Pinned 6.0 Feedback/ Collection Thread

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    • 1) Balance
      I am not sure that you can do anything here, but its terrible. Rangers, sms and especially chanters with healing more than clers (!) is something ridiculous.

      2) Enchantment
      I did 4 parts of legendary gear +15 with less than 100 leg stones meanwhile my friend spent 200+ for 1 part. And there is no any sources of getting leg stones in so huge amounts.
      Must be some compensations for ppl with so bad rates/luck. As I mentioned in another topic, for example, to be able to not only upgrade geat to new grade +0, but to +10 or +15 directly, but for much higher price, so ppl can get their gear without praying for luck.

      3) Source of enchantment stones

      4) PvP isn't rewarding.
      Ppl don't have desire to do arenas because it gives only 1 ancient stone and 100k money for victory (and you can spend like 5+ contracts for 1 arena that is more expensive than 1 ancient stone+100k). Also it's hard to take top-100 if you don't have proper class. The same about coop arena.
      Runatorium rewards less than Adred, but it's harder to make decent pvp group compared to pve group for Adred rush.
      But you haven't been changing anything since I play this game, so I dont believe you gonna give ppl rewards that will be respective to effort you do to win in PvP vs decent/top groups.

      5) Contracts
      after 100+ opened contracts got 2 ancient ones, 1 of them with cast speed, 2nd is mixed (15% aspd). Some ppl got desert fox/cat (decent phys contract) in first weeks. RNG is very strong. Need something guaranteed to play normally.
      Just remember that about 80 of these 100+ contracts were bought for 12.5kk, so I spent 1b kinah to get not so good contract. I think nergal players never had this amount of money.
    • awful events this holiday season. I honestly think these are the worst xmas/ny events in ANY game out there.

      1. Loterry

      Rewards don't justify the amount of aion coins it takes to get them. Nothing exciting for casual players that don't wanna sell their car to participate.

      2. Hungry Magpie

      Just awful. Rewards from the daily box don't justify me spending 5 minutes on doing the quest, yet alone 30-40min.
      Bosses that spawn at certain times drop 3 pvp stones for all the server to roll. what the ...

      3. Treasure Chests

      Humanly impossible to farm the rewards ingame. You need to spend over 3000 Aion Coins to get just 1 A rank minion contract.
      Good rewards on paper that cost so much, only a fool will pay for them.

      4. Lucky Dice

      Decent as SIDE event. Rewards are just ok. Nothing exciting, few pots and occasional stone/contract over the weeks.

      5. Snow in Atreia

      Decent as SIDE event. Even with a ton of alts, all you're gonna get is a lot of good pots, which IS GOOD. But.. nothing exciting.

      Over all, huge disappointment. No active events whatsoever. No exciting rewards. Last year, shugo game had dark, light, fire dragon skins, 8 serums/8 apes as rewards, new extends, what not.
      You could get a bunch of shugo tokens from snowflakes and it was exciting af, bcz any reward was good and very well worth it.

      This year, I might get 3 form contracts, few 15 day skins that Ill throw away and a bunch of HP potions.

    • I've said pretty much in my DT #4 feedback video

      Also, some issues needs to be fixed:

      1. There was a bug, when you join server-wide. Instead of Gold Sand Shop, there was Kuna Shop menu. You fixed this by just... disabling Gold Sand Shop. This is not an option, since you might run out of consumbles in the middle of the instance.

      2. More transparency & details. There's a treasure chest in Luna Cube, which can be opened with keys. Still, there's no reward list available. Same goes for events. Every time I read the news, I notice the lack of information or can't even check the full list of rewards. And when I finally see those rewards, they make me cringe.
    • i fully agree with what everyone said before me so far about the enchantment/transformation/event stuff!!!

      1 more thing i would like to add is the trade system.

      i dont know the reasons that made you do this but you should do smth when someone needs to trade items between characters in the account
      for example i have tons of crafting materials that i can use on my main and all these are stuck to my alts so i am forced to buy
      everything from broker and ofc i dont have the kinah for it

      P.S i came back to game like 2 months ago thats why i am saying i dont know the reason behind the new trade system
    • Limiting this list to 5 changes is kind of hard as there are many small single problems that tie into each other, creating the state of the game we have today. Anyway I'll give it a shot.

