Pinned 6.0 Feedback/ Collection Thread

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    • Could you find the guy who makes the aiDPs and ask to activate the attack speed check function.With all classes support.
      People who plays fair that game even are ready to donate for that function.
      That 6.2 a new era of 3rd soft,its realy realy annoying problem.
      PS: Hello to Deyla elyos side arabian kids \o
    • Hey, just popping in here with the friendly reminder that this is actually happening because this was posted 10mins ago:

      To address some questions before they're asked:
      1. Next week's maintenance will include the 6.5 enchantment rate improvements.
      2. Shard's pricing in the Golden Sand Traders will be lowered soon (either next maintenance or the one after).
      3. Additional enchantment system improvements will be coming shortly.
      We have additional changes coming outside of this including another event this month but will share details as they are more finalized.
      Thank you.
      ^Posted by Cyan. I crossed out the things that didn't matter.

      My suggestion is obviously - hi do this too by next week because if they will have it by then, that means we can surely have it aswell. @Galeas
    • You know,.. the whole enchantment stone thing could have been done a lot earlier.

      You could have even asked NCsoft a lot earlier to get a patch ready for you that would be probably applied at any date you wanted.

      It makes me really sad that what's making EU do things is competition with NA.
      Which implies that there is still a barrier between players opinion and needs.

      Also the way the news looks right now is really saddening.

      STAY we will implement the feature, we don't know when. BUT PLEASE STAY.

      Same thing with Hero trials and platinerk. You have no dates to when it's coming, no transparency on what it will give. BUT PLEASE STAY.

      There is a psychological aspect to this, obviously. However you are stockpiling a lot of things into this. Meaning that once the first thing fails to deliver, nobody will stay for the next thing.

      It's also very obvious now that you have a lot of control over what happens with the game, you just need a patch from NCSoft rather than their permission.

      This became really obvious with the "kinah fix".
      You claimed that we can't have any custom changes to kinah as it was how korean premium worked, and that it was never intended to be that way for our region.
      After you saw that A LOT of people have quit, you got custom changes from NCSoft.
      Not 1 type of change, but 2 types of change.
      1) Adding additional loot (the bonus kinah)
      2) Change of sale value (I mean,... how come suddenly we can change this value? I thought it was koreans premium that was associated with this)

      So suddenly, from being unable to make any change at all because you are all powerless you managed to make 2 changes :thinkingemojy:(we could have just had one change, with the same amount of impact, but you intentionally over complicated things to make it so that you are not trampling over your own words).

      Also what happened during the last weeks of December with the implementation of Ultimate stones and PERMANENT legendary transformation was never addressed back to the community.
      Like, literally. Nobody gave people a reply to why did we get that, even tho you your self stated that we will not get those things anytime soon.
      Literally strategically, and shamelessly implemented into the shop during the time when people received their Christmas bonuses.
      And that's obvious because a shop has a planned progression of its own, if it was intended in that progression, we would have now things of higher value in the shop. But rather it was a sudden spike in value, followed with no progression.

      -Stop making changes to counter NA but more rather be the one that leads those changes
      -Take peoples opinions more seriously. Because if a lot of people tell you "rates are low, can we get the 6.5 rates? I'm going to quit!". You know, that's usually a red flag that you should try and do something, rather than waiting another region to beat you to it.
      -Avoid giving news about something that's supposed to come half a year from that time, and then stockpiling same type of news on top of each other.
      -Be honest about the things you can and can't change. You might end up contradicting yourself otherwise.
    • it has been one month since this thread has been started many people have gather theyr idea's with more or less salt on top of it. i belive what @Erifnal wanted to say was something in the line " would be nice to have some feedback from you as well @Galeas. i'm not trying to make the devil avvocate there but as was said at the really beginning the noticed post gonna get a "like" nice and good not asking to answer each of those but from time to time show more presence would be nice, and make everyone here feel more, uhm how to say.... not abbandoned.

      bug fix, system implementation, are a thing wich need time prehaps them would have needed to be prepared before the 6.0 launch ( 6.2 whatever )

      rng is randomly killing hopes into player enchantment system is still a mess, many people expected some change in quicker response and by the time na comunity got 6.5 enchant rate.
      server wide is still working half way right and there are no news about fix coming or not.

      -hero trial should come this month at some point
      -platinerk should come in febraury at some point
      i belive i understand is not easy to predict when the thing gonna be done. prehaps you guy's are taking it slow to get it working properly at launch and not ending up blow up hopes of the player's.

      i do really hope some change gonna happen soon, because by now every day it pass i see more and more player disappointed to death leaving a game they loved for years.

      you asked for feedback there are plenty good suggestion gathered from players trough the last month.

      Notice us Sempi!


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    • Rym wrote:

      More of a suggestion, but @Galeas why did you guys never sent any request to remove the weapon switch delay that you have when switching weapons?

      It directly grants an unfair advantage to every other class who fights a gunner, who needs to constantly switch weapons.

      Bug, or no bug, did you guys ever make the request for NC to completely remove the built in weapon switch delay for the EU version?

      We know this is possible, it is not a technical issue and it is not an issue with the server being incapable either, it is an issue of NC being lazy or overlooking, or never having this problem in KR in the first place and as such never noticing since you guys never sent any complaint about it.

