it for good kinah. Weapon drop chest can be more rare than the rest just like in garden.

      5-Pvp rewards: currently there is no reward for pvping in open worlds unless you are like me and just want to have fun dying/killing. There should be sometjing that makes the people excited and hungry to leave their bases and go out to look for enemy faction. For example instead of granting 10 genesis crystal per 5 enemy kills. Have pvp drop ancient stones for killing rank 1 enemy and have them drop legendary for killing 5 star and above enemy and have them drop ultimate stones for killing top generals and governors. The number of stones granted/ bumber of kills needed can be changed to suit the needs.

      6-aion shop: say no to rng and say yes for paying to get what you need from the shop this will help paying players to trust the shop by getting their money’s worth and help free players like me to get the items they buy from the broker it is all win win situation for paying players and free players and even gameforge.

      Note: items tradable on broker should be directly tradable as well to avoid getting stolen from broker by bots or otherwise.

      Ok that is it for my list i know it is only 5 points allowed but i wanted to go through all of them for you guys to read and check. Now that all the things been said. I actually like the patch as it is more accessable content/ gear wise on some sides than most previous patches. And i hope that this will only lead to further and better future. See you in Aion and have fun.

      Edit: sorry for the wall of text :D
    • 1. Progression: Without enchantment stone we stucked on ancient+legendary gear. Not enough kinah, stigma enchantment stones etc and with this RNG it a never ending story. We need a safe but slower progression way. EX: If you got 30 legendary stone you can upgrade to +15 your item part (16 part 480 legendary stone), or you can choose the risky way.

      2. Cross server: Realy need it. Crosserver had a lot of chance that playerbase whoes cant go with premades.

      3. Events: If you affraid exploiting events, make the event quest items and rewards untradable and give us valuable things (large amounts enchantment stones, stigma enchantment stones, and and pls delete useless rewards (foods, pots, slotstones) or do it selectable. Very fustrating when you doing event and finaly you got 10 potions for your 500... Events are good but underrewarded.

      4. Cash shop: Pls less RNG boxes. We would like buy lot of things. Ingame rng let see... ok, but for real money its not.
    • I could also add that implementation of further ways of acquiring enchantment stones is not necessary if appropriate steps are done to ensure fair gear progression.

      Because the RNG is much more forgiving, and it is much easier to enchant an item up to level +10 rather than up to level +15, a very simple and effective solution would be to request a custom change for EU, granted if NC accepts the change.

      This change includes that all PvP gear can be upgraded from enchantment level +10, rather than +15, and both enchantment levels provide cons and pros for each one.

      The Cons of upgrading your item from +10 to the next level (Legendary or Ultimate) can be:

      Double Fragment of Fighting Spirit Cost
      Double Legendary / Ultimate Lydium cost

      When compared to upgrading your item from +15.

      Some would think this would be too simple and easy.

      Oh, I assure you double costs is not simple, I spent days farming up 400 fighting spirit fragments and used 100m kinah just for that piece alone. It takes thousands of malleability stones and crafting materials just to extract enough pieces and acquire enough fragments.
    • Originally posted Aion 6.2 A New Dawn First impression and afterthough to not have a endless post and to explain my point of wiev

      Aion 6.2 A New Dawn

      this patch is meant as a re-boot for the game or at least is hyped for that, wich would and had attracted many old player and new player back in the game. much was done to advertise the game on platform such as youtube.
      at the beginning there was a huge gap on gears from people which got gear excange from the pervius patch to new comers wich is normal since the game is running from years now old player wich spend time and effort got rewarded from it with legendary ~ ultimate gear at patch start.
      this made many people move to the newly added server nergal ( including myself ). since then the progress into gearing up has been smooth trough the big "issue" is given from the enchantment system.
      see more about Enchanting Rates.

      as the pd said in the latest tavern video the intent was to prevent people from getting gear +15 too quick and keep the game more active trough listening from many user is doing quite the opposite. aion it was since the beginning or at least since i started back in 2.8 really pvp focused for the most part there for the success ratio on enchanting gear and enable player to progress futher / getting stronger was always what keept people ingame. in older patch it was more difficult to get the gear because it required people to be active doing siege, dredgion, and other pvp related istances in order to gather abyss point and medal to be able purchase gear with it. now day's is quite the opposite you get with few week of farming garrison the full ancient gear. but most of the player are having big issues into enchanting it. i've personally experienced using over 300 ancient stone on a single part wich never reached above +13. the chance of getting enchantment stone of higher quality ( legendary / ultimate ) are pretty slim from how the system work now there for my suggestion on the topic would be:

      - same as you can get bundle from genesis crystal for 50 of them and get 5~8 ancient stone implement a second bundle for about 100 crystal with 1~2 legendary stone.
      - slightly increase the chance of getting legendary stone from ashunatal dred / runatorium ( about 25% ) would be fair and maybe (5% chance ) for ultimate one
      this system as it is right now is 0% rewarding from effort and making many player rage about it. there for many people already talk about quitting the game until 6.5 there the ratio of enchantment gonna be improved ( or at least so was it in the korean patch ).

