Bring back Esterra

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    • Bring back Esterra

      Im a long time Aion player.
      Started in 2010.
      Ive spent a lot of money playing this game., and enjoyed it.

      I adore this game, and loved it not only for the "game", but, mostly because of the beauty of the design.
      The colors, the Mobs, the Forests, the Cities.
      So, it was with a broken heart that i discovered the new Aion.
      What have they done to it?
      It is ruined.
      They have taken away the beauty of so much of it.
      They have taken away the joy of getting new gear, ... exciting new gear that is new, fresh, sophisticated, upgraded, and now, its junk.
      And for many players, we played this game, partly, because of the thrill of being able to get the new clothes, weapons.
      All this is gone now......and why?

      The Divine Road......Why is it gone?
      This was one of the prettiest places in the entire game.

      And Esterra..
      Esterra was the prettiest place the Aion designers have ever created
      Now, we have dark forests, a dark ugly castle to return to, and lots of dirt roads, ....and for mobs, .....instead of the interesting, beautiful, and cleverly designed, that were found in the Tower, The Library, Adma, The Lab, and on and on, we now have boring bases, 2 types of mobs, and we spend our time looting dancing trees and dancing bears...........YUCK. !!

      The beauty of Aion, was not just this..........but, cities like Herion, ..........they ruined it, and its twin, was deleted..
      These were beautiful cities, cleverly designed buildings....... wonderful creations.
      All gone now., and we are left with bleak castle walls.

      Its as if the game designers decided for then new patch....."ok, we will remove all the beauty of the game".

      I can't speak for your Friend's List, but of my friend's list, many came to the new patch when it began, and stopped at L75.
      They left this dark, dull, ugly, redesign, once they saw that ugly Castle that took the place of Sophisticated and Beautiful Esterra, and saw those boring bases and realized the game was dumbed down as well as recreated to be dark, simple, and ugly.
      They have not returned.

      I hope, that in the future, the designers of this game will consider evolving all the instances that were in the last patch, instead of just deleting them forever.
      And, bring Esterra back, and the Divine Road.
      Bring the COLOR and beauty and wonder back to this game , that has been removed by the latest dark and ugly patch.

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    • Signia / Vengar are by far aion's most beutiful maps imo. And some locations of akaron was super pretty like the beach area with the cave with waterfalls.

      Didn't liked Esterra that much, was just an ok map, but in any case, it made you hate it with that exp grind that took place there.

      For me Katalam was aion's peak moment. Sillus was by far the best siege fortress in the ground.

      Even the 6.0 teaser was missleading with it's snowy landscapes around the fortress. I got so dissapointed when i saw it. Ugly fortress, ridiculously large in lenth, and on the outside, instead of snow, many fake greenie trees and wolf's howlings XD. I was expecting to see something similar to north katalam, and instead i saw all these X/

      Tiamaranta didn't liked it visually that much, but i really liked its sieges in 4 hearts. It was a nice endgame sieges on their time and later became a nice appetizer before the main siege at night.

      On rest i agrree on what you said, generally lakrum is ugly map in my eyes, gives the impression that is always night. Very unpleasant.
      Legend of the Kaisinel Temple
    • Neverfelt wrote:

      For me Katalam was aion's peak moment. Sillus was by far the best siege fortress in the ground.
      Yeah , I mean it was some kind of magical experience being there, and the music. Just WOW.

      I miss Katalam's Times.
      Maybe in 8.0 / 9.0 or even 10.0 Kata / Sarpan / Tiamaranta will back from the depths.

      10.0 xD when? 2040 lmao?
      Thank U, next.
    • Esterra was nice but it's problem was it didn't make it in most people hearts as a momerable map just because of how 5.x was designed, and the overall gameplay in that map, it ruined the experience, the story didn't help too, so even doing the campaigns didn't make you care about it, the absurd amount of mobs and how they are stacked together makes your exploration not a good experience. I think that map was a wasted potential, If you explored it in whole, there's a lot of interesting places that could have some interesting meanings and events, there's also some places that you can't reach that look interesting and a whole lot more.

      Personally I find Lakrum looking a lot like Esterra, with some sprinkles of some Katalam remnants and there's that Akaron beach but that doesn't really save it lol. And also the music overall is nice (I think I prefer Lakrum's music over Esterra) but they do not have the "feels" of the old stuff imo.
    • sadly asking gameforge for ncsoft korea contact wont help, they dont give it 2 you...i wanted to send similar mail to our koreans friends, but was denied such contact.
      on the other hand, considering that all ncsofts games are going to the mobile route, its clear they dont plan on doing nice games, they only care for the bling bling