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    • @Galeas

      I've farmed tons of manastones now.


      Manastone: HP +185
      Manastone: MP +144
      Manastone: Healing Boost +8
      Manastone: Physical Defense +16
      Manastone: Magical Defense +16
      Manastone: Accuracy +60
      Manastone: Block +60
      Manastone: Parry +60
      Manastone: Evasion +60
      Manastone: Magical Accuracy +60
      Manastone: Magic Defense +60

      I got between 50-60 pieces each.

      Manastone: Physical Attack +15
      Manastone: Magical Attack +15

      I got app. 20 pieces each.

      Manastone: Crit Strike +58
      Manastone: Crit Spell +58

      I got app. 15 pieces each.

      So I have two questions:
      Is it intended that the chance of these 4 manastones is lower?
      If yes why ?!
    • Sita wrote:

      I am afraid you are mistaken there
      The "good" manastones had already lower droprates in 1.5 - through until now
      It is only very noticeable now, we do not even get approach enough manastones and most are just garbage ...

      I have been farming a lot above average since 6.2 and have crit stones for 2 parts.
      Maybe that would be a way to get more stones, that the chance of the good ones would be adjusted?