Pinned 6.0 Feedback/ Collection Thread

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    • 6.0 Feedback/ Collection Thread

      Hi everyone.

      We would like to gather feedback on the last update in a more efficient way (currently there are many threads and messages spread all over the forum).

      Please use this thread but respect the following rules:

      Rules of the thread:
      -Only constructive feedback will be allowed here, any message not fulfilling this requirement will be removed entirely.

      -Please try to be concise and make suggestions on the most imortant topics in your opinion (3 to 5 main topics max per message).
      -The goal is to keep on gathering very concrete feedback to tackle it in the future as much as possible and define priorities.

      I will put a like to confirm I have seen every message.
    • The release of 6.2 was clonky in EU, to say the least.

      The main concerns of the entire expansion, which will also be the concerns coming into the 7.x expansion, at least for me are the following:

      1. Enchantment Stone availability; This is now an issue due to the previous actions of GameForge which awarded players with compensated gear, because they have received this gear they now stand a great advantage against players who were not compensated; to combat this issue the availability of Legendary and Ultimate enchantment stones must be increased. Players who were compensated were saying that their gear isn't so good, but those players do not know they can trade in their compensated gear for the best PvP set in the game in 7.0 (Tier 2 PvP gear).

      The purpose of increasing enchantment stone availability is for players to reach full Ultimate +15 gear faster, at the current pace the majority of the player base will not reach the gear level required before 7.0 is released.

      2. Some people still run around with green transformations.

      3. We have no supply of level 80 manastones, which we need to use in our gear.
    • make transformations a long term goal but a real long term goal for now is just gambling u either get legendary transformation in 1 scroll in 5 minutes or in 1000 scrolls in 2 years this is not long term goal this is gambling.
      add a quest to turn in
      100 white transformations for 1 green
      100 greens transformations for 1 gold
      100 golds transformations for 1 legendary
      and so on i know sounds like a lot but im way pass 100 whites and very close to 80 greens and still 0 gold transformation to use.
      and this way you could say yes it is long term goal and not a long term gambling process. and right now the only goal we have is to keep gambling untill you get lucky if u ever get lucky.
      also flower event we had last week was only good event so far as it provided at least gold transformations for everyone even tho was just trash potions but w.e at least people felt like they can actually move at normal speeds and have something that allows them to compete. because if you meet someone on purple transformation just because they got lucky open 2 scrolls and got it and you opend over 200 scrools and you still have a green you stand close to 0 chance against that person but if u have a gold at least u can fight back.
      at this point people go into arena if they see other person used any purple transformation they just leave.
    • 1. Pls stop the RNG Madness
      2. Implement useful rewards for Hero Trials so we can at least feel rewarded after finishing a quest
      3. Use your Shop wisely, like providing us more and most important NICE and NEW Skins etc and not only RNG Boxes.

      Point 1 is the most important thing to me, i dont wanna play a game where every single thing is based on RNG.
    • I would start with the most irritating problem(maybe not the biggest problem and maybe irrelevant, but it makes me angry)
      The events:

      Install Aion 6.2 and let him/her(who is making the event drop list) get to level 80, then let him play the endgame content for 2 weeks before compiling/making up/suggesting the rewards for the events.
      It seems to me, and ofc to many other players, that the guy/girl/apache helicopter, whoever u hired for this job, that he/she/it hasnt even touched the game, let alone played it for a day.
      The rewards currently, x3 rejuvenation potions, x1 fragment of fightning spirit (really 1?!?!?!), new skins that can actually be bought from gold shop for 1,3mil kinah(talking about that rose crown skin)... arch kerubiel minion (costs near 5000 kinah in broker, people have hundreds of them). Ancient crowns aswell, they are 3-7k AP each, u can afk dredgion and get 50-100(160k-380k AP) times more AP in 10-15minutes. TBH they are just JUNK that takes up inventory space, and some of the junk is untradeable, so players cant even sell them to shops. These items belong to 5.X, take those items and lock them behind the doors of previous patch, dont fill our inventorys with trash please. I dont want you to replace the trash with pvp/pve stones or anything, just get rid of the garbage that nobody uses anyways.

