Aion lottery

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    • Aion lottery

      Hello, everyone!

      An idea came to me! (Yes again xD). I was thinking it would be nice if all the kinahs we lose in the HV were redistributed as a lottery!

      The event
      Every Sunday at a specific time an icon will appear (much in the same way as the old surveys) and each character account under Gold lottery can participate in the lottery. A random number will be assigned at the time of participation in the lottery.
      During this lottery will be distributed all the kinahs that have been "lost" when buying and selling stuff. The compensation can be done a bit like the lottery with rows of winners

      E.g.: the drawn number and 211 -> Rank 1 50% of earnings
      212 and 213 -> Rank 2 25% of earnings each.
      If an n+1 of rank 1 does not exist, the N-2 will be used.
      All losers will receive a compensation package to be defined (5M ?)

      I think it might be a good way to thank the players for making the economy work.
    • These kinah losses (broker fees, reidentification, enchanting costs) were created as a money sink mechanism to fight inflation, reintroducing kinah back with lottery would make all other players "lose" kinah through inflation.
      RNG is cancer