[Discussion Thread] New Years Event

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    • To be fair.
      Shouldnt this be labeled as a promo? The only way to get rewards is to hit te cash shop.

      Still waiting on a real event where we actually have to play the game to earn something. Guess i'm done playing aion for this week.
    • predict possible future:
      1. They will up drop chance for keys for few days like they did with treasure chest event
      2. They will say that they are was wrong and did not make mark "Promo"
      3. Add keys to other bosses from other instances. That will be fast fix with restart CD on enters to show that they care about us and we will eat this (80% of u)
      4. Maybe chance to get from world mobs
    • And what's up with that boborunerk treasure chest that we received in our morph window?
      Where can we get those boborunerk Special coins?
      Even searching on google doesn't give any useful results, even this site doesn't hold any info about it amongst the explanation for the current events.
      Only powerbook has the same recipe in it's database without info about where to get those coins.

      And those 2 ancient transforms in the event (from A-S boxes), Cat and Baah, they are pretty useless for a Bard.
      One has cast speed and magic stuff, the other has attack speed and physical stuff. We need attack speed and magic stuff.
      Why not give an ancient transform contract from which we can choose? I would like to get Popoku, I have very little use for both contracts that are in this event.

      Ancient transform isn't anything special but still out of reach for alot of players, including myself.
      In previous Aion versions, everyone could craft their own scrolls which gave the same stat increases as ancient transform contract or even better stats, so it really isn't anything spectacular to hold it from us or pretend it's something that should be really hard to get, but it's a true requirement for us to play the game properly.
      I opened about 15-20 contracts for now (I'm new player on these servers since 1 month, came from NA) but only got whites and 3 greens, from which I can barely use 1 properly
      (Tin can with 6% attack speed, wow, that's really OP).
      White + green transforms are kinda rubbish, you start to feel a difference if you get ancient contract minimum.

      If you make the calculations:
      1 account with 11 chars, f2p player.
      Farm enough money with every char to buy 1 contract every week from gold sand trader shop, add to that the 2 free contracts from the shop.
      That's 13 contracts per week.
      If you have all contracts already so every new contract you earn would be a double.
      You need 6 doubles to combine it into a (hopefully) higher-tier one.
      6 whites * 6 greens * 6 ancients * 6 legendaries = 1296 contracts needed (all doubles) to get a chance for kaisinel.
      If every combine would a successfull (which it isn't, far from it), you would get kaisinel after you collect 1296 double contracts.
      1296 contracts / 13 per week = 99 weeks, or close to 2 years of playing and farming every day with 11 chars, just to get 1 transformation.
      Considering that combining contracts usually fails 90% of the time and give you a new one from the same tier, how many years (or decades) would a f2p need to get kaisinel?
      By that time, Aion 8.0 will be here or even 9.0 and when you finally get kaisinel, it will be useless because there will be new ones, which makes it even harder to get kaisinel.
      I thought Aion 6.x was DESIGNED to allow f2p and p2w players to reach the same goals in some decent timeframe, but this is a bit absurd.
      Long term goals, fine, but needing YEARS to get 1 item?
      This is a fulltime job we're talking about (farming 13m kinah with all 11 chars weekly = equivalent of running mirash+garden solo every week with every char), with ALOT of RNG in it, where some of us will be handed over kaisinel on a silver platter and the player next to him needs years to get the same thing with the same amount of effort, due to one thing: the infamous Rand() function.
      This isn't for the casual f2p player who may spend 1-2 hours daily playing a game for fun.
      By that time, every char on that account will have enough materials to level it's craft to 300p and craft a full set of ultimate gear but still be stuck with green/ancient transform contracts.

      Make those combines for contracts and minions 100% success and it will still be far out of our reach to get even close to having kaisinel anytime soon.
      And the ones complaining they already see players running around with kaisinel, don't forget they spent over 1000 euros easily to buy contracts in the shop.
      I saw one guy spend 1400 dollars on NA server to buy 1400 contracts and still he didn't have a single legendary contract. Doesn't that say enough what f2p players must endure?

