Returning player from 2010, where are my accounts?

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    • Returning player from 2010, where are my accounts?

      As the title says, I left Aion EU in 2012 some months after GameForge took over Aion EU and I immigrated to US. We got 6.2 some time ago as well and I wanted to see the differences because our version made like half the people quit.

      BUT I realized all my accounts are banned, when I left my accounts were still standing, max level was 55 or something. There is no explanation to why this happened and also I cannot contact support because to contact them I need an account, and I cannot log in my accounts since they are banned. Was there a mass ban for no reason at all (we all know that GF frequently does inexplainable things, one of the reasons I left in the first place), and how could this be resolved? I am only asking because of my characters and I would like to see those again. I know I can make a new char and take him to lvl 80 in 1 day, I was just asking.

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    • Funny enough Gameforge was 100x better during those early days than they are now. You're probably one of the .. I want to put it nicely, so I'll say it sarcastically, smart people who left because they saw you need a Gold Pack and though omg, 10$, how am i supposed to eat this month? And left to NA, while playing with 100-150 ms and never even reaching mediocrity. Well, given the standards on NA were always lower than EU I assume you did quite well :)

      I would argue NA was always worse than Gameforge with their p2w but ey, different topic.

      If you had an Ncsoft account before Gamforge, you can contact them and give them information that they ask, then you will have a veteran account status if you purchased the game. Unless something changed, this is the standard method they used.
    • I am not sure I understand your reply. I left GF because of many bad reviews and shortly after they took over I started realizing all those reviews were based on facts, I didn't care for goldpack, I had purchased ingame like 15 gold packs when I left, I didn't even use them. when I went to NA I returned to the Aion I knew, not the Aion that was happening here. If anything, Gameforge became better and softer than they used to be. This is what I heard because people were massively quitting it to go to NA.

      I have to play with 200 ping with ping reduction in NA, but we never had rewards removed from instances like you did, we never had unfair treatment ( because we have no treatment by gms there, they are absent), we never had to make massive complaints because of game nerfing in order to claim what he game is supposed to be. I was right to leave and still do not mind it. The only thing bad is that here I had like 20~25 ping and there I have 200 and that is with ping reduction, I am still beating the Sh !t out of many people even with better gear.

      But after 6.2 NCWest became the new joke, our kinah/gold ingot prices are similar but in some items they are not and our cash shop (Black Cloud Marketplace with NCcoins) is... ree-tarded (they used to have 1x transparent transformation contract for 80 coins which is 0,8$... pay almost 1 $ so you can look like your char for 5 minutes or something unless you get killed and last less).

      I would have to get paid in real life to return to Aion EU under GF, I would gladly return if NCSoft took it back.

      Back to the topic, I just wanted to make a comparison and since I couldn't find a single screenshot of the kinah shop and gold ingot shop etc, I wanted to log into my old accounts and realized both of them are banned. So if you are kind enough to take a screenshot fo your kinah shop and gold ingot shop, you will save me the hustle and I'll be thankful to you for eternity.

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    • Hello Alex,

      Your game accounts have been blocked due to inactivity, this has been done to protect your accounts from potential unauthorized logins without your consent.

      In order to regain access to your accounts you must first contact support, note that you must create a separate, support account to which you must link the e-mail that you also use for your game accounts.

      After you explain your situation to the support team they will release the locks on your account.

      You can also refer to the support page through the link in my note.