      1. Communication of the publisher.

      I'm probably already breaking the rules here but it's the biggest, most genuine problems I see with Aion right now. Communication and transparency.
      Right now there are varying degrees of responsiveness of the CM and other representatives depending on the language of the board you're using. I have no real insight into the job of these people, but as a person that comes from the German and English board, it seems for me that the English board is heavily favored in terms of communicating and giving feedback to the community on certain topics. I can excuse that, since the German board community right now is extremely toxic, but in my opinion this shouldn't be a factor in what board to prioritize in that regard.

      Another thing about communication, which is the most important thing to me, is transparency. All I'm seeing and reading is phrases like "we're working on it" and "your feedback is being forwarded". But actual change is rarely seen as a result of said feedback. I have the strong feeling that most feedback is being discarded or not even taken into consideration, like people for example complaining about the current loot box madness going on, while you guys seem to not care at all and release new low rate loot boxes week by week that are designed to draw more money out of your customers than other means would.
      Yeah, profit, I now, you guys are a company and like every company you're trying to make as much profit as possible, but my point right here, at the #1 spot isn't the loot boxes themselves, it's just an example of why I feel that player's and customer's concerns are being ignored.
      Also another example is that you've been working on Hero Trials for months now and didn't really give any insights into the actual development process yet, according to various official posts they should have been released ages ago.

      I'm gonna be honest here. The game is almost as dead as an MMO can be. even though you don't release insights into player counts and other interesting stuff (another flaw in transperency), everyone should have noticed by now that the player count is declining and you can not, I repeat you can not at this point have this kind of non-communication right now. The game isn't running itself. Players want their game to be fixed. Do it, and if you don't, give feedback as to why you're not doing it. And be honest. Nobody wants to continue hearing the old "yah we're working on it" phrases, the hard truth is sometimes more appreciated. This thread is a step in the right direction, but right now I do not have any hope that it will change anything. I have the feeling that it's just another means of trying to put your player base off. Please prove me wrong.

      2. Rework your cash shop.

      Listen, I know you've settled on pulling off predatory anti-consumer business practices. I still remember the days Gameforge took over this game and promised there will be no pay to win, there will only be Gold Packs and cosmetics. Of course this isn't the case anymore. But get yourself together and pull the brakes, because this is the scummiest way to get your customers money. Yes, you want to show growth, yes you want more money, we get it. But you're getting extreme here.

      Loot boxes aren't exactly a new thing in this game, they originate further into the past than some people might think, but the actual problem here is not that they exist, or they have ridiculously low rates, or they mess with people who are or can potentially become gamble addicts, the exact problem is that loot boxes right now are the most effective way to get ingame ESSENTIALS. And they're not a particularly good way to obtain said essentials either. From my perspective, they shouldn't be necessary to progress, they should be an option. You can argue of course that there are other "free" options that let you get your hands on said essentials, but compared to loot boxes those just a minor thing, and if you're not lucky you're off to a year long grind. You shouldn't have to be lucky to get essential, the most basic things on the game, such as the pre-6.0 attack speed or movement speed. Our level went up, but the gameplay itself feels like a massive downgrade.

      Also, bring back your skin variety. I know what you're trying, making something limited and scarce is equal to make something more attractive. But that's not the case for me. It's just sad that we had an assortment of hundreds of skins a while ago, and now we're reduced to the flavor of the week, and if course loot boxes. I think your revenue is going down because there's nothing particularly good to spend money in the cash shop on, and only very few people want these loot boxes. If you really want to keep your boxes, at least build in a bad luck prevention. Like for example, if you didn't get the "main prize" (aka the only good thing in that box really), after a certain amount of tries, you'll get it safely with your next purchase. Having to hope for the right transformation is already RNG enough, just remove a few layers of RNG and you'll still be fine.

      3. Make stuff tradeable again.

      Trying to get Kinah out of the system is a good idea to prevent inflation, but with this system I have the strong feeling that the game favors inflation prevention over fun. And NOTHING should stand above fun in a game. There are other Kinah sinks that can be implemented. You could sell your precious loot boxes for Kinah. You could bring back the old movement animation emote books for adjusted prices. There are way better and more player friendly ways to fix your economy problems than just blandly copying Black Desert.