      The overall rewards for normal and even the p2w (promo) events, are far from being OK and decent. I just hope someone in the GF HQ thinks before releasing a next event filled with 95% trash which people discard from inventory.
      Since i complained like a nyerking shugo i can offer some solutions.
      1) Listen to community
      2) items from 5.X should stay in 5.X, Talking about AP crowns/chalice/icons, they contribute nothing to the game.
      3) Less junk items, maybe offer small kinah bag(100k kinah), genesis crystals, Lydiums, random stigmas or anything else that may find use in the game, instead of x3 rejuvenation potions, Broker is filled with junk that nobody wants, dont give us more junk please. And i want to reapeat that i am not waiting for you to replace the junk with ancient/legendary stones. 2 much of those will ruin the games aswell. But drops from the past that were "maybe" relevant in 5.X are not close to being something the community needs in 6.X

      I hope i did not piss anyone off with my rant. This is just my honest opinion. I have not lead/made a mmorpg company in my life so i dont know the strategy behind the marketing and community. So my opinion may not be something to take from word to word.

      Just a casual player giving feedback about the game.
    • 1. RNG everywhere - it is not fun when you have no real impact on many things and it all depends on randomness (okey, you can increase probability but its still RGN ...)

      2. Legendarny and ultima stones:
      • Legendary stones - there are too few options to get them in the game. Currently we need hundreds of stones to enchant anything but now we can farm about 10-20 legendary stones per week it's too little..
      • Ultima stones - at the moment we do not have a way to get them in the game. We need these stones e.g items +14 - its terribly demotivating when item(+14) we have to improve the legendarny stones and it will fall back to +10 again and we and we must again use tons of stones that he would be back at +14 ...

      3. Transformations - close 3 months after the update a lot of people are running in green transformation it's like playing in slow motion. Ancient transformations should be possible to get in a short time.
    • honest review and suggestion from someone playing active in pvp and pve with a more and more vanishing ray of hope that things might change to better.

      Most important thing:
      -Enchantment Stones currently it is way too hard to enchant your gear or even upgrade it, we have the patch for a pretty long time already and it is just insanely hard to catch up with gear.
      Please get us a system to exchange enchant stones with a 3/1 Ratio
      3 ancient stones to 1 Legendary
      3 Legendary Stones to 1 Ultimate

      As far as i heard even NA is getting a system like that and they got the patch just recently unlike us.

      Still a huge problem to get a decent transformation and even then to get it for your class
      Ancient transformation should be available to EVERYONE Legendary should be quite rare but still at this point most active ppl should have a legendary transform
      We are very far into 6.2 and people still dont even have a decent GOLD transformation for their class not even talking about the souls who only got a green transform.

      Sorry but recent events were literally garbage and made many people just furious if we look at what rewards F.E NA got in same events.
      I dont know if the person designing events even gives 2 cents about the game and its community but seems like no.
      We the playerbase feel like you are playing with us or not taking us serious, these events in the last time seem to prove it.
      Even Christmas events are trash. Not because its hard to get anything, but because its hard do get anything good.
      You @Galeas promised us amazing events but so far since 6.2 we all just have been disappointed to the fullest.

      its way too overpriced and way too many rng boxes instead if directly selling things. I dont know what the stupid mindset behind this is but u would have way more customers using the shop if you would just directly sell things like echantment stones for a reasonable Price.
      And 49 coins for a transformation contract that is mostly white and green transformations is just an insane rip off.
      These prices are pissing off people alot.

      At this point it is just disappointing to continue playing as many feel like you are not going to make things better, in contrary things are going worse each week.
    • hi,

      Daevanion skill drops all dredgions and runats every day, see an odd empty shugo, for people who prefer pvp to pve is hard to get skills and did not have a pile of kinah before patch ..Saving gold bars is a very long process They seem to be dropping more in pve instances than pvp instances

      Bots in , Hellion, like 4 new every day , hard to farm lower map .

