How to enchant Stigma +9? Questions, answers and infomation

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    • How to enchant Stigma +9? Questions, answers and infomation

      I have some questions how some of you guys enchant your stigma to +9?

      • You used stigma enchantment stones?
      • How many of them for one stigma to get it to +9 in average?
      • And how many did you used to get six stigma +9?

      • And how do you guys enchant? Put one stigma enchantment stone on your stigma after another?
      • Or do you have some information how to enchant maybe better?
      • Did you experienced better or worse rates between the stones out of the shop or the gold sand shop? What kind of did you used to enchant to +9?


      All in all it can be said that you need 10 gold ingots (can also be crafted with luna items) to buy one stone out of the gold sand shop and after seven weeks you get one stone out of the luna weekly.

      (Yesterday I got my last two Stigma to +8 and they failed after serveral stigma entchantment stones to +5/+6. ;( ;( ;( )
    • Weeklys luna gave stigma stones. ( farm them on full accaunt since you can start farm with level 10 heros).

      Till 5+, 6+, 7+, depends on your luck, combine normal stigmas. After use stigma enc. stones.

      You need in average 7 stigma stones to get 1 stigma from 7+ to 9+. ( we did it 20+ stigmas 9+)

      Yellow or purple stones have same rates for me.

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