State of game - Dear GameForge and Community

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  • State of game - Dear GameForge and Community

    While im AFK-ing in hell pass, I got some time to write a good old QQ-thread. partly towards gameforge and partly towards you and myself since im playing this game aswell.

    Towards gameforge: people are litterly spending hunderds of euros to get some items (which are probably worth 0 in 7.0) all due to RNG. in the suggestion thread about 6.x, ALL of the comments are about STOP RNG. The next event that takes place is you guessed its full of RNG.How come you are so blind.. What kind of game model is this? We have more luck in a casino. this model is only rellient on peoples game addiction to this you guys have no ethicist??

    Which I wanna continue in the next part of this thread the players: why do we let this happen? Well simply we are addicted to this game. If you wanna be able to compete in this game you gotta play 4-5-6 hours aday. (mutiple accounts, keb farming, GoK, mirash etc etc) or/and spend thousands of euros. There is no room for casual playing without getting owned pvp wise. I guess we like getting spit in our faces and being insulted with this RNG crap gameforge is throwing at us. Just wake up people, we are wasting 4-5-6 hours aday trying to achieve something based on randomness and throwing money at it..and in 1 or 2 years all those achievements are worth nothing..

    Is aion dying? i dont know, with servers continueing being merged I like to think so.. and tbh hope it will die out soon so we can just move on tbh. :atired:

    well /endofQQandbadenglish
    gonna continue doing non-sensical stuff
  • Its a business model that obviously works very well (but usually hated amongst gamers). Only reason for them to change it is the players collectivly not buying RNG stuff. But that will never happen, looking at the "Lol i spent 2k aion coins and only got this" posts at the forum alone.