      Ultimate pvp enchant stones, no chance of seeing one. Is very difficult acheiving +15 on legendary items.

      Pernon weekly housing costs, and cube expansion same price as before , now very expensive.
    • Sorry i made 7 topics, but i'll try not to make them very long.

      Transformations: Nobody asked to hand them free endgame transfomrations, but an ancient one is the minimum a player should have imo. Compare the speed / attack speed / cast speed a charackter had in previous aion versions and see that ancient is even less fast. Forcing people to play with slow motion will only lead in 2 options: quit or quit. I don't mind personally since i finally got my ancient transform few weeks ago by wasting ALL my kinah, but so many others weren't that lucky.

      Economy / Trading / Kinah: Now this is a hot topic. 6.2 destroyed economy. Completly extinct it. Game no longer have trading, no longer have kinah, no longer have anything. You open broker to buy something and is either empty or heavily overpriced. If all the kinah you have is enough to buy only 4-5 manastones, then something is serious wrong here. Bring back kinah as drop in mobs, heavily reduce all ingame fees and broker fees, and if you afraid about botting and stuff, well people, log in your superuser accounts and ban them, its unacceptable for a game to not have a GM online, and don't tell me about support guys 'cause this is gonna become a joke thread.

      Enchanting: Curent aion PD talk about longterm and slow motivation systems and that don't want to give endgame contect immidatelly. This could work in a game that your effort actually is rewarding, but not in aion. Aion is a heavily RNG game. Either you are lucky to succeed something, or all your time effort you spend was for nothing. Nobody wanted to upgrade his gear in ultimate form in 2 weeks, but some players are stuck in +10 ancient gears for 3 months and keep farm and use stones on them and their gears still end up being +10. So please don't talk about longterm systems in an RNG game if you are clueless.

      Extend / Ping issues: Eu aion players suffers from bad ping. Wide area, many countries, diffrent pings, in some occations even with 3 digits. You can't understand how important an extend is for a melee class. Maybe for a korean that plays with a stable 20 ping and move/attacking with the speed of light isnt that important in his aion version, but for eu it is. You did well in previous patches by made extends available to farm / bought (except in 5.8), and i'd like to see you do the same in this version too.

      Events and RNG: Tottally unrewarding events atm, you have like 2-3 usefull things together with 15 uselss things on an RNG system. If you do wanna give something usefull just give it. Or give nothing at all. We don't want a damn santa claus outfit, we dont want kerubs and uselles low grades minions, we dont need 1 slot stones as reward(1!!!!! SLOT STONE!!! you can get hundreads of slots stones by breaking 1 single gear pice) , for real people, i dunno who is making the reward lists, but sure he has no idea about aion.

      Graphics: Poke korean developers to upgrade graphics please. It's unnceptable for a video game 20 days before 2019 to have such outdated visuals. High quality option is only add better lightings, doesnt change something to its core. Not asking for high end graphics in a mmo, but i don't think is too much to ask for a better texture resolution. You can see the pixels if you zoom the camera a bit. People are tired to watch fake trees and bushes that made out of paper in aion.

      Luna points & Ressurection in pvp: Remove this annoying option, it's ruining the pvp. You can stay in same spot fight the same people again and again with that ressurection. I honestly dunno what the devs where thinking, request a patch to disable this feuture.
      Legend of the Kaisinel Temple
    • What are you capable of? You are keep saying that you don't have any authority over game design like nerfing or boosting current enchantment rates. Can you clarify which changes you can make in game as a publisher or are you able to make any changes? For example can you make craft materials storable in account warehouse? I'm asking this because I see me and a lot of people here having struggle to understand what changes you can make in the game. If you clarify this topic we can make better feedback here.
      Shop Put something more related to new content you are still selling old skins etc.
    • I've already brought up some feedback in the past weeks and months but here's a summary

