Stigma equipment cost

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    • Stigma equipment cost

      Hello I'm suggesting the price for equipping stigma's should be rebalanced. Alltough I'd rather see it removed I don't think thats an option at this moment.

      Certain classes in the game regularly have to change between stigma skills. As I'm a cleric myself I swap them quite a lot. You can't pve without DPS stigma and you cannot support your group in Runat without more heals. However the cost of changing them lies arround 200 - 300k per change (depends on how many u actually change).
      If I wanna do some Mirash instances between some other group activities I already throw away 500k to change stima's twice. Thats basicly the kinah reward from the kinah event for mirash at this moment. Looking ahead to Hero trials where u possibly get kinah pouches as a reward. I don't want to trade in kinah to get kinah. Else the incentive to actually do the hero trial are gone.

      I feel these prices are basicly the same as they were in Aion patch 5.8. However the amount of kinah we had in that patch made 200k per swap feel like nothing. In this patch it is considerebly more.

      This I believe can also be a problem to newer people. It would be a shame if their skills are locked because they can't cough up the money to equip skills.

      In my opinion the prices for stigma equipment is outdated. There are enough ways to drain ur kinah (enchanting/rerolling stats). Skills should be freely available to all.