[Discussion Thread] Rusty Coin

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    • Rym wrote:

      The original event rewards designed for the overseas region can be found here: aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/188059070

      As the event is an overseas event.
      @Galeas why GameForge re-design rewards?

      Why it is so hard to gave chance for every players to get ancient transformation contract?
      (ancient = same speed, same attack speed/cast speed as pre-patch 6.x make game playable with normal speed)

      Why they gamble so much?
    • Maybe because for GF ancient forms and legendary gear are the long term stuff, and not legendary forms + ultimate gear even though they did some BS with contracts from the shop in the past and some p2w-ers got kaisinel already :)
      easy mode - casual PvE hero
    • iSTAN wrote:

      Am I the only who who was online for 9 hours on a character and got only 3 coins? how is this even possible?
      I have noticed something yesterday on my alt. Logged in, went to options and event tab. Window popped up. Theres was a timer next to rusty coin. 30 min passed and I have got it and then.... nothing. There was no Rusty coin or timer in the event window. Got nothing after half an hour.
    • Yeah very good event sitting with anti-afk macro on 9 chars / day kappa. Because we won't loot anything in instances on the list let's be real.

      Rewardful for people playing at least 2h30 on their main a day, very very rewardful for people switching lvl 80 chars every 2h30 daily.

      You can't call that an event imo, anyways.

      It's like GF wants to force us logging for a long time in order to improve their stats concerning the daily average logging time of a character ... Am I right ?
    • Good event
      1. U dont need spend 12.5kk for nothing when u can get x2 of nothing for free every day (no offense)
      2. When player afk with alt - he can spend time for hentai,movies, music, cooking etc
      3. No p2w. If u need pvp stones - wait for ench event with p2w system
      4. Potions. Good potions will be need at 6.5 for arenas. (food good too)

      Of the minuses I can note the requirement in lvl 80 alts

      p2w event - everybody crying
      f2p event - everybody crying
    • I actually really appreciate this Event, its like the pumpkin event from 2017 (Helloween) when we got pretty awesome stuff just for playing the game :) good job GF, I would even say just make always this event or put in every event SIMILAR rewards because those aint too op but are really rewarding
    • This had the chance to be the best event of last months with just a simply change. Let people drop these rusty coins from instance with 100% chance, adapt the amount of coins on the difficulty of the instance (more from prometun, less for gok) , and make the math so that you can get in total from 1 week the same amount of coins you get now from afking, then ofc delete the 30min cooldown free 5 coins.

      Like this u would have a big amount of people spamming instances, running them with alts also and a big increase to the activity of the server ( rewards are even okish like this no need to change, its fine that from pve u dont get pvp stones, just we would need a pvp event aswell). Gameforge on their side would have gained money from p2w ppl spamming instances with luna coins on their main, while free to pay players would have just used the alts (pretty fair imo, contracts are account related, you loose the other items but meh )

      What you got with this system? People just afking in all parts of the map, with something on the keyboard to dont get d'ced.

      On the side note, people who is not home all day is again in a big disadvantage because you can't afk for 2h30 in 8 characters if you are home only 4-5 hours . (while you could run several instances in the same time)
    • Such sad people here :/ Yes they nerfed the event as it was originally there. Were they forced to start this event? No. They could have just given us some other crappy event where the best rewards are manastone slots. Its nerfed, but 2 contracts a day? Fine for me, freaking great actually. Play a bit on an alt, suddenly you got 4 a day. Normally we would spend 12m per scroll, now its free. What is the problem?
    • more like fail_rym.

      This is the drop table for that bundle in 6.2. the version we have, btw.

      event_matter_enchant_r_pve166023104[Event] Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone
      world_potion_heal_all162000218Full Recovery Potion
      material_pvp_evolve_r_80a152080000Legendary Lydium
      world_cash_coupon_sex_exchange_01_60m169660002Gender Switch Ticket (60 min)
      cash_trans_contract_G2_all190095006[Rune] Major Transformation Contract
      wrap_event_matter_option_a_60a_test188070570Level 60 Manastone Bundle
      cash_20percent_potion_hp_mp_01162005023[Rune] Mysterious Recovery Serum
      world_cash_chickenrider_01_30day190100166Cluck (30 days)
      world_cash_head_animalhat_02a_30day125045281Kitten Hat (30 days)
      npc_torso_casualrider_01110900695Casual Riding Outfit
      minion_evolutionstone_02190200003Class B Minionite
      minion_functionstone_01190200002Contract Stone
      matter_slot_open_c_01166401000Slot Stone
      event_matter_enchant_a_pvp166033103[Event] Ancient PvP Enchantment Stone
      event_food_phy_buff_80b160020016[Event] Enhanced Food
      event_low_trans_contract_01190095023[Event] Transformation Contract
      wrap_event_cubic_pvp_extract_c_80a188070852[Event] Bundle of Fighting Spirit Fragments
      cash_20percent_potion_hp_mp_01162005023[Rune] Mysterious Recovery Serum

      so the differences are:
      1. L80 manastones instead of L60.
      2. A different mount.
      3. Shards instead of a useless, time-limited hat.
      4. Different costume.
      5. Lack of Contract Stone. An item that doesn't even work in this version (I know, I checked). GG NCsoft, tho it's not the 1st time they put outdated/not working items in event bundles as placeholders.
      6. PVE ancient enchantment stones instead of PVP ones. But then again, thanks to GF, you have 7 times more PVP stones from dredgion then you were supposed to since the launch sooo :lol:

      If I were you, I would only listen to rym if i had a question about 3pps. Nothing else.