      • Enchantment stones and gear enchanting: can be done only with great amounts of stones. We need more enchantment stones, both legendary and ultimate. All in all, it is a factor of frustration among both normal/casual players and veterans. I don't know how to make it acceptable for anyone that you have to use 50-100 stones for a single item, if you are lucky. So provide more stones in game, what will we do once the Legendary Bundles are gone ?
      • Transformations: I am one of the few players owning a legendary transformation. It took me a lot of investment to get it, a single fusion attempt that I was lucky to achieve. Meanwhile my friends are using green forms, but 3 months into the patch I'd expect a good portion of players to have the yellow transformation. This system is too expensive and some players may never see a single yellow transformation. I would keep the free contracts in the shop and add more in the upcoming hero trials, reduce the weekly white contract price in the gold sand shop to 3kk so that players could farm that by using alts, offer discounts on special transformation contracts in the aion shop, introduce a "pack" for discounted price with special bonuses, you can be creative.
      • Events, shop: it is reasonable not to give out the best items, but some events have been terrible. I think there are no excuses since you are aware of what kind of items are the most needed. I like both the snowflake and dice event atm, but they came after a series of pathetic events, such as the minced meat one. Generally speaking I do not think that the shop has a fine tuned price level, some items are way too expensive (random enchant stone for 200+ aion coins?), and everyone despises random loot boxes.

      Lastly a general feedback. The best long term goals work through steps of smaller achievements, both in game and in real life. Otherwise we call them dreams or frustration.
    • ok so i wanted to stick to 5 points but i had to get out a couple more, sorry.

      Enchanting: you should be able to get ultimate +15 gear within 2-4months if you put A LOT of time into your character. Because we now have to enchant 16 items to +15, his would be at least 1 item from +0 gold to +15 ultimate in one week. That's long term motivation, not 6 months of playing for 1 piece of equipment.

      Luna Ress: please remove this feature from open world and implement it ONLY for pve instances and leveling zones pre lakrum. I can understand that this is a nice to have feature but it completely ruins pvp.

      Transformations: considering you need at least an ancient transformation to get to the same cast/atkspeed value as pre 6.0 we should get ONE atk speed, castspeed and hybrid contract for free or for very very low price once per account. Having to play with a green/white transformation because you didn't get a gold one after 50+ contracts is a straight hit to the face. Also the rate on getting ancient transformations should be raised so we are able to get legendary transformations in time. Also remember that you need douplicates of legendarys to try on kaisinel (you would want to fuse at least 4 legendarys so you get at least a legendary back), which is a feature korea implemented to add more fun to the game if i remember the dev interview correctly.

      PvP Damage: this is an important one for me, not sure if everybody agrees on this. I've always had a lot of fun in PvP in pre 5.0 patches. Why? If you knew how to, you could kill people really quick and when you outplayed someone you would win most of the time. You do one mistake->you are dead. Now with the current "balancing", you don't have much chances to kill anyone regardless if how good/bad he is playing if both people are geared with ultimate +15. just watch korean streams/videos where e.g. sin vs chanter takes 6 minutes for someone to win. This is not fun. There is not much GF could do about this, because NC messed up big time here imo. The only "fix" to this i could think of, is to give everybody (with a running gp) a new title or buff with the new Platinyerk system that adds 1-2k pvp damage to your character to boost everyones damage (numbers should be tested before).

      Crit Strike: physical classes were somewhat "balanced" around that 50% crit strike cap in terms of damage and cc (knockdown/knockback). You can be lucky to reach 35% now with maximum gear.

      How to obtain pvp gear and its stats: In previous patches, there was always a "cheap/low budget" version of best pvp gear which was worse but not crap. 55 arena gear-> 55 ap gear; strife gear->65 ap gear. When you had your easy to farm cheap pvp set, you could participate in pvp and then head for the best in slot item and straight buy it. Now you have to buy gold gear, which is completely useless because it has no attack or crit strike on it. Then you have to enchant those with enchantment stones you would want to save for your best gear in order to upgrade it to legendary. Legendary accs at least have crit but lack attack, armor does have neither attack or crit strike and you have to upgrade it again with those enchantment stones you wanted to save for ultimate gear.
      If you could just buy ultimate gear straight or at least upgrade items at +10 instead of +15, it would be a great feature to help players get good pvp gear fast.