      Remove trade restrictions. Allow face-to-face trading again. Use other Kinah sinks to prevent inflation. Make said Kinah sinks attractive enough to be used by players on the long run regularly. Don't greed out on them, just because you could sell them for real money doesn't mean you should. Adjust their prices according to the current economy. That would of course require Gameforge employees to actively play Aion in order to make these changes in a meaningful and smart way.

      4. Enchantment.

      You know the drill, you've read several posts containing this problem already.
      Make enchanting to red +15 a pleasant experience. Trans+Cube stats should be long term goal. Simply put, make purple enchantment stones available directly in the shop for like 1-2 Euros each, like in Korea. The patch is balanced around that, so don't lock them behind your 25€ loot boxes. Back then we had slow and steady progress. AP gear had a set cost tied to it, you knew exactly how much ap and how many medals (resulting in how much grind overall) you needed to get the stuff you want, AND you also knew exactly how many medals and how much ap you got from various activities. You were competitive with that stuff, even +0. Tying progress to RNG is a lazy and frustrating way to artificially expand play time. Instead, do this:

      For PvP:
      • Take the Enchantment requirement and reduce it to +10, +5 or even +0. Go back to the roots, deduct x amount of enchantment levels upon upgrading your gear. This way, players who enchant their gear will get rewarded by keeping some of their enchantment levels and players who didnt enchant their gear can keep their enchantment stones for further tries.
      • Raise the AP/Mat requirement. You don't want people to get the best gear within a few weeks, so don't we. Go back to the roots and raise the materials required so there's still a certain grind associated with gear progression. This way progressing through your gear levels may take longer for lucky players but it ultimately less frustrating for everyone. RNG is left for red gear and as an OPTION for lower gear.
      • Add said mats to weeklies and dailies. Like point 5 states, it'd give players incentive to actually go content, go out there and go crazy in PvP. Just like back then when you could earn your medals through killing players. You might even go as far as handing out said mats at the end of dredges so people would actually start fighting themselves again instead of rushing pve and afk/leave.

      For PvE:
      Okay, watch this. I'm gonna fix PvE for everyone forever with one sentence.
      • Go back to the roots and give everyone a weapon/armor box they can loot for themselves.
      No scamming, no bullcrap.

      So why did I underline the stuff that references the old days? Because Aion 6.x is supposed to be like this. It's supposed to bring back the old days. It's supposed to be the theme of this patch. These systems WORKED and people were cool with it.

      5. Give us incentive to do the content.

      Right now it goes like this: burn your weekly garrison quests + dungeon lockouts and afk for the rest of the week. That ain't fun.
      Bring back daily stuff to do, dungeons like SWB, quests to earn AP, Mats, Enchantment stones, contracts and other patch-relevant stuff that actually feels meaningful. Give us something to do for a few hours every day. This is why people kept playing this game day in, day out in patch 3-4. There was plenty of things to do, every single day. Hell you could even do previous patch content for more Kinah gains that were actually worth it, like TF cash runs and such. And even when you were done with literally everything there is, you could still go and do some open world pvp to get additional rewards such as medals. This stuff is gone now. The rewards for pvp quests are miniscule at best and there is no real incentive to even play after you got your weekly stuff done. Make open world pvp more rewarding, maybe make some counter measurements for zergers like only the last hit gets the quest kill or something. Just make it rewarding and fun.

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    • Accuracy wrote:

      Limiting this list to 5 changes is kind of hard as there are many small single problems that tie into each other, creating the state of the game we have today. Anyway I'll give it a shot. First things on this list are most important to me.

      1. Communication of the publisher.

      2. Rework your cash shop.

      3. Make stuff tradeable again. All of it.

      4. Enchantment.

      5. Give us incentive to do the content.
      You hit the nail on the head with every single point.
      Some comments to your 1st point:

      The German board used to be favoured back in the day, but in general it's always all over the place. You might find some important info on the front page, then a bit on the English forum and a bit on the German forum, perhaps also some on the french forum. No consistency here whatsoever, it's a right nightmare, especially when it's important rule changes. (A good example being back in the day when GF decided jumping the fence at Sillus was a bannable offense and only informed someone in a random thread on one of the forums (don't remember which), then proceeded to hand out vastly different punishments for the same offense (jumping the fence), varying from perma ban to 3-day ban, no matter people's track records.)

