condensed suggestion on the rank,xform

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    • condensed suggestion on the rank,xform

      i having had some ideas with some people about the rank I would like to have your opinion on the suggestions i propose below

      -the refresh of the ranking is no longer done in gp (hp) but in number of siege and more the rank is high more the person will have to make siege.
      -restore the gp to the dredgion,arenas... and increase the number of gp in siege.
      -add a checkbox to avoid having an rank (delays 2 weeks if you want to uncheck the checkbox) as its people who are not interested in the xform but just for the rewards of siege they can participate without having an xform
      -Since we no longer lose GPs, a system that would be more punitive on the higher ranks can be appreciated.
      Implement the abyssal transformations 7.0. The ones we have are outdated with our new pool of HP and stats.

      if you have any comments or other suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know
      identifiant discord:Xanoa#1061

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