Legendary Bundle of Enchantment Stones

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  • Legendary Bundle of Enchantment Stones

    can game forge run a script to remove legendary bundle of enchantement stones from veteran rewards and add them to exclusive rewards section to avoid getting scammed by bots from broker :?:
  • Daywalker wrote:

    Please fix this issue dear managers. We spent lots of money to get this 70+ 80+ goldpacks and get veteran rewards. So we cannot use them as we want. This is not fair.
    The thing is that how you want to use it it's not how it is designed

    Not defending script bots. Just saying that you should just sell for a few million and then buy back some crap you just loose a bit of money. Very worth it
  • [NICK]greenhealer wrote:

    lolol why you complaning about ppl that buy your stones from broker for 1 kinnah you put them there for that price

    Well, now we know.

    Anyway, hello everyone

    Keep in mind that from GameForge's perspective all your veteran accounts you have made for different reasons and those reasons do not include participation in empowering one single character with the rewards from all of your veteran accounts, as this is not allowed but it is yet tolerated, which is why punishment is not given out to people who transfer rewards from alts to their mains.

    GameForge is, however, against broker bots as they do break the Terms of Service of the game and automate gameplay as well as provide an element of theft, furthermore it leads to people quitting the game.

    However, the Veteran Rewards will not be changed not only because of what I have previously stated, but also because if things go right this is the last, final reset of the Veteran Rewards system before it is completely replaced by the Platinerk system. There is no need to change a system that is no longer useful past this point.

    In fact, instead of complaining you should indeed be happy you were given the possibility to trade these rewards through the broker, as the previous rewards (Holy Upgrade Serums and All-Powerful Enchantment Stones) were not tradeable through the broker and they could not find their way onto your main character through direct means. Indirect means did mean trading tradeable items (feathers, bracelet, later armor and weapons in 5.x to your alt with the purpose of using the veteran rewards in empowering these items).

    To prevent broker bots from stealing your items you will have to spend a sum of cash from your main character, as you buy the item for near it's full price and re-trade the kinah back from your alt to your main, in the process you lose a small amount of kinah but you at least do not lose the item itself.

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