      Transparency wise not much has changed either, sadly. I really do not understand why it's so hard for this company to change things here. Communication with the players/customers is one of the points where the least effort would easily give very good results.

      I do understand it's hard with several CMs (or even 1 CM running around and doing all the work for all communities ) to keep track of what information is given where, but I really do hope GF can work something out here so that important information finds its way to all players without them needing to comb the forums with google translate to keep updated.
    • The enchant and all that can be improved but doesn't bother me as much as contracts do. I logged in and lvl'ed to 80 a few weeks ago and honestly, not having your normal attack speed/speed is very bad. I got potions, sure, but after I use them I had no idea where to resupply. If you planned on monetizing this aspect of the game, no wonder 6.0 failed.

      Contracts are probably the thing I dislike the most about Aion atm. You get what 2 free contracts weekly? Useless, even if you got 10 it wouldn't be enough.

      What keeps me from playing, broken bad unrewarding events, contracts, content is kinda meh now.

      I could analyze the game better, but I'm sure people who play in this patch can do a better job. Simply put, the game isn't fun, it's not fun knowing that the only way I can get the "best" attack speed/speed/casting speed is spending thousands of dollars.
      A game is supposed to be fun, the level/gearing/endgame content should be progressive a nice smooth upwards graph. It should feel that every day you accomplished something, however by pay-walling a lot of the important features of the game, makes it so that many people get discouraged and quit.
    • Hakurin wrote:

      I do understand it's hard with several CMs
      Thats true I dont know in how many games Grimnir is the CM in but i saw him in the soulworker forum and the metin2 forum aswell, i can imagine that it is hard to manage all of these games alone
    • As mostly a PvP player In my case I just find the game boring and frustrating

      Boring parts:
      Camps are about an hour a week and then you have to wait
      Daily pvp is mostly about camping camps and killing no geared people
      Dredgion is pve rush
      Runatorium is okish but either you destroy the other team or they destroy yours. No much middle ground
      Sieges with new God buffs on the other side that last 2 months are not fun
      You either 1 shot people, they 1 shot u or give up after 10 min of not being able to kill each other. This version does not need much skill. Mostly about gear.

      Frustrating parts:
      Enchantment rare. You work the whole week to do stuff and get a few enchants. You farm like a madman and buy some from broker. You manage to get 10-15 purples on one week. Put it on your equipment and see it going from +11 all the way back to +10.

      Contracts. I've made my peace with them cos I got a gold one and it's good for my class but that was after buying the weekly one for 12 chars for 2 months (had a lot of money left from previous patch). Other people that were not that lucky and new players can't really do that and have nothing...

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    • Legendary and ultimate stone pvp: The amount of farmable in game is almost nothing, considering that to raise a yellow piece you need an average of 200-300 yellow stones, how do you believe you can enchant 15 purple and 15 red pieces, if in game if you are okay you can farm 2 purple stone a day and 0 red stones. How can a player without shop keep up with the players who buy hundreds of stone from the shop?

      Events: in past years almost every event had decent prizes, useful in game, from 6.0 then you put useless and meaningless events, players need stone pvp but you only put the pves in the events. they need manastone, permanent skin, transformation contracts, but what do you do? You Put as rewards only stuff that you can get enough in game already, such as slot stone... can you explain to me what sense has to put ad prize only one slot stone in an event when to bless a single yellow piece you need 150, for a purple more than 300, for a red one slot costs even 500 stone slot. Lastly, the 15 day skins are just a joke.

