[Discussion Thread] New Years Event

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    • The timing of the "Final Spurt" Event and the 300% XP boost isn't good for me though.

      As i have two low level characters with whom i want to farm low level instance for SKINS (since you can't farm for items from lower levels if you are +10 level or above compared to the mobs).

      And i have to get those two to level 65 fast as well (as have old "Returnee & New Player" boxes on them with around 10+ days left to open the one which has "Holy Upgrade Serum", useful for exchange to get the Enchantment Stone bundle).


      As for the other "Wealth in Danger" Event, i really hope that the spawn rate of those Chest around Lakrum isn't too long, or else almost no one would be able to get the chests, since all the P2W and Whalers players would hoard them leaving none for F2P players (it could be already hard as opposite faction players could camp at some of the the spawn spot, to kill any incoming player).
    • since I was bored of the game so i left all legions on elyos and put my elyos carreer on hold and started playing with some friends on deyla asmo i started playing on 1 char on asmo but really don't like the state of the game while playing only 1 character. I can do everything in a day or 2 and then afk till wednesday except for luna, siege, rt/dred but since it feels like I'm barely doing anything i start to not log in at all so I don't even do rt/dred/siege daily.

      SOOO I start making alts, so this event has an ideal timing ^^ 300% exp boost combined with cheap 100% amulet and then just do luna = OP gains :ashy:

      legit advice for ppl bored of the game though, change server or change faction, you meet so many new ppl making the game interesting again :D
    • Oh my god... I love this race event, i last played it at 5.6 I think because almost whole 5.8 i was taking break from the game.

      Look into shugo eyes and you will see your destiny.

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    • 5 keys,
      50 B minionite,
      1x shard bundle
      1x stigma selection box
      1x fragment of the fighting spirit
      1x tradeable pvp legendary stone

      1 reward very good, 1 ok, rest meh. It would be good but it is all I will get from this event for the rest of the week (angira drop chance... i am not optimistic and people will now fight for it so won't get it every run). No cash shop keys, I don't expect to open a single A or S rank box during the event even if it lasts for a month.
    • I went from

      "omg gonna do mirash on all my main acc alts and farm good keys and get Cat form"

      to realising drop rate is 0,1% and it's all an illusion and it's not worth the effort at all xD

      sigh. so buy keys in cash shop or take another 1 month break.

      the protector gear event is also crap. you get 12 insignias per week from mirash [48 in 4 weeks] and you need 160 for 1 chest part. that means u need to be online 112 hours to get the rest, just to get 1 armor part. get real gameforge.

      at least its ok~ish AP
    • Final Spurt:
      This event is so pointless and this isn't what is gonna attract new players or bring back old ones. Getting purple gear is not the problem at all and getting ap is only a problem for people who have 20 veteran accounts or p2w. We've told you countless times what the problems are but you continue to throw stuff like this in our face instead.

      Wealth in Danger:
      Huge surprise, another bad event.

      What would be better and fair for both parties - instead of getting 7-8 keys per char on Mirash, you'd get 3-4 but the lowest chests would have [Rune]Ancient Transformation Contract (random) with a low-ish but not impossible chance. Or at least have the normal keys or the [Rune] keys be account tradeable.

      Seriously, we should be getting legendary transformations by now...sigh.

      Also, the names of these events are so ironic and funny if you apply them to Gameforge.
    • What I dont get is that you complain about events instead of being happy for at least getting some. I mean ofc. they could give use 30 keys for the S chest per mirash run but we would have in 1 week all daevanion skills and kaisinel and its not what should Happen
    • So : No Cat,Baah or anything "normal" reward from "normal" keys

      GF Event maker i hope u get part of your paycheck in a box wich can contain keys for your rest of the paycheck and your boss or whoever put that rng put same rng on that box....GL than !
      will u still be working in that firm ????

      man shitload of my friends quitting stop with this non sense events....wake up someone ......GG