RNG in instances

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    • RNG in instances

      Hello. I am a new player and I have started playing Aion in October.

      I have done 28 Holy Tower runs, and I saw NO PLATE ITEMS (I play glad).

      Why this game has such RNG? Why not adding a quest lets say 10x HT run = selectable legendary item?

      Why not having the bouquet event so we know that after spending so much time farming we can purchase something like we did with weapon and wings?

      So there is PROGRESSION every week?

      The game feels unrewarding. I spent time and get nothing in return. And that is just PVE. Do not get me started on PVP.

      Amazing game with bad system and bad decision making. This forces me to quit.

      Just felt like sharing how much RNG destroys the game and the solution is so simple... why is Gameforge not implementing it is beyond me. Never played a game before where the publisher does not do anything with SO MUCH feedback. The forum is full of it! Nothing gets done. Sad. You do everything to REPELL people from this game
    • Yea this is something what I noticed too. I did a looot HT or Nara runs and plate items are really rare, I saw idk, maybe 3? When I did tone of runs. There is a lot of items for chanter btw xD My boi started to play chanter and he almost has full HT/Nara gear when I still don’t have any single part. <I’m cloth btw) Where’s the justifyyyyy.

    • Xuemi wrote:

      I did a looot HT or Nara runs and plate items are really rare, I saw idk, maybe 3?
      After 2 months of Prometun/Makarna and 3 months of HT/Narakkalli I have 6/8 out of Prometun (all the armour except for gloves in fact), my ultimate Polearm, rest legendary full (hardly did any extra runs, maybe 6 in Prometun or smt). In the end it's about luck. Our cleric for example hardly received anything while others easily obtain full legendary within 2 weeks.
      What certainly takes a long time are the accessories (referring to ultimate ones).

      However, one can ofc complain that they have bad luck and I'm not a huge fan of the system either (well, I wasn't a fan of the boxes with 556789789 sets either). Other games have for example boss drops that enable you to obtain gear to your liking or there were x bosses in Tiamat's Fortress that dropped everything equally. I personally preferred this over killing a dozen mobs for the sake of staying in an instance that brings no joy at all (like Narakkalli where you spend like 15-20min to kill a boss within a minute).
      But I guess that NcSoft doomed PvE for a while now after recycling all sorts of instances, deleting tons and leaving with some boring junk that won't change much in the future either. In addition, what annoys me even more is the fact that ultimate is a random drop that may not show up in Prometun or Makarna for several runs if you're out of luck...

      The difficulty of PvE in 6.2 is simply artificial. It's all about doing the same 2 instances for quite a while and gearing up to have enough defense/damage. The mechanics are a joke though.
    • Rebel30 wrote:

      started aion 1 week ago, did 2 narakali runs applied on lfg, 2nd run got spellbook :))))))))))

      karma xD
      Yeah that karma will slap you in the face soon xD

      You might be happy about one drop but I'm sure the game will piss you off with its RNGs.

      If not drops then it will be enchanting, or manastone socketing, or upgrading stigmas. I don't even want to talk about transformation contracts which removed all the fun from the game.

      Aion was always about RNGs, but never at this level. Even gear stats are RNG anymore! I played aion for a total of 4 years starting from 1.9. Came back like 1 month ago, i don't know how much I can resist this RNG madness. Looks like i will quit again for my mental health.

      Someone should steal Rand() function from the developer toolbox and everything will be smooth.