300% EXP - why Gameforge? why?!

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  • 300% EXP - why Gameforge? why?!

    i actually don't want always to complain, BUT ....

    why do we get 300% exp event in a levelsystem which is based doing quest? this makes no sense. the player is forced to follow the blue quest and the campaign quest, otherwise you're not allowed to progress or don't get stigmas e.g.
    however, even if this wouldn't be the case you still need ~6h to hit max level. so why are you doing this? increasing the drop rate or even more helpful the crafting rate would be highly welcomed.

    i don't want to say that the 6.2 events were crap, no maybe the events are fine and i really appriciate that the rewards are not p2w like it has been in previous patches. however, the rewards are insulting to the players. thanks for 1 slot stone, 5 fragments and 2-3 crowns. that really encouraged me to participate and helped me alot. and the mass of enchantment stones i got from the events, i could upgrade my gear from 8 to 4. just wow!

    questions is, why does some person who knows nothing about the game (and this we all already know) plans some events? you should concentrate on the real problems! after 1-2 weeks of the 6.2 release all already knew about the main issues this patch brought to us. after the nice kinah fix you killed like 30% of the players already. the veteran rewards are still contain mass of total useless items. and whoever is responsible for this sorting, i wish your sleeves get wet if you wash your hands! hero trials and platinerk, you talking about this since 3-4 months and nothing happens. you even had 6.2 on your qa servers. why was this not implemented already then? i bet any computer science student can do this in 1 week (and yes, with a bachelor of computer science and 10 years expirience in software development, i allow myself to make such estimation). like everything which doesn't give you money is low af priority. and you forget that, we the players, pay your wage. unhappy players dont buy anything! and you saw that and put rng boxes with leg. contracts, who everyone really really wants to have, into cash shop. and your execuse is like "cash shop department does his own things, we dont talk with them". w t f....

    how much patience we should have with you? you're really close to shutdown the game.

  • More exp for mobs helps the speed of levelling. Most exp during the most common levelling method is indeed from quests, but mobs (especially in instances) give a chunk of exp and then there is ofcourse the luna instances that gives a nice amount of exp, with 300% making it even better.

    Anyway, there is already a discussion thread about the event.
    NEW FORUM HERE: forum.aion.gameforge.com/