Veteran Enchant Bundle

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  • Veteran Enchant Bundle

    Could you please make the veteran enchant bundles tradeable IF they gonna be reseted.
    I read somewhere that they gonna get reseted next year if the new platinerk system wont be released.
    Else there will be only one way to trade it to your main and thats the brooker.
    The problem with the brooker is the fee you have to pay for it always, even if you trade it with yourself.
    Also there is a problem that someone else gonna buy it even when you put it in for an average price (like a bit more then the lowest price thats inside).
    I know that veteran rewards wasnt planned to become an update BUT they did!
  • It's correct that they will reset if we don't have platinerk before january.

    Regarding the rewards themselves

    Galeas wrote:

    There is no way to trade items in the game currently and using the broker to do so in-between your characters is a workaround that some people are using, so you use it at your own risks. The broker is a broker, it has never been a reliable way of trading items between your characters and it will never be. It is simply not designed for this and not meant to be used that way. It is a will from the developers side that items can't be traded between characters anymore. There is nothing we can do in that regard.
  • I am talking about items from the veteran reward list.
    That item list are made by gameforge and has nothing to do with ncsoft.
    Even when i never palyed on korean server im pretty sure they dont got our veteran system.
    So gameforge decide about the items in that list and if they are tradeable, sellable(brooker) or put able in the warehouse(share).
    I know that one AP scroll ist putable to the share warehouse but the others not.
    So gameforge did decide wich one you can put in warehouse(share) and wich one not.
    Also they did decide to make that enchant bundles sellable in brooker but not tradeable or putable in the warehouse(share).

    And here comes my suggestion once aggain:

    Make that Veteran Enchant Bundles from the Veteran Rewards (powered by Gameforge) tradable or at least put able in the warehouse(share).
  • I am not talking about puting that bundles for 1 kinah into the brooker where a scripter or bored player can ninja it.
    And yes i know that since 6.0 its not possible anymore to trade stuff (most). But you can still trade GPs from the shop !?
    And you could also trade the stigma chest from the first event too.
    So it is possible to trade event items and items from the shop.
    So the quote from him cant be right to 100%.
    If you see the veteran rewards as shop items since you have to open the shop for it then there should be a way to make them tradeable/putable in warehouse(share).

    Am i wrong?
  • Neidhart wrote:

    Am i wrong?

    The Veteran rewards, ALL veteran rewards have been fully intentionally designed so you can´t trade them to your main, if you are able to do so in some items, that´s an "extra" but that´s not the way it was intended.

    So I´m closing this thread, because I know for real this petition won´t be attended