      And as some already said, the Mirash Refuge Treasure Chests don't give the insignias, only endboss treasure chest gives 3 of them.
      I did 8 runs with 2 chars and neither got any insignias from those treasure chests (only endboss chest).

      And why give a 300% exp boost for monster kills?
      It's kinda useless, you have to admit that.
      Monster kills don't give a huge boost in exp anyway, so if it's 100% or 300%, makes little to no difference at all.
      Quests during leveling give more than enough to get your char from lvl 1 to 80 in just 1 day without power-leveling techniques and even if monsters would give no exp at all.
      300% drop rate boost was WAAAAAYYYYY more useful to get our craft to some decent levels a bit faster and allows you to craft some decent gear as well, for which you still need to work hard to get enough materials.

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    • Oh finally after a so long time an usefull event, bonus exp 300%, i was waiting for it for a so long time, i wasnt really able to hit liv 80, then u finally put an ancient trasformation in game without using cash shop, nice job, i love you. The only problem is that there is no more the 1 slot stone reward in the prizes, now how i will do to manastone my gear?
    • Rym wrote:

      Vichel1 wrote:

      You spoke about "long term goals". The key of those long term goals and how to make them appealing is making the reward not be something that has a chance to be in vain. Your game is losing players and this will not fix it.
      What long term goals?
      I see people running around in legendary and kaisinel form (fully unlocked and transparent transformation).

      Yeah I'm not kidding we have people with fully unlocked Kaisinel through the transformation system.

      I know people who still use green form and ancient not for their class (Ranger with Beritra Drakan transformation OMEGALUL)
      This is incorrect. There is only one player with permanent kaisinel transformation on all servers at the moment.
    • Galeas wrote:

      Rym wrote:

      I see people running around in legendary and kaisinel form (fully unlocked and transparent transformation).

      Yeah I'm not kidding we have people with fully unlocked Kaisinel through the transformation system.

      I know people who still use green form and ancient not for their class (Ranger with Beritra Drakan transformation OMEGALUL)
      This is incorrect. There is only one player with permanent kaisinel transformation on all servers at the moment.

      how is it incorrect?, one player is still one player.
      Rym didnt mention any numbers of players.

      Several people have permanent Legendary transform while people who play this game on a daily basis for several hours still run around in a green transform.
      Its just a matter of time until this "one" player with Kaisinel form will no longer be the only one.
      nice Long Term Goals buddy.
    • "People" implies several persons. "we have people with fully unlocked kaisinel" states that they are several which is, as I said, incorrect. Some people got ancient form from free contracts, so a few people that got it that way and some got only white and green and are not satisfied with the transformation they have. That's why there will be more opportunities to get contracts with events very soon also.

      Of course it is a matter of time before more people get kaisinel. That's the normal course of events (over time more people will get better transformation).But 4 months after release there is only one, so yes it is a long term goal and in that sense it was and still is the case. As time moves on there will be more and more but I still remember when a lot of people complained that with our approach there would be kaisinel day one of 6.2 which didn't happen and that with the box during christmas there would be a lot of kaisinel (there was one). Just bringing facts here. I completely understand that people got mad during christmas with the box giving a chance of getting legendary transformation but it didn't generate many Kaisinel like some would have assumed.
    • Noctis wrote:

      1300 aion coins for this nyerk xD

      Opened 5 key ones, cuz I wanted the form the most, thought that would give me more chance to get it. Sigh.

      Hahaha how fk**g sad is that, hilarious. That crap there is not even worth to go out of my chair and look for my gold credit card or cash. <X

      Sooooooooo, max whales will get more opportunities for fusions, meanwhile semi spenders or f2p players will get nada zero nichts , well played, well played.

      Rng rng rng rng nothing else than rng rng rng. Please just listen to the community and stop this rng madnes and put events with - effort / chosable things.

      1 more month when there is nothing to do in game, next please. :thumbdown:

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