sendlog on start game

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    • sendlog on start game

      Today I played and everything was fine, I left for 1 hour on business, I went into the game and I saw send when I started the game, how is it possible to solve this?
      Detals sendlog:
      Display Spoiler
      Version of Editor.exe(64Bit_Client) :
      Version of CrySystem.dll(64Bit_Client) : 6218.411.1108.13826
      Engine : Cry_Client
      GameState : 0
      LoadSlot State:3, Num:50
      Entity Count(char/user) : 0/0
      NCode : -10800
      Crash Info :
      [(2240 :MultiThread) 2019/01/04 13:08:32]: =======================
      an Access Violation in module MSVCR120.dll at 0033:000007FEEE36CA69.
      exception handler called in the AION Server.
      start at 2019/1/4 13:08:26
      Error occurred at 1/4/2019 13:08:34.
      6 processor(s), type 8664.
      ClientLaunchedCount : 1
      Write to location 0000000066B81000 caused an access violation.