Future of Aion

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  • Future of Aion

    Hey deava's from Aion!

    With servers getting empty over the last few years/months, with Ereskighal being the latest, I was wondering how do we as a community AND Gameforce secure an healty future for aion and its players.
    Which direction should we go, should we follow the korean path or make our own. The reason I maked this thread is the get a diverse discussion going between us and gameforge.

    This will be all observed in my point of vieuw feel free to add and discuss;

    For starters I would like to adress the daily boring grind of things:
    Instances like Solo GoK, Mirash, Hell pass/ cube factory are extremly boring to me, and doenst add anything fun or refreshing, tbh it makes me feel like a zombie playing those, and mostly go afk doing so (like for writing this thread)
    I think tbh that GF cant do much about this, since they are limited what NCsoft developed in korea. Maybe they can just remove this instances, choose 1 smaller one and combine all the rewards in 1. Saves alot of time and boringness.
    (I must say I hate PvEing so maybe some biased) But than again I dont think anyone enjoys this instaces. Nara/HT/Shop are ok, but to few, and after doing them for 10-15 times you have seen them I guess.. Dredgion used to be the best pvp instance and I was looking forward to playing those again, but now its just a bag rush and leave kinda instaces..mega sad to make it like this.

    Enchantment :

    O boy enchantment.. I had my fair share of bad enchantments..and reading this forum doenst make me the only one. I have been told that GF cant change the enchanement rate and that is fine imo. but they need to change the amount of legendary pvp stones..they sell for 6,5 kk @ broker (Nergal), and for a F2P player is kinda hard to get enough money around for buying these..and later have enough kinda to get fighting spirits. Make all pvp enchanment stones tradable via broker maybe that will drop prices.. or sell them via aion coin shop, give more in instances so that failing them doenst hurt so much. Stories of plp losing a months worth of stones is kinda sad (been there done that).


    I play this game mostly for PvP, which can be mega fun, but dont have time since gotta farm pvp stones, or do other boring instances, with dredgion being slaughters options are limited, Open world pvp is great imo. aswell as Runat.
    the arena's are not bad either but, playing vs ultimate geared players..meh. I would like to PvP more but its not that rewarding (open world wise) make better quests, like kill 6 ely/asmo and get 1 pvp stone. (2 birds 1 stone)


    So I kinda liked the Idea of having a aion-shop and a kinah shop, for F2P players and P2W players. But what is offerd in those shop..shocked me especially the prices.for example..a CHANCE for 2 pvp stone = 250 coins..thats around 75 kk worth of kinah why would anyone buy that..and probaly get 20x ancients nyerk..sell (with maybe a limit) enchanment stones BOTH in aion shop en kinah shop, for reasonable prices). If you look @ clothing its kinda trash, Tin-man suite...rly ?? Games like fortnite..League of legends are make HUGH amounts of money just by selling skins..but we have tin-man suite please update this to awesome skins.

    Another issue for me (and hopefully other players) is the tranformation contracts, I have spend alot of kinah/aion-coins in getting ancient or higher transform, but being stuck in green forever..and kinda frustrating, maybe the mechanic is fine but adding this to the rest of the problems, its getting a bit to much. Also the skins are meh, people take alot of time in creating there chars and run around as a sheep or pinguin, and make a paying item to look "normal" shouldnt it be the other way around??? The Idea of contracts can be oke, maybe make it even so plp can assemble there contracts to there class.

    there are alot of issues I havent touched, but lets get a discussion going first to talk about aions future and hoping that GF will join us here in this thread.

    Hoping for constructive feedback!

    Erifnal :slove:

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