Maintenance 23.01.2019

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    • Maintenance 23.01.2019

      This Wednesday, January 23rd, we will perform our regular maintenance. Webservices and servers will not be reachable starting from 8:00 am CET.

      • [Event ]Kinah Drop - stays active until further notice.
      • [Event] Wealth in Danger - Still active until 13.02.2019
      • [Event] Final Spurt - still active until 13.02.2019.
      • [Event] Rusty Coin - Still active until 20.02.2019
      • [Event] Transform! - Will be activated until 13.02.2019 (news available tomorrow)

      [Additional information]

      • The 6.5 enchantement rates will be added to the game and replace the 6.2 ones (news will be available with exact changes)
      • The compensation for the Wealth in danger event will be added. 30[Event] Alchemical Insignias will be added to all characters lvl 76 or higher.
      • Character transfers on Ereshkigal will be performed.
      • We will exchange Yasbas Grace items that were broken and did not have an expiration timer players received either from the last merge or the character transfer from Ereshkigal. They will be replaced with 100x [Event] Yasba's Grace - Valid 1 Time. This item has no expiration timer as well, but can only be used once to give players the 1h buff.
      • All characters created before 19.09.2018 will received one free Plastic Surgery Ticket. Due to a bug with eye color for some characters.
      • We added Legendary PvE Enchantment Stone to Boborunerk's Grandiose Reward Chest (as additional 100% drop).