Hello everyone, I'm Vision!

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  • Hello everyone, I'm Vision!

    Hello everyone.

    My name is Vision, i'm a level 80 chanter who lives in Antriksha. :slove:

    People said i had to get on this forum, so here i am. Okey, so I've been playing Aion since September 2009 in EU, and i have this awesome metal box from when i bought the game,
    i was also part of that beta trial team as I still play on the veteran account from 2009, that say a lot about me, AHH i love this game. :!:
    And who remembers Assault on Balaurea patch, if 1 manastone/ench failed, everyone else vanished. Those were the days when we pvped in Morheim, i was so mad when sorc sleeped you and ran away. Ahh, and there were no mounts. :D

    I like to bash elyos, bash them abit more and then i like to jump in elyo groups for fun, I also leave elyos alone if they are pve geared, low level, doing garrions, and so on.
    PS: And i don't attack elyos if they leave me alone!


    Alright, take care :saint: <3
    Oh oh oh, wait, i also have this twitch channel, let me fetch that for ya'll.... hold on.....* :whistling: *..... oh here it is....check this out: twitch.tv/visionaion

    alright, im going to take off now, cya in 2019 :slove:
    Check out my Twitch channel
    Daily Aion streams from Dred, World PvP, Runat, Sieges or PvE

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