      Gear progression: There is something i don't get here. You (GF) stated that gear progression should be a long term goal. Do you guys not notice that besides enchanting to +15, there is more stuff needed in order to upgrade an item? Do you fear that with much more enchantment stones, everybody will have ultimate gear +15 instantly?
      They don't and here is why: To upgrade every item from gold to ultimate you would need more than 215mil AP. If you don't have that, you can't upgrade your item even if it is +15. There are enough AP sources in the game currently and i would be motivated a lot more if i can buy an item, enchant it to +15, and then work my way to those AP (and fragments!) needed to upgrade it because i can actually see a progress and it doesn't rely heavily on RNG but still takes a lot of time to get done.
      For PvE-Gear: As far as i know you cannot upgrade PvE-Gear to better gear after reaching +15. Enchanting PvE-Gear adds no PvP stats and you can already do makarna/promethun with legendary gear which is super easy to get. So there is no point in not adding more enchantment stones (can be bundles so everybody can decide if they want to enchant PvP or PvE-Gear). Enchanted PvE-Gear does nothing compared to non-enchanted PvE-Gear in PvP and it makes people happy to see their damage go up in instances, while upgrading PvP-Gear is already limited to other factors than enchanting stones which slow the progress down.

      Lack of content/recycling: NC-thing here. In previous patches you had so much sh*t to do. I remember Katalam where you had strife quests, sauro, swb, runa, kata (hyperion), tower, Hardmode instances for upgrading stuff, fortress instances, maybe Tiamats Hideout for extends, 24ppl dred, 12ppl dred, the 6 ppl "winter" dred, the 6 ppl "normal" dred, r-dred, underground Katalam bosses, Sunayaka. That was such a cool patch, you always had something to do and everything helped you progress. Now they ripped off like half of all instances, 3/4 of all maps. What do we have now as 6.0, so 76+ "content"? Mirash, GoK, Narakalli and Makarna are all OLD instances with just raised lvl cap, even with cut off content inside. Kubrinerk is just a ripoff from Luna weekly instance. The ONLY NEW INSTANCE is promethun. C'mon! Also are now only 2 instances somewhat relevant for endgame which are promethun and makarna instead of 8+ previously and there are only 2 dreds instead of 5. I know we get some new instances with 6.5 and 7.0 but.... we got 6.2 now and it's been the patch with the least content since the start of aion while it's probably the most frustrating to play.

      EDIT: Progress on other things:
      - leveling magical crafting without a crafting amulet is hell of a pain
      - enchanting stigmas is waaaaaay too hard (this should not be luxory anymore and something you need to spend billions of kinah on, but rather something to work on and upgrade during 2-4 months also
      - A-Minions; it's already hard enough to get enough A-Minionite but it's way too hard to get your hand on A-Rank-Minions
      - Mounts; would be nice if we got a permanent one somehow in the game (i remember kahrun mount or tia fortress motorcycle at tia-patch e.g.)
      - Legendary Skillbook; these are very important for every class, yet there are not enough ways to get them or the drop rate is too low. Imho you should have all of those after 2 months of playing active (and adding even more Skillbooks after the Skill-enchanting-patch hits so we can actually use that feature). It would also be cool to have the shugo drop a skillbox for everyone in the group so noone needs to solo-run instances anymore or with less people than required because they want to roll on those.

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    • 1. Enchantment stones or lack thereof. Siege is the main source of purple stones and if you miss it, well, you are then welcome to rely on RNG to get any. Legendary stones fail like crazy on legendary items. We probably need like 3x stones per week that we get now to have some kind of progress (I get like 10-15 stones maybe.. so 30-40 stones per week would be a minimum to eventually, slowly enchant a legendary gear). A patch with increased enchantment rates would be nice.

