Have you guys from GF disabled the Shugo in all instances?

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  • Irosy wrote:

    How we can trust your words when in last deava tavern you say one thing and week later you show how worthy your words are in Item shop.
    I think it's necessary to differentiate things a bit.
    They are rather accurate about new big updates, they may take forever in case of customized additions (new Vet-System, Hero Trials blabla), they try to avoid announcing any shop changes unless they are viewed positively (e.g. different amounts you receive for money, different offers, price changes, differences in buying gold packs etc). The matter above is part of the whole "Pay2Win" discussion we had for years now. On one hand we think that lots of events are rather unrewarding and that we may not be able to perform well in the future if our best transformation is ancient or less.
    On the other hand we have people complaining about the content of shop random boxes with legendary transformations (well, tbh I would have expected those in the cards event). I guess it's rather difficult to find a balance here (though I as well would favour a different approach regarding the whole monetarization itself). Especially because after the 10 years I've been playing different GF games I do know that decisions in this field don't necessarily can be explained rationally by anyone of us.

    Reminds me, we are in the Shugo thread, not in the one about the shop.
    However, it's rather pointless to generalise this. Just because they obviously approach some topics with a different opinion or a how-do-I-sell-best-approach it doesn't mean that we have lower rates or whatever. Certainly that's something people have been discussing in nearly every game forever, but that only shows how limited humantiy appears to be sometimes in my opinion. If you were carrying out a survey about shugos you'd probably receive the same results throughout the past months - but it would be lots of work to rationalise an emotional approach.
  • MaGa wrote:

    Sparx wrote:

    MaGa wrote:

    Same Spawnrate as Korea? I don't want to be banned because we are telling you that that is not true but, really? The spawnrates for Legendary Drop is Not the same as Korea
    TRhe droprates are probably the same, but not the spawn
    The rate is the same for korean players and us, we asked the korean devs and they confirmed it. We can't proof we are right, nor you can do that. You have to trust my words, or you do not. It is up to you.
    I mean, if you guys have the proof i would like to see it, yeS? :P
    Most likely that many will claim that we don't show/say the truth, so I don't see why that would helps at all. I will close this thread now because we can't do more than write that nothing got changed.

    ~ Sparx ~