Aion Game

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    • Hello galeas can you please tell us some thing s? i speak for my frends and little people who support this game with money , time and a lot of feedbacks all the time
      Can we have one event only but only with transformation , luna , kinah , stigma enchantment , and maybe some parts of purple gear that we will not have to donate ?
      Can we know if the transformation of kaisinel is availble now or we can invest the money and the transformation is 0 drop rate :? you have to know that a lot of people invest money for this and they didnt know that cant drop
      Why on hellion server , where i play we dont have on gm at least 2-3 hours to speak with it ? i see on deyla is one almoust every day fort 1-2 hour
      Why is this rng or what is the idea of this ? to lose players ? for example for roll stst on items you need maybe 6,000,000,000 +- kinah to have the right one on red gear ,
      When we will know something about new gp/platinarek sistem or what is the name ? we can prepar for it , gather thinks or select on wich chars to get them
      Now we need to play on one char and the rewards of the gold pack are terrible because you need to creeate nweeeee chars every 6 months so.... the new sistem will be like this ?so please with respect tell us what is about this things
      aion was my wife :'.)