Aion 6.2 A New Dawn First impression and afterthough

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  • Aion 6.2 A New Dawn First impression and afterthough

    Aion 6.2 A New Dawn

    this patch is meant as a reboot for the game or at least is hyped for that, wich would and had attracted many old player and new player back in the game. much was done to advertise the game on platform such as youtube.
    at the beginning there was a huge garp on gears from people which got gear excange from the pervius patch to new comers wich is normal since the game is running from years now old player wich spend time and effort got rewarded from it with legendary ~ ultimate gear at patch start.
    this made many people move to the newly added server nergal ( including myself ). since then the progress into gearing up has been smooth trough the big "issue" is given from the enchantment system.
    see more aboutEnchanting Rates.

    as the pd said in the latest tavern video the intent was to prevent people from getting gear +15 too quick and keep the game more active trough listening from many user is doing quite the opposite. aion it was since the beginning or at least since i started back in 2.8 really pvp focused for the most part there for the success ratio on enchanting gear and enable player to progress futher / getting stronger was always what keept people ingame. in older patch it was more difficult to get the gear because it required people to be active doing siege, dredgion, and other pvp related istances in order to gather abyss point and medal to be able purchase gear with it. now day's is quite the opposite you get with few week of farmin garrison the full ancient gear but most of the player are having big issues into enchanting it. i've personally experienced using over 300 ancient stone on a single part wich never reached above +13. the chance of getting enchantment stone of higher quality ( legendary / ultimate ) are pretty slim from how the system work now there for my suggestion on the topic would be:

    - same as you can get bundle from genesis crystal for 50 of them and get 5~8 ancient stone implement a second bundle for about 100 crystal with 1~2 legendary stone.
    - slightly increase the chance of getting legendary stone from ashunatal dred / runatorium ( about 25% ) would be fair and maybe (5% chance ) for ultimate one
    this system as it is right now is 0% rewarding from effort and making many player rage about it there for many people already talk about quitting the game until 6.5 there the ratio of enchantment gonna be improved ( or at least so was it in the korean patch )

    Siege and Honor Point's:
    second big topic, 4 times a week for siege avrage reward for successing 100~200 for losing 60~100 honor compared to previus system wich gave 400~600 honor point each fort either 3 fort or 1 daily + 120 from ashunatal if counting gravity and end boss + 100 from runatorium + arena for an average of 5000 to 11000 honor point each week. Wich make straight up impossible to get in the pvp ranking system on most of the server not talking about getting up to officer 5 to earn transformation's.
    as i do am playing on a new server we do not have this problem as much but looking at it if for example a new user is aproaching the game and decide to go into an old server because friends or whatever the case may be is sure that this user will gonna have issues even just to rank up to the officer 1 rank. not even considering going futher. this place old top 100 player in ranking system on a big advantage since there is no way to get honor point in this patch beside siege.
    possible solution:

    - rise on amount of honor points from siege to 3000~5000 for sucsess and 1000~1500 for lose

    - add Honor point's as reward from pvp istances ( ashunatal and runatorium ) from winning the istance this will motivate player to do the istance fro what they where meant to be instead of a frenetic rush on mobs for enchantment stone only and then leave 200/400 for losing/winning could be nice.

    Transformation contract:
    again quoting the PD of aion we meant the system to not give ultimate transformation straight away to player wich is compleatly okay how ever many players if not the majority of them do run aroun on "Large" transformation wich is quite underwealming because it does make the game feel slow and boring both in pvp and pve is a really apreciated add to the game the chance of getting transformation contract how ever the chance of getting at least ancient one's shall be increased.
    possible solutions:
    -1 ancient guarantee each 10 contract used
    -improved chance of reaching the next class while fusing up to ancient ( should be at least 40% if using 4 transofrmation and 60% if using 6 )

    much apreciated:
    -Kinah event.
    -Transformation contract drop in istances ( how ever chances of getting one are quite slim and on my personal opinion it should be drop from garden of knowledge as well to help new comers )

    pve gearing is fairly smooth the istances are well balanced the drop are okay ( beside of cross server ninja's ) nothing realy to complain about this part of the game.
    long story short aion 6.2 is overall a nice patch it go tsome needed improvment on pve and pvp mechanics due to better explained stats and a fusion of those into new one wich allow player's to straight up understand what them are there for.
    progressing in the game on pve is smoth and enjoyable but due to the small amount of istances make people create a tons of character wich is a good and bad thing at the same time.

    Kinah / Trade:
    Kinah are overall since the adjustment somewhat okay trough the lack of option to trade them between character trough account warehouse make difficult to progress if you are spending more time and wanting to focus the effort to improve one character, account wharehouse has been made almost useless since this patch.
    i gonna make few example to explain better my point.
    -Player X got a character wich got the magical crafting at 300, player X decide to make a second character level up on it and start to gather materials for crafting but he cannot use account wharehouse to trade them to his older character to craft gear as well cannot trade to his new character crafted gear to improve/ease his gameplay on it.
    -In the legion of Player X there are new comers some og his friend's decided to join aion to play with he/she, Player X cannot help them trough crafting gear for them.
    -the new came on geme friend/'s of Playier X during his first few day's in the game drop some piece of gear of low quality with a remodel wich Player X like but because Player X is high level cannot drop himself anymore and his friend/'s cannot trade them to him.
    i belive i gave roughly my idea there for possible solution:
    -Leave the system as it is and remove enterly fee from broker beside of X amount of kinah to register an item ( must be a fair amount 3~5% max ) of the total price
    -Make account/legion wharehouse storage aviable for item such as crafting materials/manastone/crafted gear part's/low quality item for remodel.

    i hope who ever decide to put the effort into reading this long thread will understand what my point of wiev is and the fac that it isnt completly off the grid

    :cookieshugo: thanks for readying

    P.S. please costructive reply to this