      Siege and Honor Point's:
      second big topic, 4 times a week for siege avrage reward for successing 100~200 for losing 60~100 honor compared to previus system wich gave 400~600 honor point each fort either 3 fort or 1 daily + 120 from ashunatal if counting gravity and end boss + 100 from runatorium + arena for an average of 5000 to 11000 honor point each week. Wich make straight up impossible to get in the pvp ranking system on most of the server not talking about getting up to officer 5 to earn transformation's.
      as i do am playing on a new server we do not have this problem as much but looking at it if for example a new user is aproaching the game and decide to go into an old server because friends or whatever the case may be, is sure that this user will gonna have issues even just to rank up to the officer 1 rank. not even considering going futher. this place old top 100 player in ranking system on a big advantage since there is no way to get honor point in this patch beside siege.
      possible solution:

      - rise on amount of honor points from siege to 3000~5000 for sucsess and 1000~1500 for lose

      - add Honor point's as reward from pvp istances ( ashunatal and runatorium ) from winning the istance this will motivate player to do the istance fro what they where meant to be instead of a frenetic rush on mobs for enchantment stone only and then leave 200/400 for losing/winning could be nice.

      Transformation contract:
      again quoting the PD of aion we meant the system to not give ultimate transformation straight away to player wich is compleatly okay. how ever many players if not the majority of them do run around on "Large" transformation wich is quite underwealming because it does make the game feel slow and boring both in pvp and pve is a really apreciated add to the game the chance of getting transformation contract how ever the chance of getting at least ancient one's shall be increased.
      possible solutions:
      -1 ancient guarantee each 10 contract used
      -improved chance of reaching the next class while fusing up to ancient ( should be at least 40% if using 4 transofrmation and 60% if using 6 )

      much apreciated:
      -Kinah event.
      -Transformation contract drop in istances ( how ever chances of getting one are quite slim and on my personal opinion it should be drop from garden of knowledge as well to help new comers )

      pve gearing is fairly smooth the istances are well balanced the drop are okay ( beside of cross server ninja's ) nothing realy to complain about this part of the game.
      long story short aion 6.2 is overall a nice patch it got some needed improvment on pve and pvp mechanics due to better explained stats and a fusion of those into new one wich allow player's to straight up understand what them are there for.
      progressing in the game on pve is smoth and enjoyable but due to the small amount of istances make people create a tons of character wich is a good and bad thing at the same time.

      Kinah / Trade:
      Kinah are overall since the adjustment somewhat okay trough the lack of option to trade them between character trough account warehouse make difficult to progress if you are spending more time and wanting to focus the effort to improve one character, account wharehouse has been made almost useless since this patch.
      i gonna make few example to explain better my point.
      -Player X got a character wich got the magical crafting at 300, player X decide to make a second character level up on it and start to gather materials for crafting but he cannot use account wharehouse to trade them to his older character to craft gear as well cannot trade to his new character crafted gear to improve/ease his gameplay on it.
      -In the legion of Player X there are new comers some of his friend's decided to join aion to play with he/she, Player X cannot help them trough crafting gear for them.
      -the new came on game friend/'s of Playier X during his first few day's in the game drop some piece of gear of low quality with a remodel wich Player X like but because Player X is high level cannot drop himself anymore and his friend/'s cannot trade them to him.

      i belive i gave roughly my idea there for possible solution:
      -Leave the system as it is and remove enterly fee from broker beside of X amount of kinah to register an item ( must be a fair amount 3~5% max ) of the total price
      -Make account/legion wharehouse storage aviable for item such as crafting materials/manastone/crafted gear part's/low quality item for remodel.

      i hope who ever decide to put the effort into reading this long thread will understand what my point of wiev is and the fact that it isnt completly off the grid

      thanks for readying

      P.S. please costructive reply to this

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