      Contracts: as a ftp player I find myself having only white contracts after 3 months, while who uses cash has already its yellow or even purple transformation, need to add more? You call it f2p but now even the stones know that without paying at the moment you can no longer play this game and be competitive.
    • I took the time to read all the post above and meerly agree on all of them so am not going to make another repeat of same wall of text though :1- 3months 6.2 and i am still obliged tonise a green contract for my gladiator / templar which is horrible considering no atk speed and movement speed . 2- enchanting ratio is horrible and unrewarding ( stull need 14 items to make +15 since they fail from 13 to 14 or 14 to 15 over and over again ( so no progression at all even though i play 10-12 hr each day actively) just depressing . 3- sieges are unplayable due to fps drop to 1 -10 even though i have a gaming desktop with msi gtx 1080 graphic card and 16 GB ram . As a glad /templar mearly in frontline i just cant play as i should on siege because of the aion bad engine that is outdated for new gaming desktops. This need be fixed really hard .4- availability of legendary enchant stones is too low , ultimate stones are non existent which we really need to finish last level of enchanting process .5- events : lucky dice is ok ish , snowflake is ok ish though reward for +10 is really bad , opened one and get a solorius hairpin ?!? Like serious this should not be a reward for +10 snowflake . Will end my reply here with saying i enjoy the game only for the friends i daily play with although i am tending to quit atm because of the transformation contract that make my class just unplayable and huge disadvantaged in open world pvp due to low movement and atk speed . Same with the enchanting just so much failing one just want to go look for another game to play . My friends in game the only reason am still playing though after receiving another 2 white contracts am getting done with this . Cheers @ Galeas and wish you good end of year and merry xmas and i hope this situation gets attended with real changes ! Thank for your time reading .
    • Please use Weekly shop discussion to discuss shop items. The shop items were already decided before this thread got started, so please don't think Gameforge takes your advice and feedback just to do 180° of it.
      I feel the same dissapointment for the latest RNG bundles (as a player) like you guys, but this thread is for feedback about the state of the game in 6.0.

      The rage posts have been moved without any warnings due to a global feel of dissapointment (except for 1 due to massive insults). But in this thread, we will now go back to using it only for constructive -point by point- feedback like many of you did the first 2 pages. Other posts will be moved.
    • I haven't played this game in a long time, and last I really did was around 5.0. Now that I went back to the game and played it for a while, I would like to share a little of my thoughts about it.

      First of all, what happened to the rich and well thought out world of Atreia? After the last updates, it seems all but gone. I have to agree with the other player above that the world that once was engaging no longer has a soul. Very sad, as this was the number one thing that made me play Aion in the first place.

      So, in order to combat kinah sellers, you up and remove kinah completely? This is not the way to combat these sellers, and for me it destroyed the ingame economy to a degree that kinah sellers never could. Buying and selling is an essential part of any MMO game, and here you guys have just taken away something that is a vital ingredient to having fun.

      What happened to all the rich and beautiful maps and instances in this game? As my earlier statement above, these maps provided the world that people actually played in. Now, most is all but gone.

      I am no PVP player, and played this game entirely as a PVE player. The person above me stated that PVE is better now.. I don't think he even played it PVE at all. PVE is about playing in a world that you find engaging, and that drags you into its story. There is no more such world in Aion. It has all been butchered. This is no longer a PVE game at all. Yes, the PVP people probably love that you can go from 1-80 in two days. Not so much for me. I love the grinding, the missions, the quests, the world that was created. If it would take me a year to reach end game, then all the better. That part of the game is gone.

      I may be in the minority here, but for me, Aion is no more. Sorry, but the damage that has been done to this game is beyond comprehension. Aion has been around for a decade or so, and has seen so many changes that is both good and bad. This new one is the worst that has ever happened to it.

      In order to engage players, you need to keep them engaged. They need engaging maps to play on, exciting dungeons to explore and conquer, along with the bosses and monsters to inhabit it. I don't understand why this is such an extremely difficult concept to grasp. The utter failure that has become this game is mind boggling and very much beyond understanding.

      Why is it that the game can't be fixed in a way that makes it both engaging to PVP and PVE players? Is it really that much of a load on the servers to have the extra maps for people to explore and use? The NPCs, villages, cities that once was that made Aion so fun to play?

      For me, Aion is dead. I felt no enjoyment from playing this game for 10 hours, and knowing now that all this game cares about is end game and PVP, then it is no longer a game for me. NCSoft has completely forgotten what made Aion so good. The thing that set Aion apart from many other MMOs. I do hope that they will see the light in the end and bring back the world of Atreia we all love and care about. But until that point, it is no longer a game I wish to use either my money or my time on.
    • More of a suggestion, but @Galeas why did you guys never sent any request to remove the weapon switch delay that you have when switching weapons?

