Thanks Gameforge for the Veteran rewards *

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  • Thanks Gameforge for the Veteran rewards *


    I have 50% ultimate "craft" set a +10, 2 ultimate pieces at +10 and the rest legendary +10. So a pretty good set I would say right ?

    Well, not thanks to the veteran rewards. Now a lot of people with a lot of accounts have upgraded all their sets. I now get butchered on pvp. I see people hitting me for 6-8k. A SM removing my buffs did 8k instant DMG 10 min ago !!!

    I can not begin to phantom how this would be for people that have just ancient gear.

    Anyway. Thanks GF. Nicely done. Best move EVER!!!*

    * You just made me quit. Had enough, for real. bye. not even going to check the forum or replies or anything else. Ban my account for what I care.