Assassin macro rotation + Auto Weaves

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    • Ydri wrote:

      Zeu wrote:

      i write on top "This is for BEGINNERS"
      well, I cant image how begginers will absorb this information.I think all beginners must learn those class, eat cactus, try and try again realize the potential of the top DPS class. Then they can start think how make game a bit easily:
      1. adjusted chains skills
      2. macros
      3. revise the binds / stigma build
      etc etc etc.

      Let's take u as example. If u are good with macros that means two ways:
      1. u have good ping
      2. u already was good sin even before marcos
      And second point explain how that thread/info useless for beginners.
      If ppl asking "what is best stigma build, what skills i must use first, how to weave, give me your binds etc" - they still doesn't learned those class and not grown to the macros themes.
      This is my opinion

      and really, macros in pvE... X/
      rune carve chain with fang strike chain (adjusted chains skills) + swift edge chain + assassination, time to time backstabs chains (in to face lol) + sometimes something like ripclaw strike etc. Every 30 sec devotion and other buffs...
      What can be hard in 4 buttons (coz of adjusted chains skills) ? After every few button clicks make pause for 0.2-0.5 sec (depending on ping) for weave... Or just use strafe left/right by short click...
      I really like your point. But for what you write , they are many Thread on this forum about explains, about stigmas, combo etc, but nothing about macros.
      I farm In my free time like 9-10 h per day, If i farm 10h in one day, i prefer using this macro and just tab+click on macro and auto loot pet, for sure is much faster to kill them manually. I try to help new assassins, to be more useful with this macro. I give to a new friend this macro after i see hes bad dmg at narakali, now he did more then double dmg. Im not here to create expert assassins, i m here to help people with what i can, maybe for someone will be useful this. You can do what i did for them with more examples and combos etc. But dont blame me because i dont explain everything. Remember, i did this is in my free time. Do the same like what i did, to help other people. I m glad if i help one of all the people who read this, and i really don't care if the rest are expert and don't need it. (No hate)
    • PapaSchultz wrote:

      here my stigma build, pve, boss oriented, no Dagger Oath, no Apply venom as poison will not work on bosses and dagger oath you need to be in the back so is useless for me in Maka/Prometun

      My chain skill

      some use it some don't like it but as i usually do the announcements on the instances, i need to get less things to care about

      the binds should be as close as possible to avoid large finger or mouse movements so you can save time

      personally i have all attacks on left side in 4 lines with key-bind 1 to 4
      and buff or potions all together on the mid/right side

      my stats so far no buff:

      Good advice, and your status are pretty nice. If you will get Seal Eruption, you will use it before surprise, but for sure you know that., I have all daevanion and i use it a bit changed but is nice like that too.
    • For PvP is it also worth it to go with 6.2 dagger on main hand + 5.x sword off hand?
      At the moment I am using Apllon +15 sword on off hand, I stopped playing during 5.x and so when I got back I didn't have a good offhand weapon. Bought Apollon from broker at quite cheap price but can't find a fallusha sword to pair up with my Narakali dagger.
    • So you're calling me a casual stubborn noob who never played assassin and avoid my questions while artificially pushing your auto attack damage using a fallusha offhand, expect "newbies" to follow a similar setup for similar results which is literally impossible now (guess you know exactly why you put that offhand on after realizing that new gear does in fact make auto attacks pathetic), claim that people "learn" from not doing anything and on top of that use a user title that says "you are below me". I honestly didn't expect this massive amount of cringe in one post

      Please try harder next time, adapt to actual newbies who haven't got access to high weave damage weapons because they're actually NEW, learn answering questions you're not comfortable with and maybe, just maybe I'll take you seriously one day

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    • Zeu wrote:

      But dont blame me
      ou sorry if I gave reason to think so
      We had problems with macros in past, especially with change set macros and skills (and its still work like a ... u know :D )
      But koreans did work on mistakes and made "adjusted chains skills" and "equipment sets" options. Why need to step back?
      PapaSchultz showed his "adjusted chains". CD on it 7 sec (backstap and asssination not include). More than need for easy mobs

      well anyway - beginners will be beginners even after few month of playing assa. Too deep class for 90% of players.
    • i deeply agree with Ydri

      sin has been deeply nerfed on 6.x and i would NOT advise any NEW player to play this class as it's the hardest one to bring to top level dmg due to lack of AA damage

      old players that have old weapons can manage to do it but for new players it's really the hard path.

      you will need a very high lvl of crit strike to start doing good damage and with the shxxty management of the patch by our beloved publisher you will suffer great pain to gear it up
    • Zeu wrote:

      If you will get Seal Eruption, you will use it before surprise
      Why ?
      Seal Eruption -> Detonates the rune carved on a target within 10m up to level 5 runes, damaging and stunning the target. Damage and stun chance depend on the seal level. Damage is greater than normal Pain Rune and the cooldown is shorter.

      Help me understand why should you use seal eruption before surprise attack. Also, surprise attack's dmg is super low if u're not attacking from behind, why should you use it in PW/makarna if not as a filler (you can play w/o it i guess) ?
      easy mode - casual PvE hero
    • I'm a ranger, so i will only speak about the weaving. I came back to Aion after a long time, and i can assure you that "weaving" is even more important now. Due to new damage calculation formula, (in my opinion it is broken) when you fully buffed, your auto attack is hitting more than some of your skills. (Devotion is a god for auto attacks, it makes deadshot a joke.)

      We can't auto attack like a sin but still, my %25 of the damage is coming from auto attacks. 5 parts legendary, rest is ancient. So i can't wait to see once i have a better gear. On the other hand, when you weave, you are giving enough time your main skills to reload (like lethal arrow, stunning shot..etc) if you don't weave, you end up without skills so you need to spam or use "deadshot" more often. It has a looong motion time, so you are really losing so much dps. I'm sure it is even better for an assassin to weave (at the end our AS is capped at1.2, you can go far beyond that and do auto attacks more in a minute.)

      But still using a macro can be really tricky, it all depends on your ping. So still i prefer to do it manually, you never know which skills you need to use at that moment.
    • [NICK]criticalshotx wrote:

      We can't auto attack like a sin but still, my %25 of the damage is coming from auto attacks.

      But still using a macro can be really tricky, it all depends on your ping. So still i prefer to do it manually, you never know which skills you need to use at that moment.
      For me, weaving kind of every 2 skills on ranger (i also weave before casting FS), auto attacks are 2nd most dealt dmg after gale arrow ^^ so i belive is more than 25%.
      And about macro's and stuff i agree with you, that's why i use chain skills only for some buffs that i use toghether and for /return + /retreat =]]
      easy mode - casual PvE hero