Change preview outfits in character creation

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    • Change preview outfits in character creation

      Change preview outfits? 22
        Yes (16) 73%
        No (0) 0%
        I don't care (6) 27%

      Considering some outfits aren't obtained anymore ingame, could the preview outfits be changed into outfits that we use. For example: Ancient/legendary/ultimate PvE/PvP outfits which are most common.

      Shouldn't be too hard imo, just change the item ID and a small preview icon.

      Thank you!
    • as support always saying "he cant/havent rights to change game"
      Change ID - its same as change game

      ps: but I hope they will do something with skins when we upgrade gear coz we losing our skins. And at 7.0 new tier2 gear and again we losing our skins