      2. Transformations. I had about 1.5kkk new kinah at the start of the patch, now i have 100kk. Most of it went for those white contracts you can buy once per week. I stopped buying them. I received one gold transform not for my class, from a free contract actually. It would be nice to get a non-rng way of getting them, or at least more ways to obtain them. I dont even dream about legendary transforms but I believe having a yellow one makes it more manageable to fight them.

      3. Events. + for not making it easy for p2w people to cash on events and get op items. + for the flower event, it was the best cause it did not rely on rng. I would say if the prices or weekly limit was modified, it could be a perma event in my opinion - for example if we could buy like 5 enchantment stones for 700 flowers each and not 1500, per week, it could help. I also kinda like ongoing events, but some of the rewards are kinda meh - maybe would be nicer if in bigger amounts. And also those events are nice but they don't address our problems and that's probably why some people claim they are 'useless'.
    • 1 - Ench Rates : Request mini-patch from NCSoft regarding enchantment rates (6.5 rates). Keeping the current ench rates on EUROPE is disgusting. There's a reason why they raised the rates on Korea at 6.5. Even the oh-so-famous grinders had problems with that, and u give that to the western playerbase. Good f-in job.
      Side Story u can ignore :
      (I got my +10 legendary wep 1 month after the patch hit, got a bit lucky there. Now 2 months later and after 200-300 enchantments, guess my wep level. Yes it's still +10, never seen it +14. Making 0 progress on your main piece in 2 months, isnt within the "long-time goals")

      2 - Transformations : Ancient Transformations... I've been playing since the beginning of the patch (3 months) and i have yet to get my hands on an ancient transform, any ancient transform regardless if its for my class or not.
      Also it'll be a huge mistake removing the 2 free contracts when Hero Trials comes out. With this RNG i doubt i'll get an ancient one even with those 2 combined. [Note: i get all contracts i can weekly: 2 free, 180shugocoins one, sand shop one(on 2 other alt chars too)]. Will you tell me to create 6 other chars to have a chance for Ancient? We have a life to live you know...

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    • Rym wrote:

      The release of 6.2 was clonky in EU, to say the least.

      The main concerns of the entire expansion, which will also be the concerns coming into the 7.x expansion, at least for me are the following:

      1. Enchantment Stone availability; This is now an issue due to the previous actions of GameForge which awarded players with compensated gear, because they have received this gear they now stand a great advantage against players who were not compensated; to combat this issue the availability of Legendary and Ultimate enchantment stones must be increased. Players who were compensated were saying that their gear isn't so good, but those players do not know they can trade in their compensated gear for the best PvP set in the game in 7.0 (Tier 2 PvP gear).

      The purpose of increasing enchantment stone availability is for players to reach full Ultimate +15 gear faster, at the current pace the majority of the player base will not reach the gear level required before 7.0 is released.

      2. Some people still run around with green transformations.
      Those issues are clarified for two months already.... You get nearly the same feedback everyday... as u also see in this thread that there are "only" a few big issues like lack of enchant stones and transformation contracts. On the other hand you said that there will come those things with events. I see nothing or only bread crumbs... no event is worth playing.... maybe the "snow in atreia" event would be nice if there were actually good rewards. But u also need a twink army to use this event efficiently. Yeah... magpie event and lucky dice event would be great too, if there would be better rewards.....

      Why should I kill 20 evil scholars to get my 10 cocoa when I only get 5 normal potions which are worth like what? 200k kinah? Meanwhile I used 10 potions to heal me up while I was killing those scholars. So I lost time and potions (kinah). Decent event

      You just need to integrate a Dredgion Event. There are those bosses with this blue bags inside. In addition u can integrate a chance to get legendary or ultimate enchantment stones in this dredgion bosses. So you have the bags we already get plus an additional chance (maybe 30 percent for legendary stones and 10 percent for ultimate stones). In addition you can integrate one legendary stone for a lost runatorium and two legendary stones for a won runat.

      This event can last two weeks (or more) until platinerk comes live.
      So you can integrate this between start of hero trials and start of platinerk.

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    • Bad ping and FPS in Lakrum and on sieges!