      If you need visual evidence with vocal explanation send me a pm and I'll make a video for you.
      Plz @Galeas this ^
      As a main gunner, the switch delay literally limits my abilities to do quick switches, combos, etc. Especially in the upcoming 6.5 patch where the crit skill will be for 2.5s instead of 3 hits. With that delay i doubt we could do 3 crit shots, wouldnt be possible.
    • Enjoykin wrote:

      Could you find the guy who makes the aiDPs and ask to activate the attack speed check function.With all classes support.
      People who plays fair that game even are ready to donate for that function.
      That 6.2 a new era of 3rd soft,its realy realy annoying problem.
      PS: Hello to Deyla elyos side arabian kids \o
      That’s is a fairly good idea, truly we would get a taste of actual unadulterated gameplay but just like most of the other good ideas it involves too much of a beuraucracy once you ignore the fact that the maker of the dpsmeter has a tainted track record, so I doubt it can even happen in the first place. Not to mention the amount of fale accusations and the slanders that they would have to deal with. (Which was done many times back in Zubaba)

      @Galeas this is indeed in fact a huge thread, answering every single request would surely be impossible, though could you guys give us a bit of insight about the pvp dungeons such as Kamar/JMR or Swb Pvp ?
    • Not sure if this will qualify as "not following the rules" of the thread but i do believe that discussing things like this is definitely a form of feedback that should interest Gameforge. Also there is no other thread to post this and if i make one just for this, it's just gonna devolve into something that will be deleted in a day.

      First, we’ve moved forward the higher success enchanting rates from the future 6.5 patch to our current version. This means after the maintenance some of your enchanting attempts will have a higher chance to succeed.
      Secondly, we’ve implemented new morphing recipes to obtain higher tier Enchantment Stones. You’ll be able to convert Ancient and Legendary PvE/PvP enchantment stones into higher tiers using the various required morphing materials found in the Morphing Substances Menu.
      You’ll find a new item required for these new morphs named Borunerk’s Gem. Obtaining these Gems can be done though purchasing Borunerk’s Coins with Kinah off the Golden Sand Traders. Clicking on one of these coins will remove 20 million experience you’ve gained from your experience bar to yield one Borunerk’s Gem.
      Also, when you open the Legendary or Ultimate Enchantment Stone bundles received through these new morphing recipes, you’ll have a chance to receive a bonus enchantment stone, or a chance to receive a bonus Ultimate Enchantment Stone when opening the Legendary Enchantment Stone Bundle.

      We already knew about the enchant rates but the morphing and extra generosity are new compared to what we knew from last week. Btw the price of coins needed for these morphs is 500k = 20 coins. Weekly cap is 100 coins, legendary costs 10 coins and ultimate 50. It's like NA reads EU forums and actually applies the suggestions to their region or something :/
      @Galeas i do apologize for the snarky tone of my post but you guys (i say "you guys", but not you in particular) kinda deserve it at this point. Also believe it or not, my true intent with this post is not to bash GF, but rather show how you guys can take measures that don't take forever to implement, you can ask korea for good custom things, you can give players something good. We've been seeing other regions (not just NA) slightly go around "how this patch was designed" to give players a better quality of life.

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    • Too many pages in "BUG REPORTS" so dunno was or not:
      1. Shards... In past new pack installed automatically. Atm all skills have those requirements for shards. If the minimum requirement numbers of shards less than we have in slot - shards just turned off...
      For example the lowest number shards for some undemanding skill need ~16. I didnt check what will happens if last shards use by autoattack. But I think need unite all shards from slot and inventory to one number and maybe that will fix the problem

      2. Rangers stigma Arrow Deluge
      That skill is trigger. The problem manifests itself in pve. If I kill mob with first attack of that skill and mob disappeared immediately - my chain (trigger) ends and I havent few seconds to continue the chain (trigger). If I know sure I will kill mob with first skill - after killing him I change target to another mob very very fast and then I can continue that chain. Damn my english totall broken :D
      Other chains with some different skills like Swift Shot -> Arrow Strike ->Spiral Arrow have some time to switch target after killing and continue chain. Same must be with that stigma trigger

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    • Hi,

      At the momment for casual players this game is unplayable. Pls dont focus on nolifers and billioner boys. THX.

      And why unplayable:
      No pvp legendary stones in the game, in the broker, and the cash shop price is insane and also RNG.
      Dropprate is low:
      5/2 mob empty it is a joke. Craft materials price (mallebility stones and keberiums) is insane in the broker for this low critical crafting rate (cuz dropprate is low).
      Instance dropp RNG is another joke. Prometh Makarna. Atleast 1 ulti dropp for fix. 12 man doing the instance and no ulti dropp. Or do a system for this instances ex: 20 succes run for 1 ulti box (class specific) pls get a chance for unlucky players cuz we play play play and dont get nothing.
      Pls more fix reward for events cuz RNG killing the game for unlucky players.

      This transform event is cool. But also RNG and if you dont have luck you dont get nothing from it.
      This two coin per day it fair, but it will need to be a general part of the game and not an event.