6.5 Enchant Success Rates

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    • He is clueless as you can see. Here are the facts for a mortal player with a life:

      4 sieges - in average 2w/2l = 4 + 2 = 6
      1 abyss - 1 or 2

      3 dreds + 1 runa few nc = 7 x 4 = 28 bundles - lets no fool ourselves you get 1 if your lucky lucky 2 so lets say 3 with nc included.

      6 +2 + 3 = 11 at its best week

      6 + 1 + 2 = 9 as a okeish week

      2 + 1 + 1/2 + 1 = 4/5 if you have a life outside of aion and miss 2 sieges and few dreds

      The problem remains we NEED more ways for stones in game, players cant enchant there gear and are stuck for moths with no progress at all and this 6.5 dont help s***t on lege/ulti gear. But hey GL and go pvp with lege +0 gear rofl.
    • (@mods i tried to find a forum where i could put this but there is no feedback post so ill leave it here?)

      Tbh i think there is a big problem with Aion Eu.

      we dont want it to be p2w, but the games core is designed to be p2w.
      And not the kind of p2w here in Eu either, but rather like in korea.

      Sywo first said it, this patch is suposed to be chop chop u get x amount of stones, u enchant, u pvp a little / gear alts etc, and then comes another patch. chop chop again. First time he said it i was skeptical but now i see he was right.

      There is another big problem here is that, "many" people got compensation gear, while other are starting from scratch and on top of that they need to have "long term goals", wich simply is not compatible.

      It would not be so bad if everyone was starting from scratch but right now youre getting wrecked and there isnt a damn thing u can do about it.

      What comes out of this? Most of the people dont pvp, they just afk in town, or pve.

      You only see these ppl that got compensation gear doing some, and even them are noticibly doing it less, cause there is no one to fight, except "jon ancient gear doing garrisons joe" but that is not exactly exciting now is it?

      Im sorry, but i dont believe this is how its supose to be.
      Yes ofc there will always have those people that dont pvp at all cause they dont like it, but i trully believe the maps could be allot more alive.

      Aion is now very close to be a mobile type of game, but gameforge, and many people here for that matter, want it to be like 1.9 hardcore chinese farming.

      Those days are over, and if they are not (due to gameforge imposition) it will create too much friction with the games current design, making people too frustrated and having obvious consequences.

      I never quite understood why we needed long term goals in the first place.

      I mean, we all been playing this game for a long time, some more some less, the game itself isnt exactly new. Why do we still need these long term goals and not just enjoy what ever u want to enjoy. (pvp or pve etc) if the game was designed like before this patch it would make sense but now?...idk man

      In a few months what ever you worked for it will be outdated anyway.

      Its no coincidence that now you can lvl fast.
      The whole point is to get you to the "chop chop" as soon as possible, further proving my point that gameforge vision is not compatible with the games current design.

      I said in back a few days that already there is talks about 7.5, and people commented that we should just enjoy the current patch, and that we cannot expect to have same has them after 1 year. while completly missing the point that i was making.
      Well first korean dont have what they have after 1 year. but that is another conversation
      Secondly NCsoft is pushing more patches to sell new items.

      we can no longer pretend this is not a p2w game and expect it to be like the old days.

      I think gameforge needs to reavaluate the strategy here, and have more insight, not only with whats happening ingame, but also with the costumers, and the future of aion.

      but hell what do i know im just another smuck

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