      It directly grants an unfair advantage to every other class who fights a gunner, who needs to constantly switch weapons.

      Bug, or no bug, did you guys ever make the request for NC to completely remove the built in weapon switch delay for the EU version?

      We know this is possible, it is not a technical issue and it is not an issue with the server being incapable either, it is an issue of NC being lazy or overlooking, or never having this problem in KR in the first place and as such never noticing since you guys never sent any complaint about it.

      If you need visual evidence with vocal explanation send me a pm and I'll make a video for you.
    • 1.Minions buff skill (selfbuff) resisting on arenas after death or at start (after entering). I think its not debuff :)
      After death player has shield for some period and that shield block minions buff. Koreans havent that problem

      2. Summon minion, use his self buff to prepare for some ganks, use transformation and then summon mount. (for example when u waiting legate at some base) When transformation time end and u turn off mount - u need summon minion again and use his buff... I dont know is this a bug but think so

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    • 1. Rng is everywhere and gameforge doesnt help us at all: We have already rng in: enchant,daevanion skills,getting pve gear,rerolling stats.getting transformations and instead of gf helping the players with giving us more legendary/ultimate stones,daevanion skill , lunas, contracts with specific transformations and ways to have more drop rates, WE get rng boxes with 2% chance to get something valuable or rare.

      2.The 1st event that I liked is the dice event,since all ppl can play it ,and it has some decent rewards.Make it last longer as a secondary event.

      3.Sorry but all these months I hear platinerk system and hero trials but the only thing that I see is unfulfilled promises and excuses about having problems with the implementing.AT least make worth our waiting.

      4.Also do something about cross servers OR at least about the holy tower entrance

      5.Shugo imperial tomb+trillionerks gold vault (fix it first.)+daevas running event+drop rate events +relic event+ crafting event. If u implement them with good rewards it will be nice :),ans dont put them late in the game ty

      IMPORTANT EDIT.Change your own title to:subscribe to pewdiepie cause Tseries are catching up again,and make sure to press like on the new 2k18 rewind,dislike on the old 2k18 rewind and you too,subscribe to pewdiepie

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    • Saryko-Nerga wrote:

      Siege and Honor Point's:
      second big topic, 4 times a week for siege avrage reward for successing 100~200 for losing 60~100 honor compared to previus system wich gave 400~600 honor point each fort either 3 fort or 1 daily + 120 from ashunatal if counting gravity and end boss + 100 from runatorium + arena for an average of 5000 to 11000 honor point each week. Wich make straight up impossible to get in the pvp ranking system on most of the server not talking about getting up to officer 5 to earn transformation's.
      as i do am playing on a new server we do not have this problem as much but looking at it if for example a new user is aproaching the game and decide to go into an old server because friends or whatever the case may be, is sure that this user will gonna have issues even just to rank up to the officer 1 rank. not even considering going futher. this place old top 100 player in ranking system on a big advantage since there is no way to get honor point in this patch beside siege.
      possible solution:

      - rise on amount of honor points from siege to 3000~5000 for sucsess and 1000~1500 for lose

      - add Honor point's as reward from pvp istances ( ashunatal and runatorium ) from winning the istance this will motivate player to do the istance fro what they where meant to be instead of a frenetic rush on mobs for enchantment stone only and then leave 200/400 for losing/winning could be nice.
      an idea could also be to introduce pvp based token to buy things such special remodel or upgrade materials. way to orbitain token trough siege and with a fix honor point reset every few month.
      to keep the ranking system more active and refreshing every now and then.
      it would increase the apeal of ranking up in my opinion.

      reward idea:
      - fixed amount of token for defending / conquest of the fort and or losing the for mentioned
      - fixed amount on periodic reset given based on the rank example governor get X amount, great general 4/5 of X, general 3/5 of it, officer 5 get 2/5 of it, officer 4 1/5 of it and a trust prize for star 1 to star 3 of Y

      that in my idea will allow older server to be more competitive as well
    • How about opportunity to get special Verdins amulet 100% drop chance without p2w?
      1. low online
      2. big offers for materials
      3. low drop chance for mateials
      My suggestion 30 shugo gold for one scroll. Its will not kill economy and last what we have

      And jelly 4kDP to kinah shop pls. Rangers must use aether arrow on sieges!!!

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