Ancient/Legendary Tranformation Contrat

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      Rym wrote:

      Yes that is a very good move, except one thing needs to be changed.

      The Legendary transformation contract to selectable legendary transformation contract.

      And it's good to go for EU.
      I mean, it's around 13€. Even for a higher price, it would be a miracle if they did this even with random legendary form. I'd say it's "understandable" for them to not go with selectable legendary form because most people are happy with having legendary form as end game, so they'd stop making a lot of money from contracts.

      Can you argue that:
      1 - We're supposed to have legendary forms by now anyways?
      2 - EU shop is currently terrible so it doesn't matter if they made almost no money from contracts (exaggeration) if they simply had a bunch of skins permanently in the shop aswell as other things?
      3 - The EU community even deserves this as compensation for all the latest GF oopsies?

      1 - Yup.
      2 - Absolutely.
      3. Also yes.

      But is it realistic to expect them to do it? Sadly not.
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      If they put legendary NOT selectable, then it shouldn't be once per account but with a 1 month CD. There is nothing worse than getting a legendary that u cannot use.

      And for those who think about, what if they abuse to get kaisinel?
      Best case scenario, you get the same legendary each month, then after 7 months (6+1), you will have small chance to get kaisinel
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      Arcano wrote:

      Is posible to add on shop an ancient transformation contrat (selectable) limited 1 buy for account for idk 10€ or a legendary transformation contrat (selectable) limited 1 buy for account for idk 25€? . Since everyweek we have a RNG box for tranformation contrat on shop. i think 90% of ppl who play will buy , idk how many ppl buy these RNG boxes but i think they dont have to be many.
      It will never happen but, maybe they can generate special contracts for goldpack users for a limited time usable. Get your gp, and get 30 days ancient trans, for example cat gives %20 atk %40 speed, but gp trans gives %17 atk %34 speed and time limited. It would be great and most people will love it.
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