PvE Rotations and damage

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    • PvE Rotations and damage

      I'd like to know the optimum rotations for DPS on a sin. Currently running dagger oath, apply lethal venom as good boosting stigmas and spamming quick edge chains, rune carve/fang strike chains, backstab chains on cooldown with weaves in between.
      I'd like to know when is the best times to use what buffs and once ive used them once just use them on cooldown, maybe better rotations, which abilities to spam that I might be neglecting and general tips on just not sucking. Also tips on being more consistent, I can sometimes deal similar damage the my legion's best sorc but sometimes only half his damage, depending on wether or not I'm having a good day.

      I don't know, I feel like I'm doing horrendous damage for the gear I have compared to other classes like bards, sorcs and rangers, and would like to know how to improve that. All criticism is welcome.