Interserver loot settings

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    • Interserver loot settings

      Can we make the interserver party loot fixed to turns and rolling dice for green rarity and above? This would solve all the ninja stealers by making loot for leader only and stealing it.
      Dred already has that loot setting, it would make things slightly more inconvenient for narakali but it should be fair.
    • I been thinking about this alot recently and how a better method that could be programmed in for looting.

      This should be forwarded to koreas

      A new interface with a dropdown option for each grade to set the rolling capability to either FFA, Class or Auto-distribute

      For example.
      Ancient-Auto or FFA

      This would then require all armour & weapons to be assigned their respective classes
      If 2 or more people of the same class or similar can wield the weapon or armour then if it is set to class they get the window to roll and everyone else doesn't. So a sword would have temp, glad, sin classes attached and a roll option would only open to those classes

      Other items which are legendary/ultimate I..e daeva books/enchantment stonescould be classed under a section as 'resources' and have the ability to set the ancient/legendary them as auto, ffa, class (tho there are no longer any class based resources)

      This would allow world bosses like anomos to have weapons set to class. Other items FFA.

      For the purpose of interserver. The looting rules would have to be established at the point of party creation through the send offer interface and could not be changed after the instance has been created and entered. This way group members can see the looting rules before joining the party.