      This is my only concern for this moment. Bad ping affects us more, than you can know. Mostly on sieges. Many people with strong computers are having in Lakrum minimum 50 ping and max 20 FPS. Some with a bit older computers/laptops have only 1 FPS and up to 1000+ ping! This way less people are coming for sieges and they are less efficient. What I am asking for, is better optimalisation for this time of gameplay. Divine Fortress never in history of Aion was THAT laggy. I (and many players) affected by this problem would be so happy and thankful if you could fix some things in this area :).
      Follow me on twitch for new Aion content! :atongue:
    • As most things are already said above I will just give few suggestions:

      1. No ultimate pvp stone: Give it as rewards from the 7 weekly luna reward. Having 1 ultimate pvp/pve stone secured each 2 months will not really break the game, especially when you cannot trade the equipment and use the stones from your alts.

      2. An event with increased crafitng rates would be great. Many people, like me, do not have crafting at 300 because they did not play before 6.0. The patch was promoted as "new dawn", new beginning, meaning that it should be friendly to new players. Many people struggled and still do in order to level up their crafting.

      3. Make some quest mobs back to normal mobs in terms of loot. In the beginning we had all the mobs at the manushika camp dropping stones, now more than half of them are quest mobs and no one farms there anymore. (At least Bazoooka found something else to do lol). The mobs at the mine are also quest mobs, ruining a perfect spot for farm. The map hosts both faction which makes farming a pain.

      4. Perhaps an event with a selectable ancient transformation will be nice. People with greens will benefit from it and those with the yellows/purples which are not for their class will have something as well. A single yellow transform will not break the balance if you make it 1 per account for the entire event. Will not be suffient to combine to get purples, just useful for those who do not have it yet.

      Last but not least. MAKE THE REDUCTION IN CAST SPEED FROM DRED DISPELLABLE! I know it aint possible but just wanted to cry about it, thats a pain in the glutes.
    • 1.New Players: I tried to bring friends with me in 6.X, but they give up in the 1º month, not because the game wasn't fun but because the game it's hard for new players, 2 chars limit it's bad, just bad, make it 5-6 because new players don't know if they like the class till lvl80, the stigmas it's a problem for new players, they need to be luck in Mirage to drop the Stigma box and not to get a bad stigma or the same stigma, if u made a cleric as a new player u just can't do any major Intance until u get the healling stigmas, and broker doesnt help that much they are expensive or not available.

      2.Kinah: Kinah was been incrise but the economy it's broken, the broker it's really really bad.

      3. Contracts: Oh boy... oh boy... well Gold transformations are Very strong, purple insanelly strong, red... well you know, the main problem it's the RNG, the first contract you open can be red, or the 1000 can be white, u will get destroid in pvp vs a red/purple, you need stop the RNG stuff, the player don't feel rewarded to play the game, 13kk per a white transformation it's really bad, you need to implemente a system, like, if you continue with the RNG, it's less likelly to have a white depending how many white you have, exemple: if you have none u have 80% to get a white, if you have all you have 20% to get a white, i know you like RNG so a came with the idea, or remove contracts can you get transformations with in-game stuff, anything that doesnt depende of your gear or rank, like a perma event you colect rabbit legs (LOL) and 100 legs= white, 250= green, 500=gold, 1200= purple, 2000= red, something like that, people need to feel rewarded for they work, right now they don't.

      4.Gear/enchantment: The success rate it's to low for the amount of stones we have, you need to increse the rate or the amount of stones, just that.

      5.Ping/Lag: siges very very laggin, i can't move something.

      6.Drops: the shugo ir's kinda rare, and something it's empety, like 1/15 times, if you do that you need to give the box to every player, i run HT and Narakalli for 1/2 months and i don't have any purple skill update, that's just sad very sad, people leave the game because the game it's not rewarding, or make the HT 10 runs per week, most of people don't have much purple gear or not full purple because of RNG drop, why just dont drop a box that you can peak what you are missing? That should be graet, i can't do prometeum(?) i dont have HP, only 1-3% people can do the last boss, why that?