The attack on the ancient temples

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    • The attack on the ancient temples

      Hello, everyone!

      I wanted to present an idea to you to animate the game in the evenings without war. Since the decrease of the CDs of neviwind, I find that except in war there is not much mass PvP. So I figured having a mass event present 2 to 3 nights a week.
      The event will be called "The Attack on Ancient Temples".

      (I have already created a topic on the French forum)

      I. The event

      The main idea of this event would therefore be the attack and defense of the city Ely ancient sanctuary of life and the city Asmo ancient temple of wisdom.
      During a one-hour timer on the first evening, the Asmodians will attack the city of Ely and try to infiltrate the governor's room to kill him and thus win the victory. The second evening would be the opposite, the Elys attack the Asmodians. Finally, during the last evening the sweepers would arrive in force on both cities, asmos and Ely will have to defend their territory.

      II. principle of attack

      For this event, the administrators will have to add 2 safe areas close to each city. So that the attackers can return more easily. In these safe areas, it will be possible to kisker. Attackers will be able to TP directly on the safe areas from their city.
      During the sweep attack, the safe areas will not be present. To prepare an attack on the opposing faction. Players will therefore have to prepare well in advance.
      The directors will also have to increase the governor's minutes (which I believe is currently an elite).

      III. awards

      On the first two nights, the victorious faction will win:
      -A bundle containing 2 stones 100% PVP or PVE (to be chosen)
      -6 random green contracts
      - 500K AP AP
      - A number of GPs to be defined

      The losing faction will win:
      -A lot of stone containing 1 stone 100% PVP or PVE to be chosen (the famous lot of 1 stone: D)
      -3 random green contracts
      -A number of GPs to be defined

      During the evening attack on the faction that will successfully defend its city will win:
      -A batch of stones containing 1 stone 100 %PVP or PVE to be chosen
      -3 random green contracts
      -A number of GPs to be defined

      I think it is important that the reward rank system be present only on GPs so that everyone can receive the bulk of the rewards. Regarding the rewards, I know very well that the 100% stones will make the administrators grind their teeth, but I think this reward will relieve the frustration that many players may feel when they are enchanted.
      Concerning the contracts, 6 and 3 green contracts do not seem too much to me. When you see the number of contracts it takes to get a Gold one!

      IV Conclusion

      I personally think that this recurring event during the week will be a good way to boost the game and motivate players to get more involved for the faction.

      Feel free to give your opinion and why not enrich the idea! Thank you for reading me!

      Taylou, Urtem-Asmo

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    • just few questions
      1. how u image that "event" at servers with ely/asmo balance problems?
      2. how u image ppl who will log for 500k ap when siege give ~1 million or x3 afk dred ~600k ap. x10 solo arenas 400k
      3. How u image ppl who need AP for upgrading PVP gear when we havent any chances to upgrade gear coz of ench rates/few stones per week etc.
      4. How u image ppl who came back from work, must end those dreds/runats/dailys/sieges etc etc etc.

      I think that is waste of time at night

      note: I dont know about faction baff but if its work not only at siege time - its "ouch" for that event.
    • Hi! Thank you for your answer
      1.Playing this game since 2013, I know that on all servers there is a dominant and dominated faction. But I also know that if a faction really wants to move and organize, it wins almost every time. And if a faction is really in trouble to win this event, we can imagine much more powerful NPCs on its side.

      2.For the abyssal points, I just proposed an average value. We can very well change this value to 1 million 500K. Moreover, if this event is born, I think people will connect not for APs, but rather for 100% enchanting stones and green contracts.

      3. Imagine a faction that wins its home night, loses its PVP attack and wins its PVE defense. The people of this faction will have won 4 stones 100%. Enough to mount a part of the equipment very easily.

      4. Every day I come back from work around 5.30pm - 6pm starting at 7am. If I play all evening, doing my 3 Ashu dredgions takes me 20-30 minutes, Runato takes 15-20 minutes. Doing some bash quests and solo instances takes 1 hour.
      Despite all this, if we are not in a siege party (which happens 3 times a week strangely: D) it happens very often that I do not have any more activity left to do.

      The purpose of this event for me is to help frustrated players by giving them access to 100% stones and green contracts, which is terribly lacking at the moment.

      Moreover, it is conceivable that the siege buff could be applicable during the evening attacks on the ancient temple.

      With this idea in mind, I assumed that GMs were willing to give their time to organize it. I myself have been GM on a private server with a high population, you can't imagine what is possible. You can very well organize King of the Hill events, PvP tournament evenings, horse races etc.
      For me, almost no event is impossible if the admins give themselves the means to provide content that goes off the beaten track

      Thank you for reading me.
    • Future Will Come wrote:

      Unfortunately, such custom events hard to do
      Yes, it is certain that it is not a small event that will require 10 minutes of preparation. But I think if the goal of GF and NCsoft is to keep the old players and bring in new ones, they're going to have to get used to the idea that it's going to take a lot of work.

      To be honest, I don't think their chests event took them long to realize. Put a key pop in 2 chests and 1 boss, and a unique pop in a dredgion mob. It must have taken 1 hour? 2 hours?

      If games like WoW still have so many people it's because there are good patches / updates all the time.
    • Xanoa wrote:

      Goldiy wrote:

      What stones are you talking about, ancient or legendary ones?
      he speak about this
      the problem is not on database 6.2 but 6.5
      I mean i would be glad achivieng those stones through an event either but the problem is that ult. stones are already rare af and thinking about 100%? They will cost about 200kk on the broker and idk I think it should be 3 leg. or 1 ult one (in a rng bundle)